Non-toy gift ideas for kids

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Are you looking for some non-toy gifts for your kid this year? Parents with little kids have too many toys scattered throughout the house. No matter how hard parents try to stay organized and on track of lesser toys, it almost seems impossible, especially when special days come and our loved ones want to give gifts to our children.

Also, when we have to celebrate our kids’ birthdays, Christmas, small achievements, etc. – avoiding toy gifts is just impossible sometimes.

Gifts are valuable as they show the love and affection of the giver for the receiver. But we all know excess of anything is bad. Despite having a thorough storage system for toys that still seems to be not working anymore at some point, we need gift ideas for young kids. You will find some great non-toy gift options below that are enjoyable and worth the money spent too.

A great way to deal with too many toys is to shift all the gifts to non-toy items; thus, we suggest some of the best non-toy gift ideas that could be event tickets, like Pumpkin Patch pass or season pass for a theme park, paying for online classes for kids, etc. depending on the time of the year.

Ideally, games like Jenga and Ludo, or Carom Board are perfect for any family occasion gifts. The good news is these games come with a storage box to keep the clutter contained. Well, these are quite a few suggestions for family games. Let us talk about some more unique gifts ideas for kids who have almost everything.

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Non-toy gifts that are fun for kids

Depending on how your kid is inclined towards certain things, it’s better to keep your child’s interest into consideration while you pick up a non-toy gift for birthdays, Christmas, thanksgiving, and many more celebrations along the way.

In my opinion, a gift does not have to be fancy but practical. Gifts, either for kids or adults, should be worth your hard-earned money.

Let’s take a look at options you have for kids that are not considered toy gifts and are happily accepted as good presents.

Clothing Gifts

Giving clothes or a couple of outfits as gifts is the safest idea. But the catch is getting the right size. Ideally, you should be comfortable asking the size of the recipient. Some kids wear one or two sizes up their age. So it’s important that you ask the size the recipient kid is wearing currently, or if not, then go one size up.

When it comes to choosing an article of clothing – customized shirts are best, and considered the most thoughtful gift.

Books for reading lovers

You should know what could be the most intriguing gift for the recipient kid. Some kids happen to eat, drink and breathe books. For such kids, nothing can be a better gift than books.

Kindle is the best gift if they don’t have it already, or upgrading to a better version is another good present.

Gift cards or a certificate

Gift cards get you covered when you have a loved one far away. When you don’t know what they already have, spending on an amazon Gift card is the safest option. They can get whatever they want so you don’t have to worry about gifting something your kid-friend already has.

Tickets to a local zoo or an aquarium or local theme park passes are great options.

Gifting a zoo pass or a visit to an aquarium is a great way to celebrate. Sometimes, it’s not easy for parents to get all those memberships and tickets for a child given the financial criteria and interests.

As soon as theme parks open, you can get a season pass or whatever they are currently offering for kids.

Paying for a class or lesson program

How about enrolling kids in a painting or swimming class being offered closer to the area? Or how about getting a coding class for a computer-geek kid? It all begins with interests your child has.

Non-toy gifts are learning tools for the kids that will enhance their everyday learning process.

Bath bombs for science lover kids

Soap and bath bombs are best for science lover kids. Many parents love this science experiment bath bomb; a perfect gift for kids who love art and craft.

Light up tracing pad for big kids

For kids who love art and drawing, a tracing pad is a great tool to enhance their skills and keep them busy and engaged.

An electric toothbrush

Practicing basic oral hygiene is essential for kids. A fancy toothbrush is just a way to motivate them to keep their teeth clean and make the brushing ritual exciting.

Get this cute animal-themed toothbrush for kids aged 3 years and up.

Binoculars for nature lover kids

Binoculars are a very practical gift for kids aged 4 and up who love to go hiking and enjoy staying outdoors for camping and other activities.

Soft and flexible rubber around the eyepieces keeps little ones from hurting their eyes for an extended duration of wearing the binoculars.

Show me the binoculars.

Drone with camera

We are living in this era more digital world having drones and cameras. Why not gift your child something that is more closer to our new technologies and is more fun too?

Portable mini drone with camera for beginners.

STEM gift for kids who love Archaelogy

A perfect DIY excavation toy that simulates kids’ love for archaeology and allows them to use excavation tools to dig out fossils. This process may bring fun to children and help cultivate kids’ curiosity, practical skills, and patience.

Dinosaur Glow toy

Fitness tracker for kids

In this digital world, we all need to learn about fitness. A great fitness tracker to help kids stay fit and active rather than sitting on the couch and gain weight.

Garmin fitness activity tracker for both girls and boys

A head phone

Before my son started kindergarten, I never realized that he could ever need a headphone for educational purposes. A good headphone that does not slip out of his ears is essential for your child. Either you pick it as a gift or on a need basis, you eventually have to get it. So getting a headphone as a gift is always a win-win.

A digital basket ball hoop

Well, this may look like a toy gift, but it’s not actually. This digital basketball hoop with three balls and an electronic scoreboard ensures your child’s physical activity. Not only this, kids will enjoy shooting hoops or playing an exciting game with their friends, and adults will enjoy taking a stress-relieving break to shoot some hoops.

Get an electronic scoreboard indoor basketball hoop

Punchbag or boxing bag

Boxing is a great fitness exercise for children to sweat, strengthen muscles, build confidence, and enhance hand-eye coordination. Outdoors, indoors, the yard, or on the playground, no matter where you are or even if you are traveling, this punching bag is a great gift for kids aged 5 and up.

Get a punching bag

Ninja warriors Outdoor playset

This Ninja Warrior obstacle course has multiple accessories with the four most favorable obstacles for your training fortress: climbing net, climbing ladder, 360 spinning wheel, and freestyle rings. It’s the best way to keep super active kids engaged and athletic.

Hoverboard self balancing scooter

Well, scooters may seem like a boy thing, but this self-balancing hoverboard scooter is a great gift for both boys and girls.

Paint set for kids

Painting is the most enjoyable activity for kids. Either it’s a paper painting, rock painting, veggie painting, snow painting, or like, gifting something to paint is hands down the best gift for your curious learner.

This 27-piece set of arts and crafts for kids has everything you need. ColorCrayz washable pro paint set may bring out the artist in your child and help them enjoy endless hours of painting fun.

Magnatiles or lego for beginners

I have two kids and I can tell you from my experience, Magnatiles are the most played learning toy for my kids. It’s a very good brain activity toy too. Different shapes help in creating multi-dimensional shapes, also making it a thorough activity for young minds. Don’t forget to get a storage box for the tiles so they don’t get lost.

Baking and kitchen for kids

Kids baking set is a great gift to enhance kitchen skills at an early age. The plastic kitchen knives with serrated edges are easy to use and cut things without hurting. Gloves can provide additional safety. Not only this, measuring cups, rolling pins and cookbooks are excellent resources for a curious chef.

Get a knife set for little help in the kitchen.

Get this amazing kitchen set perfect for age 6 and above.

Bowling pins for outdoor activity

This lawn bowling game is suitable to play both European Skittle Ball or Classic Ten Pin games. Not only kids, but adults can also have hours of entertainment in their backyard playing this bowling set.

Buy bowling pins for a gift.

Ring Toss Games for Kids

This ring toss game is a perfect play on literally any day, whether it’s a snow day or chilly sunny day. Totally a fun backyard game for kids and adults at an occasional BBQ or play on any other celebration – indoors or outdoors.

A fish Aquarium

This is the best gift for nature-loving kids. Looking at fish swimming in the water has a very soothing effect. Also, it helps your child learn about the responsibility aspects of owning a pet.

Get this pretty aquarium now.

A digital Camera

In this new era of vlogs and influencers, why not get your child artist to enhance his interests by learning camera skills at a young age.

You can never go wrong with getting a digital camera as a gift for young kids.

Digital Alarm Clock

Before you ask Alexa to wake your child up at 7:00 am in the morning, how about training kids to get up on their own using a cute alarm clock. That way kids are able to learn about timings, routines, schedules, and enjoy the stars at night.

Get an alarm clock now.

Figurine display shelf

The biggest issue with having too many toys at home, about the traumatic experiences while tipping over those tiny needle-like toys. While we talk about plenty of choices to get no toy gifts, how about gifting something related to toy storage. So your child would learn to keep everything back at its place after they are done playing.

Get this super thoughtful Minifigure storage and display shelf if your child happens to have just tons of figurines.

Lego head for lego storage

No matter how disturbing Legos can be; especially, when you accidentally step over them, but in my opinion, they are the most engaging toy for a young mind. Legos help kids learn and follow paper instructions while they build something new.

Talking about the toy or non-toy gifts, Lego is hands down the best learning tool for kids age 5 and above, especially when they can follow the pictorial instructions and build on their own. I vote for an age-appropriate lego set. Don’t forget to get a lego storage box to keep them safe and less hurtful.

Teach kids save, spend and share

This Moonjar piggy bank is practically the best non-toy gift to teach kids how to save money, and what amount they can share and spend. Adding this piggy bank to your toy gift basket is a win-win.

Art work display

Displaying kids’ artwork in their rooms or study rooms is the best way to shower them with appreciation. Get these wood frames for displaying your child’s artwork in both vertical and horizontal format.

No matter what you decide to give your child eventually, the best gift is giving your child your undivided attention and love.

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