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Having two kids under 2 years of age is one of the most life-changing and mind-jolting experiences. A lot of times you have never thought about having two. Neither you have planned to have two within two years nor you would want to if you have a tough time with your firstborn.

I had my second one when my first born was 19 months old. To be honest, my first one was not a tough one when he was little, and I had not imagined what my life would be with two. Managing two all by yourself is tough but this too shall pass and they are little for a very short period of time. 

However, time passes quickly and they grow out too soon before you even know it.

The infancy stage is the most beautiful and cherished stage, fast forward to when they start talking and there you go…

Life begins …

If you are still reading, either you are expecting your second one or you might want to have your second one.

Regardless, whatever the case is –  buying your baby products wisely is very important.

If you are expecting twins that is totally a different story. You have to have everything for two. However, If you are pregnant with your second one when your first one is still a baby then it is no less than a twins thing. It is just about the same.

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What you need to have when you have two kids under 2 years of age 

1. You need a bassinet or two cribs

You might have a bassinet or sleeper already and that should work for your second one too

If you have a bassinet for your first one, she must have grown out of that by now and sleeping in her crib or co-sleeping, whatever might be the case, you still need it for your second one too.

Now make sure it does not have wheels or if it does it should be in a place where your first one is not going to stroll it all over the place. 

Safety has to be ensured.

If your first one has a standard size crib then you might have a space concern. You can get a mini crib if you want. By the time your first one jumps on to the toddler bed, while your little one can move on to the standard crib.

If you have their separate rooms set up then you can have cribs set up as you want.

Read about the transition from bassinet to toddler bed here. 

2. You need two High chairs

My first one had a Graco reclining high chair. It is on a bigger side. I got that for him when he was 3 months and now he is almost 3 and he still uses it.

It is very sturdy, durable and safe. Highly recommended.

When my second one was born, I was waiting for my son to just quit sitting in the high chair so I can use it for my daughter, but no YOU HAVE TO GET TWO high chairs to keep them contained when you really have to get some stuff done.

For your own sanity. your child’s independence and for your child’s safety.

Get what you think is a better option depending on your space and budget. I highly recommend getting a reclining back.

If you travel a lot then you need this at least for one.

3. You need two car seats

Yes, one for an infant which you probably have one if you haven’t transitioned your first one to the front facing car seat.

Sometimes babies tend to cry a lot while sitting rear facing, eventually, things get better when they can see much more happening while sitting front facing.

You might want to transition your first one to the front facing car seat and use your already existing infant car seat for the new baby.

I had two front facing seats for my first one installed in each car as I moved him to front facing at around 11 months. When I needed for my second one, I had it already.

I would not recommend spending too much on stuff which they are going to grow out of too soon.

NOTE: This is totally your choice when you want to shift your baby to front facing from rear facing. Discuss with your pediatrician about it.

If you have a plan to grow your family at a faster pace then plan things ahead of time. Get a car seat which is compatible with most of the double strollers.

4. You need a DOUBLE stroller

If you are living where an independent lifestyle is practiced, a double stroller is a must have for your own sanity.

You cannot just stay at home, and get crazy because how you can move around with two when you do not have another 2 more hands for help. You need to go out get fresh air and that is only possible with two if you have a double stroller. 

Having a double stroller is a life saver. I believe it is a necessity even if you have a three years old and a newborn.

When you have to get a stroller, get something that is compatible with your newborn’s car seat.

I had to get something compatible with the car seat I had. So I went with Chicco double stroller. The pros are sturdy, enough room for two, easy to maneuver, seats are reclining so kids can sleep, compatible with Chico car seat. The cons are, it is heavy and big. Yet it can be adjusted in a sedan if you take off wheels which are easy to remove and attach.

It is great to travel. Kids are sitting in the front and back so not too many fights.

Something that can fit in your car trunk. I have this Chico Cortina double stroller. 

This you are going to use even if you have to travel, go to a mall or a visit to the park. Kids cannot walk for long hours, they get tired and there will be a stage when you cannot just let them run around for their own safety. You have to keep them contained.

This is another great option.

If you have your first one over a year – you don’t need two bouncers. If you have two in 1 year which is definitely possible then you can get two bouncers. There will be a sharing battle but eventually, your first one will get used to.

Money saving Suggestions

You don’t need to get extra toys if you already have enough.

If you have the same gender kids, gently used clothes can be used with your second one. This would save you a lot of money. However, I would discard those poop stained onesies for good and get new ones.

You don’t need two bathtubs because you are bathing one baby at a time or most likely your first one has transitioned to the bigger tub or a shower. Here you can read about what bath essentials you need for your baby. 

Once your second born turns one, be prepared to get everything for both. There will be too cute fights over the same stuff which both would want to have.

What are your favorite products which worked for having two kids under 2 years of age?

what baby products you need when you have two under 2

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