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Being a parent is pretty hard and overwhelming at times. Once you become a parent, there is no looking back and now it’s all about your baby(s). Every parent wishes to provide very best they could possibly do. However, overspending on things that are not useful should not be on the list. You definitely want to know the list of baby’s essentials you have to have for your baby during her first year. 

As a matter of fact, when you talk about essentials for your baby then you have to get all that basic which are good for a comfortable infancy period for your baby.

But if you dig deeper and go forward you will see at many levels of parenting, you need things which could be an immense source of sanity for you because being a parent is HARD. You have to invest in some things which could save you some sleep, me time, less clean up, less stress, peace of mind and much more.

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Baby Products that make parenthood easy

There are few products out there which you might want to invest in to have less stressful parenting. Some of these products I have tried and I think if you feel the need, you should have it.

1. Haakaa Manual Pump

While you are breastfeeding from one side the other side trickles down. In order to save that gold milk, you need this. This Haakaa pump is a must-have for breastfeeding moms. It can be a lifesaver on the go and prevent your shirts with leak stains.

2. Baby aspirator

Nose suction is simply an amazing product for sick days. Nose Frida Nasal aspirator has a manual suction while this one has automatic suction and it will be easy on your baby’s nose. You can choose the tip as there are three sizes from which you can select according to baby’s age and nostril.

3. Baby proofing products

Some kids, if not all, are just naturally curious and tend to be more naughty than the rest. For some kids, you may need these baby proofing products to have peace of mind.

Door Pinch Guards

Babies tend to get hurt their fingers due to doors slamming. These protectors –doors pinch guards– will save your babies’ little hands. A must-have product for every household.

Door Knob Protectors

Recently, I have been facing this worrisome issue of my kids going out of the house without adult supervision. we could not have a manual lock from inside. These knob protectors are helpful in keeping kids safe as for toddlers’ little hands, it is not easy to open the door with these knobs protectors.

Highly recommended for parents who have naughty kids.

Stove knobs Protectors

Well, kids do mess up with stove knobs and it requires serious supervision. Kids are just curious to explore everything around the house. But you just cannot take any risk no matter what.

You should have these Stove knobs covers to protect your kids and your house.

Outlet covers

Also, you need outlet covers to protect your kids from poking fingers in there.

Table Corner covers or a full table cover

You can get table corner covers to protect your baby from serious injury due to these corners. Corner covers are really essential.

My son bumped his head on a glass round table and he got 5 stitches on his forehead. Not even in my weirdest imagination that could happen from a round table which is not sharp at all.

I would highly alert moms to be careful with glass tables like TV-table, corner table or coffee table. No matter how many corners it has or no corner, the glass table can be seriously dangerous when kids are early walkers and are still in their learning phase.

4. Sleep lounger travel bed

As a mom of two, I can tell how useful this could be. Having your baby laid down for day naps, bottle feeding, playing, and relaxing.

This is surely a great product every parent should consider buying. 

5. Sensory Lounger

This lounger is great for infants so that can be on their back as well as they are not dangerously rolling out of this on the floor.

Also, I have used this bouncer for my kids and I absolutely love it.

6. Baby travel seat

If your baby has started semi-solids or solid, this one is a must-have if you are traveling, staying at someone’s house or in a hotel. This works to keep baby contained even if you do not want her to crawl around on a dirt floor.

7. Head support to protect from Flat head syndrome

Being aware of SIDs, it is certainly not recommended to have any pillows or blankets, etc in baby’s crib. To be honest, flat head syndrome is a serious thing which happens and could have consequences. Although it takes about 4 to 6 months for babies to have a consistent shape of their heads and during this time a lot of laying down on the back could result in flat head syndrome.

However, you need to pay a lot of attention if you see any signs of flat spots. Discuss it with your child’s doctor if you are concerned. 

My daughter developed a flat spot on one side of the head as she used to lay down on one her head one side. I know how hard it is to treat a flat head. In order to avoid flat head, you need to have a moderate tummy time once baby’s cord comes off. 

This is the head support you might need if you feel your baby is developing a flat head or if you don’t want your baby to have a flat head you can use it from about 1 month of age till 4 months during your baby’s play time. Please do not put anything in a crib while sleeping at night.

8. Sound machine

I cannot say that enough, for light sleepers, and those who have trouble sleeping, this is highly recommended. I regret not using this earlier. 

Sleep deprivation is a serious thing for moms. It makes you look like zombies in the early days of parenting. You can start using a sound machine when your baby would be a couple months old and have a sleep schedule.

When kids get used to of sleeping in an extremely quiet environment, then if they hear even a pin drops they tend to wake up. This happened to me with my first baby too. They both are very light sleepers, ever since I have started using a sound machine, now my kids could even nap (if they do ) for an hour or so.

I highly recommend moms to use a sound machine for babies and for your own peace. However, this is the one I use. It is not too fancy yet works great. 

9. Baby Cart covers

This baby cart or high chair cover might work for you if you are strict about hygienic places and carts. My husband is very hygiene conscious, whenever he sees those wipes Walmart, Shoppers etc he would stop first, wipe it off and then have our son and daughter sit in the cart.

I have seen some moms using these cart covers and found very useful and comfortable for babies to sit in the cart.  Having cart cover could be really a good idea when your baby starts sitting so this might be a useful product. 

10. Infant Car seat cover

Winters are already here and Its time for holidays shopping. No one wants to stay home and not enjoy that holiday shopping fun when you have an infant. The crazy windy weather when the gusts of wind cut through, it is not a good idea for infants to be out. If you invest in these infant car seat covers they can make your life so much easier when you have to stay outside for long hours.

Moms can use this seat cover as a nursing cover too.

This cover is to use in winters.

11. Baby car seat rain covers

These covers are great for a rainy season. Just keep it in your car trunk and cover your baby’s seat when you have to take it outside. Moreover, do not forget to uncover while you are indoors.

In my opinion, some of these products are going to be very helpful and you might take it as a must-have no matter what type of challenges you face in parenting. Comment and let me know what you think about any product which could be useful for other moms too.

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