Simple tips for Parents air-traveling with kids for the first time.

Simple tips for Parents air-traveling with kids for the first time.

Traveling can be stressful when you are flying with little ones. Dealing with little kids could be challenging when you are traveling in a group. Managing an air journey with kids is no joke especially if you have an infant and a toddler.

Little kids have so many needs as nursing babies or toddlers who are in the training phase, you need to keep every single thing in mind while packing and thinking on top of your kids’ needs.

These simple hacks will help you make your life easy with little ones while you are on the go. 

Either you are traveling by plane or by car, you need to be thinking ahead of time to keep everything planned and smooth. 

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Travel tips for families flying with kids

These simple hacks are for everyone not only just for moms traveling with kids. 

  1. Normally, sucking on hard candy or lollipop at the time of take-off will help passengers with ear discomforts. Also, don’t forget to take a pack of gum, that is known to prevent discomfort in your ears during landings and take-offs.

2. Try to avoid taking small toys as they might keep falling and you have a hard time picking them up back and forth with a lap child. Also, Do not forget to take age-appropriate very few kid’s toys or activities on the plane in order to keep them busy and entertained.

3. Also, feeding bottle to an infant or nurse newborn babies while taking off or landing would help to prevent air pressure in ears.

4. For small kids, it is essential to take their favorite toys along if you choose night flights. Also do not forget to take kids’ blankets with you. In case, if your little one has a lovey, forget everything else, but your kid’s lovey.

5. Use a portable bidet for kids who use the potty or teach them how to use flushable wipes.

6. For kids who are in the stage of crawling, for long flights you can have a blanket or a sheet to have them sit on the floor. If your kid is in the walking stage take plenty of pairs of socks or else use comfy shoes to have her walk around during a flight. 

7. If you have a few months old baby who likes to crawl around or like to play lying on her back. It will be a good idea to take a spare sheet with you or you can request one from hotel staff to have your baby sit and lay down on the floor to play. 

8. Moms who are traveling alone with kids and what if you have to go pee. Can you leave them alone? The answer is no. 

If they are in the stroller have it parked outside your bathroom door. If they are 4 to 5-year-old boys, you can have them stand outside the bathroom door so you can keep an eye that they are around. 

Otherwise, using the family restroom is the best option if you have little kids. there you can change baby’s diapers, clothes, and you can freshen up yourself too.

9. Use zip-lock bags for diapers, disposable changing sheets, wipes and a diaper disposing sack. Every time you go for diaper change just have everything ready that you need and put it in a sack. And use the sack to dispose of diapers, wipes, and sheets. 

10. If you have a change of cloth, take it in a ziplock bag and bring the dirty clothes back. 

11. For easy security checks, have medicines in the clear bag and take electronics out. If you have baby bottles or any sort of baby’s liquid food, make sure you put it out in the tray for easy and time-saving security checks. 

12. Make sure the formula milk for formula-fed babies has not gone bad. There is a high chance of a scanner alarm.

13. For kids and yourself, use easy slip-on shoes with socks for your flight. No laces shoe for the whole family. However, you still have to make sure, your shoe has enough wiggle room. 

14. From booking luggage till you board on a plane, you need to have a passport and boarding passes ready. I would highly recommend you to have an easy access crossbody bag if you are traveling by yourself with kids. 

15. If you have not already booked a stroller and a car seat with luggage, do not forget to take baggage tags for the stroller and car seats that you are supposed to get at the destination. 

16. If this is your first time traveling with kids, you should know you will be given priority to board the plane right after business class passengers board. Families are given priority by most airlines.

17. Use noise minimizing headphones for kids for the flight.  

18. For infants, you may want to use a portable noise machine for the plane so they can sleep better if you have a flight at night. 

19. for infant feedings, use a disposable spoon pack with silicon bibs so you do not have to save messy bibs until you arrive home.

20. If you are staying at a hotel, you can take portable kettle for travel along and boil eggs as per your kids’ preference.

21. Take cereal with you for kids’ breakfast. Grab milk from a nearby grocery store. till you get somewhere for the REAL breakfast.

22. Do not forget to take a couple of disposable gloves with you if you have a newly potty trained boy. There is quite a chance, he may end up dropping his toy in the toilet.

Be prepared and get one pack of disposable gloves from the dollar store.

For long hours of road travel, if you can manage to put a travel potty in the trunk of a car. Although the facility of restrooms are pretty much at reasonable distance, still this highly depends on how you can manage stop hours, what is the expected drive time, how long this can be stretched, above all, this depends on your child skill on how he or she can hold onto pee or poop and for how long. I saw a similar thing done by a mom, who has a disposable diaper pant for easy cleanup.

Traveling with little kids is no easy task. It requires a lot of patience, perseverance and a very responsive mind.

Kids grow up fast and every stage has its own set of challenges that parents have to figure out. However, traveling with two or more kids is altogether different than traveling with one child.

I hope you find these tips helpful for your next trip.

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Space-saving packing hacks for air travel.

Carry on essentials for moms who are traveling with kids.

Travel accessories you do not want to miss for your next flight.

How to fly stress-free when you have a toddler and an infant.

Space-Saving Packing Hacks for air travels

Space-Saving Packing Hacks for air travels

When you are going for an air trip with kids, the biggest issue is what to pack and how to pack. In order to pack in a space-saving manner is extremely important to have a stress-free and enjoyable trip.

You do not want to have a load of clutter here and there, while you are staying in a hotel room. And, then pack everything again for a hotel check-out gets challenging. Obviously, you do not want to waste your vacation in packing and unpacking all the time.

For domestic flights, almost all the airlines charge extra money for check-in luggage. Although you can take a carry-on with you, still you cannot pack EVERYTHING in your carry-on.

The good news is if you know these hacks, you might be able to take everything you need in your carry on bag.

So if you are planning something with kids, the biggest concern is what to pack and how to pack in your suitcase for air travel so you do not end up leaving essential items.  

The most important thing is the “Minimalist Approach”.

To be honest, with kids there is absolutely no minimalism unless they are grown-ups and able to manage their stuff by themselves. 

Recently, I have traveled to four destinations with two kids 3.5 years old and 2 years old, we were nine in total and, we had to take about 5 flights within 15 days. 

It was not easy. Trust me!

Packing for everyone is tough especially when you are planning a vacation for more than a week. 

Although we were traveling through southwest airlines and we were allowed to take 2 bags each passenger, still we could not overpack as we were 9 people. Therefore, we could not have 18 bags to stroll around multiple flights. All we needed was a reasonable amount of bags that pack 15 days of clothing and essentials.

In order to travel light, the best hack is, MINIMALISM. You cannot pack everything, but essentials. It is that simple.

During the holidays time, a lot of families seem to be traveling to see their loved ones and they may want to stay for a long time despite having other commitments.

There are a few packing hacks for my readers that can be helpful when you are packing your bags with lots of shopping and gifts. 

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Space-saving Packing hacks for moms air-traveling with kids

1.Travel light

This is something really hard to understand. It took me a couple of travels to understand what does it actually means. DO NOT OVERPACK. 

Take the essential stuff only you think is necessary. When you are traveling, you hardly get time for unnecessary stuff that you may use once in a while at home. 

For instance, no matter how religiously the self-care routine you follow, you may not want to take your pedicure kit with you if you expecting a busy schedule on your trip.

2. Foresee how busy is your travel

If you are traveling for leisure only, you can foresee how busy you would be while you are at the destination. 

Do not take your hobby kits, if you are going to have a super tiring day. 

3. Throw away boxes 

For me traveling is fun if there is a lot of shopping. I love to shop and love to buy gifts for my family. 

If you like to shop too, the best hack is to throw away boxes so that it can save you a lot of space in the luggage.  

Also, if you are shopping from big stores like Apple or Macy’s, you can fold bags nicely and put it in the outermost luggage compartment to keep it wrinkle-free. You can use it on the destination while giving away gifts for your loved ones.

4. Buy small box gifts 

Are you buying gifts for someone? Try to get something smaller where everything can be contained in a small box so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. 

If you have gifts for the family choose things which may be smaller in size, not value.

5. Get travel size bottles 

If you are going to have a short trip, using travel size bottles is the best thing you can do to save up space, stress, and energy. 

Hotel rooms provide shampoo and basic toiletries. If you do not have any special preferences about shampoo, conditioner or other toiletries, you can use the ones your hotel has to offer. 

However, do not forget your body spray, and deodorants. Hotels do not really have that. 

6. Remove hangers Brand-new clothes

Brand new kids’ clothes come with hangers. If you do not have enough room in your luggage, remove hangers. 

However, to be more organized you may want to use hangers to hang clothes in hotel rooms closets if you are staying for two or more days. 

7. Brand new undergarments

Well, as a matter of fact, most of the time we tend to buy some new stuff for travel, for kids or for other family members. Whatever is in the boxes, unbox and put it in a ziplock or clear bag. 

If it is a pack of clothes, take out unnecessary boards, paper, etc. it will save you tons of weight and space. 

For instance, If you have a brand new pack of undergarments – The best advice is to unpack. 

8. Packing pairs 

Do you know the pain of a missing sock? If you are packing too many pair of socks or have new ones, tape each pair of socks with the help of a scotch tape so it doesn’t get lost in the luggage. 

Also, you may want to put socks in your shoes (if any pair is staying in the luggage) to maintain its shape. 

9. Saving bags in the luggage

Women bags and shoes get messed up in the luggage due to so much weight and luggage abuse at the airport. 

Fill in your purses or shoes with small clothing items thus, they do not get out of shape. 

10. Organize and utilize space efficiently

Packing luggage depends on your personality. Some people wants to keep it minimal and they do not know how to efficiently utilize the space. And pack a sufficient amount of stuff. 

However, some are rough packers like me, they utilize the space, regardless of how the suitcase looks like from inside. I am still working on to have clean packing that looks pretty from inside too.

For efficient packing, you need to know what item needs space and which requires more weight.

11. Compression bags

Use compression bags if you have stuff with too much volume. You can get compression bags from almost every store like Walmart, target, Tjmax, etc. If you are short of time you can also order from Amazon and get it in two days of you are a prime member.

12. Packing Diapers

Well the money-saving tip, if you have a huge stock for diapers, the best thing is to take them with you whether its a domestic or international travel.

Moms traveling with little kids need diapers for little ones. Open and put in the closing lid. 


Layer in the bottom of the suitcase. 

Diapers do not have much weight but volume. Adjust diapers according to your bag and luggage requirements.

13. Packing Clothes for Multiple kids

Packing clothes for multiple kids – use ziplock bags for planning outfits for each day. When you are traveling with kids 

Pin or tape your rolled clothes so you do not have to deal with luggage clutter or automatic unfolding 

For makeup lovers – if you have a million palettes and you love all of them, you still gotta choose one or two that is sufficient and do justice to your makeover. 

14. Use a pills organizer for jewelry. 

If you are packing jewelry for your daughter(s) and yourself, there are chances you need to take a few pieces with you. In order to be precise about what to pack, take a pill organizer for tiny jewelry pieces. Also, you can organize according to days.

15. Hanging bag for toiletries if packing for the whole family

Although you can use ziplock bags for packing toileteris as well and if you are packing for two and more people, this is the travel hanging bag that can cater almost everything. The best part is it is available in two sizes, large and extra-large to pack for the whole family.

Bags are good to keep everything contained in one place. For toiletries or makeup bags, use the most lightweight bags you have in your closet.

16. Choosing travel-efficient Bags

It is not recommended to travel with a bag that weighs 10lbs already without luggage.

Get a lightweight, hard-side, four-wheeler spinner luggage that you can stroll with one hand. It is super essential for your travel with a kid.

There are chances when you have to pack a lot of stuff you have to organize it and balance the weight between items that have volume and small items having more weight.

As a rule of thumb, for instance, if you are packing things with super volume like diapers and pillow, I highly recommend you to choose duffle bags. They are light-weight yet have tons of space to accommodate pretty much everything.

17. Choose Digital scale

You need to have a scale to make sure it is 50 lbs and under. I highly recommend you to use the digital scale as the non-digital scales are not going to be accurate.

18. Kids carry on backpacks

When you are on the plane you must have these essential items for kids if anyone wears diapers. You need to know what to put in clear bags for TSA security screening to save time and delays. Also, you can take milk in a baby bottle but do not forget to put it in the tray while screening.

Here is what you need to know about carryon essentials moms need on air travels.

Traveling with a lap child and a toddler? Here is what you need to know to have a stress free travel.

22 travel accessories you need for your next flight.

22 Travel accessories you do not want to miss for your next flight

22 Travel accessories you do not want to miss for your next flight

Traveling is fun, but it can be super hectic if you are on an insanely long flight or car rides. No matter how long your travel time is you want to make it super relaxing and entertaining.

The longest travel time for one of the flights was 17 hours that was DOHA to Houston. It was crazy to be on the same plane for almost a day. Not to mention it took another 4 hours flight and 4 hours drive to reach the destination. Nevertheless, it was one of a kind “experience” for me.

That being said, during these long flights most of us may have experienced swollen feet due to sitting in the same posture for a long time. When you are traveling in an economy class and you cannot have the luxury of business class, you may want to think of something that can bring you at least a fraction of that luxury to make your travel easier.

I wish I had known about these travel accessories about 10 years ago.

Travel accessories you need for your next flight

Here are a few traveling essential accessories you want to have for the next flight to make your travel a breeze and more enjoyable.

1. Leak-proof Travel bottles and containers

There are chances you already have travel bottles lined up, but these ones are leak proof and you can just fill them up. You do not have to worry about anything messing up your luggage.

2. Airplane Footrest

Swollen feet is real discomfort for most of us. My feet swell up double in size during the flight. You need this for a plane ride when you wish you can put up your feet SOMEWHERE at least. This footrest will help you keep your feet slightly elevated to give you a comfy sleepy ride on a plane.

Buy the travel footrest here.

3. Compression Socks for restless legs

In addition to that, you can also get travel compression socks for that helps with blood circulation throughout the flight. Especially if you are pregnant and traveling. Although it is safe to travel in pregnancy depends on your doctor’s advice still long hours flight is not going to be comfortable.

3. Luggage scale accessories kit

Overweight luggage can be a problem when you have to take out just a few Lbs of weight and adjust your bags right on the airport luggage check-in.

This luggage scale kit has everything you need for your luggage. It has name tags, weighing scale, straps, and locks to keep your belongings safe.

Get the travel locks and luggage scale.

4. Cables organizer

If you are traveling with kids then this is something you need to keep everyone’s iPad charging cables, phone cables, adapters, laptop chargers, in one place. Also, you are not worried about entangled wires anymore.

Check out the cable organizer now.

Another way to keep your cable wires entangled free, you may want to use these Rubber twist ties. They can help you keep your charging cables organized and stress-free.

5. Space-saving compression travel bags

Clothes take up a lot of space in your luggage. Now the luggage size is pretty small that is why it is not easy to adjust all of your garments. These space-saving compression bags would help taking out extra air out of the bags, and make extra room in your luggage for more stuff.

6. Jewelry Organizer

If you are a jewelry lover, then you may want to take these with you while you travel around the world.

This is going to be super helpful and amazing for women and moms who have little girls. Girls accessories are so adorable you can’t get enough of them anyway.

You can also have Vlando Viaggio Jewelry box. It is compact, and it has three compartments so you can adjust your jewelry packing as you like.

7. Neck and leg pillows

This comfy neck and leg pillow can be used in multiple ways – not only for flight but also for car rides too.

It is not only for travel purpose you can also use it at home, however you like.

Get pillow here.

8. Travel hangers

Are you traveling with a baby and other kids? You may need these travel hangers to air dry an outfit or simply hang in your next day outfits. Besides they are portable, foldable, they are in super cute colors that you are going to love.

Travel hangers

9. Zoppen Multipurpose Passport wallet

I cannot emphasize this enough, if you want to have everything in one place while you are traveling, you need this. Zoppen Multipurpose wallet is going to save you so much sanity when it comes to keeping your passport and boarding pass safe on different TSA security checking for various flights and layovers.

Travel multipurpose wallet

10. Travel Laundry Detergent

No one wants to come back with dirty, smelly clothes on the way back. You need laundry bags to keep your messy garments separate. Imagine if you are traveling to the beach, how on earth you are going to protect your clothes from sand and salty water odor?

Sink Sud laundry detergents pack is something you need when you have to keep your clothes clean on the way back.

11. Poo Pourri Odor eliminator

We all need to go for our business even while we are traveling. So why not have this in our back to save yourself from the embarrassment of using a public bathroom or not be a source of discomfort for anyone.

Order poo Pourri now.

Also for those who NEED water to keep your butt clean, this is a travel bidet for every bathroom trip to wash and stay refreshed all day.

Get Travel Bidet here.

12. Travel Mug

If you are a coffee or tea lover, a good coffee mug is truly a blessing. You may want to take one with you if you do not like to use the disposable ones.

Get this hot seller Travel Mug now.

13. Travel Cosmetic Bag

Hanging travel cosmetic or toiletries bag is going to save you so much space in your luggage as well as in your hotel room. It will help you keep everything contained in one place and you can hang it anywhere in your room.

Buy Travel hanging and foldable Cosmetic Bag organizer now.

14. Universal Travel Adapter

One of the challenges of traveling is what to do with a different socket. For instance, you cannot plug in US electronics in Europe or Asian countries without using a converter. There is a socket difference and this adapter comes in with charging ports and as well as various sockets for more than 150 countries.

Get this universal adapter here.

15. Luggage organizers

Imagine your luggage is overweight for a few lbs and you have to open your luggage on the airport. What if your clothes are stuffed in there and suddenly, you get embarrassed for having everything all over the place?

To save yourself from such embarrassment, you need these luggage organizers that will keep your stuff in place and separate. Also, it will help you adjust the heavy item in your luggage.

Keep your luggage organized with these bags.

16. Premoistened sanitizing Hand wipes

Do you know what is the dirtiest part of the aircraft? A study revealed that there are 5 dirtiest places on the airplane. Seat belts, headrest, washroom handles, seat pockets and trays.

Can you imagine traveling without sanitizing wipes on your next flight?

Get hand wipes.

17. Bra Underwear Storage bag

The shape of your bra gets messed up when you stuff it in the luggage bag. You need this bra underwear storage bag to keep your undergarments in one place, safe, and easy to find.

Save bras from getting out of shape with this undergarments organizer.

18. Charging Dock for Apple watch

These days pretty much everyone has an apple watch. What to do when you have to charge it?

This little guy is going to make your life easy.

Get apple watch charger.

19. Travel Wrap and Blanket

Air flights can be severely cold for some of us. Long hours International flights provide you with blankets, but the domestic flights do not have blankets with them. So if you feel cold in airconditioned places, you need to take a blanket with you. This travel wrap is stylish as well as it serves the purpose of keeping you warm.

Buy this travel wrap and blanker now.

20. Vanity mirror with a charging port and lights

Women do need mirror no matter where they are. This vanity mirror has a light as well as it has a charging port. Hence, it’s a win-win.

Travel mirror with lights.

21. Super Functional Backpack

When you are traveling, you need a backpack regardless. This is the one I have and it is absolutely amazing with so many pockets to organize stuff. You can put your laptop, iPad, etc, also it has an inbuilt charging port. Not only for traveling it is great for everyday use too.

Get a travel backpack here.

22. A Good lightweight fully functional Handcarry

If you want to travel, travel light. This is super essential when it comes to traveling. You have to stay minimal in your belongings as well as super organized when you are on the go. This AmazonBasics Handcary is fully functional, lightweight hand carry that can be placed under the seat. Especially if you are traveling with kids, you need something for your kids every other minute. This will be helpful for you to keep it under the seat on your flight.

Buy this carry on bag here.

Travel tips for your air travel

  1. Travel with minimal luggage so you do not have to worry about taking a whole day to unpack and then pack again on your way back.

2. Keep every outfit planned for each day so you are not wasting time to decide what to wear and whatnot.

3. Keep your outfits in separate bags or ziplock bags. Especially for kids, you can use travel bags or ziplock bags to plan an outfit for each day.

4. Keep kids medicine in a clear bag or a zip lock bag for easy access for TSA security check.

5. Use freezer gallon size ziplock bag or compression travel bag to keep kids’ diapers, wipes, changing sheet, and diaper disposal sacks in one place.

6. Always take an extra bag with you when you go for a diaper change, you are going to need it in case of any blowouts.

7. If you are going for a few days, you can take your pills in a pillbox or a ziplock bag if you are not worried about day and time.

8. If you are traveling for months, then it makes sense to keep your toiletries in full-size bottles. However, if you are going for just a few days, use travel bottles and containers for everything that you use. It will save you space in your luggage as well as there will be fewer chances of any bottle blowout.

9. For using different locks on the luggage, do not forget to check the keys of every single lock and put them in a key chain so they do not get lost once you are at the destination.

10. When you are in a transit flight, always go and find the next flight terminal even if you have enough time for the next flight. This will save you last-minute stress when you are running late for your flight and you are still looking for the right airline gate number.

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Travel essentials you need in your hand-carry when you are traveling with kids.

Travel tips for moms traveling with a lap child and a toddler.

Carry on bag essentials for moms air traveling with kids

Carry on bag essentials for moms air traveling with kids

Traveling with small kids is overwhelming for new moms especially those who are traveling alone with one kid for the first-time or more than one kid, newborn baby, a lap child, toddler or a teenager – no matter what age they are at – packing for kids is a lot of work.

When you have big kids more than 5 years of age they can carry their own backpacks and toys, or pack basic travel essentials for their flight. However, if you have little ones under 4 years of age and you are traveling all by yourself then packing needs too much planning.

Sanity Saving Travel tips when you are traveling with an infant and a toddler.

Regardless of what your destination is, or how long your trip is going to be, you definitely need basic essentials in your carry-on while traveling with or without kids.

In the US, airlines charge for a carry on bag for domestic flights unless you are an exclusive member of an airline. Whereas, the international flights allow you to carry two check-in bags and one carry on along with a laptop bag or a handbag.

If you are flying alone with kids, then you need to be very specific about the stuff that you have to take on the plane since you do not want to overpack.

Traveling during this pandemic seems quite daunting at so many levels. If you are planning your trip with kids, make sure you take the right measures. Most of the people stayed home and didn’t go out because of the virus, consequently, the immunity we develop every day (under normal circumstances), has gone too low. Lack of immunity means more chances to fall sick.

That being said, when you are exposed to more people outside, it may or may not affect you. Travel only if necessary. If it is a leisure trip, do not plan for crowded destinations for a while.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Carry on Essentials for moms air traveling with little kids

When you have to travel you cannot skip anything that is essential while on the plane. Also, you need to have a minimalist approach as you do not want to pack on everything that you have to carry all by yourself – everywhere you go.

This post is typically to help moms with two kids under 2 years of age or traveling with a lap child and a toddler.

1. Backpack

First thing first, you need a Backpack – light, sturdy and spacious. As kids stuff is a lot to adjust in one backpack, It shouldn’t be heavy and it should be sturdy to handle all that weight.

It would not be a good idea if your backpack suddenly refuses to stay on your shoulders.

2. Ziplock bags

Another must-have item is zip lock bags or clear bags you need to put stuff for easy recognition or staying organized for easy access.

In order to have a sane trip with kids and no issues with the TSA security scan, you have to be super organized so that you would be able to access anything out of your bags conveniently.

3. Organize diapers and wipes in a separate zip lock bag

Diapers – Decide diapers based on your own judgment. Keep a couple of extra diapers just in case if you are on a very long flight or sometimes kids get diarrhea if they pick anything from the floor and eat it or put toys in their mouths.

Wipes – You do not need a full pack of wipes for flight. Keep it light and use a travel pack based on your judgment on how much you are going to need. However, do not forget to keep separate wipes for your trip in your luggage.

  • Rash cream travel size.

Organize all of these changing station essentials in a freezer size ziplock and put it in your backpack.

Diapering essentials

Update: I just had a long vacation with kids and we had to take about 5 flights in about 15 days. It was crazy, yet fun! I had experienced a few TSA security delays. Every time it was something different.

Let me tell you what were those delay all about.

In order to avoid delays, do not forget to take out baby wipes and put them in the tray.

One more thing that was different this time was diaper rash cream. In a couple of security scans, diaper rash cream was concerning for them.

Last but not least, if you have kids snacks, baby food, packaged yogurt, make sure you take it out and put in the tray to save time and easy scan.

4. An Extra outfit

An extra outfit for your baby and an extra shirt for your self. If you have long flight hours like international flights then you might want to keep a full extra outfit for yourself too.

Staying comfy in your clothes is the best you can do to yourself and your kids while on the plane.

Just a gentle reminder: If you are going to wear a backpack or hold a baby on a flight, do not wear too many layers. You might get too exhausted or uncomfortable with so many layers on.

5. Feeding essentials

You need to have baby feeding bottles, either ready to use (for newborn babies) or formula bottles. You have to make sure all ready to use bottles have to be sealed.

Although airlines do not allow carrying liquids on a plane more than 100ml, still you can take baby formula milk and get everything scanned.

Water: You can get on the plane. You can get water from the airport after a security check. Even if you need warm water, you can always check from Starbucks, or any food place available.

Kids food: If you have kids aged more than 2 years, it highly depends on what they eat while on the plane depending on their preferences.

You can take chips, cookies or sandwiches with you on a domestic flight.

For international flights, you can order kids’ meals. Check with your airline and see what they offer for kids.

Baby food: For toddlers or babies more than 6 months you can have packaged baby food – applesauce and yogurt, etc with you.

In order to keep kids entertained the whole time, you must keep variety of candies and snacks like lollypops, goldfish, gummy bears, sour patch, fruit loops, etc. with you.

Have your kids’ food packed in a ziplock bag, and once the security scan starts, do not forget to take that out. There is quite a chance that they might have to dig through all of your food to make sure it does not concern in any way.

If you have a whole milk bottle for baby, make sure it is not in the packaged bottle as it is not going to be okay if there is a plastic layer on the bottle. Although it doesn’t really matter, it is just a milk bottle, but it will be much easier if you know what to do when you have to save time and stress.

Ideally, it will be much easier if you have milk in a baby’s milk bottle instead of a packaged one.

Quick and easy baby food ideas.

Helpful tips for moms traveling with an infant and a toddler.

6. Kids medicines

These medicines are must for your flight, short or long, you have to carry these in your carry on.

You must discuss every medicine for your kids with your child’s pediatrician.

Update: Do not forget to take medicines out of your bag before security scans for more convenient TSA checks.

7. Face Masks

We all know how essential is a face mask for us during this pandemic. When you are traveling with kids or alone, you must carry a face mask with you. However, CDC does not recommend a facial covering for kids younger than 2-year-old as they may not be able to remove it without assistance. While you are traveling with kids, make sure you take the right measures and sanitize everything responsibly.

If you are traveling with an infant, a car seat cover is a good alternative to protect your child from getting sick. Also, you can use it as a nursing cover.

8. Plane friendly toys

You have to carry some easy, lightweight and fun toys for kids to keep them engaged. Make sure you visit the dollar store a couple of days before your flight and grab whatever you think your kids gonna enjoy while on the flight. Do not take too many, just a few and give your child one at a time.

My son loves cars and he loves to play with 4 to 5 small cars at a time. For travel, hot wheel cars pack or matchbox cars pack does the trick every-time. Do not forget to keep a sanitizing spray to keep toys clean.

For domestic flights, you might have to carry a travel pillow with you and a blanket for your baby.

For international flights, I highly recommend Qatar Airways. I had a very comfortable flight with my kids. The airline is going to provide you with everything.

9. Blankets for long domestic flights

For long domestic flights, and during cold weather, the best thing is to take kids blankets in your carry on essentials. Although it highly depends on the kids’ age still if you have two kids under 3 years of age, you need to take everything two in number. One for each.

Even though international flights may offer blankets during the flight, so you do not need to carry an extra blanket in carry-on bags. However, if you still want to, you may carry kids’ lovey blankets with you.

No matter you are going to use everything for kids or not, you still have to carry their essentials with you, regardless.

Happy traveling.

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carry on essentials for mom traveling with kids
Carry on essentials with kids
Traveling tips for moms with a lap child and a toddler

Traveling tips for moms with a lap child and a toddler

Planning an air trip with little kids can be daunting. Either it is for leisure or any unavoidable circumstances, traveling with kids needs a lot of planning and perseverance.

Don’t get me wrong, traveling with kids could be a lot of fun too. But if you are flying with a lap child and a toddler, things are not that easy. Nevertheless, you can still make it work smoothly by planning ahead.

Try to research about your destination, airline, timeline, and essentials that you must need for your kids while you are traveling.

In general, planning for each day at your destination could be tricky with a newborn and a toddler on board. Try to plan the best strategy that works for you and with your kids’ schedule. For instance, keeping their bedtime and mealtimes into consideration – because overstimulation makes kids cranky and could potentially ruin your trip.

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Traveling tips you definitely need when you are traveling with a toddler and a lap child

1. Consider getting a seat for your lap child

While you travel with toddlers, make sure you can have seats for both. Only one child (under 2 years of age) can be in your lap during the flight.

A lot of parents want to take advantage of no ticket age and prefer traveling with little ones. However, if you are traveling without your partner, getting a ticket for a lap child is a wise decision.

Well, that does not imply, you have to get a ticket for a lap child. Most parents could get lucky and find empty seats if the plane is not occupied.

You must consider getting a ticket for your lap child, only if you can afford and the following.

  • The flight is more than 5 hours. I and my husband traveled with a lap child and a toddler for 18 hours of flight time. Trust me, you do not want that. All seats were full and we had no choice.
  • Aircraft bassinet is good for newborn babies only. You need a separate seat if baby is over the certain weight limit.
  • If you are traveling alone without any help.
  • If you are taking an infant car seat on the airplane, you need to get a separate ticket. Despite its convenience, it is an extra weight you have to carry along.

2. Do not overpack

If you are getting a ticket for your lap child, you are allowed more luggage. This does not mean you should OVER-PACK in any way for you and the baby.

Do not try to pack everything in your carry on bag just because you might need it on the plane.

While you are at the destination, you can pretty much get everything available locally.

If you are traveling to a country where essentials like baby milk powder, or diapers could possibly be not available, you must take these items along.

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3. Take kids necessities in your carry on

Keeping kids age and requirements in mind, you must prepare your carry on with a minimal stuff that you have to carry all by yourself.

For infants and toddlers, water and milk are a must, although you can get water on the plane too. Get water bottles at the terminal, once you are done with the TSA security check.

For long hour flights, you need to take breastmilk with icepacks if you are pumping.

Also, do not forget to take your kid’s favorite blanket or stuffed toy along.

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4. Stroller for two

You need a stroller whether you are traveling alone or with your partner.

Airlines take your stroller once you enter the plane and return it when you exit the plane after landing.

Generally, for international flights, you may not get your kids’ stroller during the transit. However, many airlines provide you with a stroller when you exit the plane for a layover.

Heads up – there is quite a possibility you do not get a double stroller for the transit if you are traveling with two because they might have been taken already.

5. Stay hands-free

While you are traveling with small kids, and you have to have a stroller. For that reason, skip a strolling carry on. A reasonably sized backpack is a convenient travel gear.

You may want to wear a compact Crossbody bag for easy access for passports or boarding passes, and your cell-phone.

You can take basic necessities in your backpack, like milk bottles, baby food, diapers, wipes, a few toys, tablets, and an extra outfit, depending on the duration of your flight.

Diapers, diaper sacks, changing sheets, and wipes have to be packed in a separate ziplock bag or transparent travel bags. It would be easy for you to take them out 

Fortunately, for long hours flights, you can take an extra carry-on bag too, if your significant other is traveling along. That certainly does not mean you start overpacking, taking advantage of your partner, going with you.

6. Baby food and milk

For toddlers, you can take packaged food on the plane, like, apple sauce, baby food jars, or snacks. Pack all baby food, formula, water, milk, in a clear bag, and take it out before the TSA security check.

Essentially, you should put baby’s food, medicines and milk in the tray for screening, to avoid any hassle or delays.

7. Travel with minimalism

Again, please try not to take everything with you. Be selective and choose wisely what you need to take in your check-in luggage and carry-on bags. Plan your family’s outfits for each day, however, you need to have a few extra outfits for your kid in case of blowouts, leaks, or spillovers.

Try to take toiletries in travel size to avoid weight issues so you can travel light.

8. Favorite toys

You need to take your kids’ favorite toy on the plane. Just a friendly reminder, it would not be a good idea to bring small toys on the plane, they are hard to pick up as they keep falling.

Be prepared to bend down back and forth picking your toddler’s toys, with a baby in your lap. I would advise choosing kids’ toys wisely.

9. If you are a breastfeeding mom

For breastfeeding moms, take a window seat. You might need a little privacy to feed your baby, depending on your comfort level on the plane. Breastfed babies could get more fussy on-the-go.

Also, you should not forget to take nursing cover, and baby gas drops on the plane.

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10. Adjust seating with a lap child and a toddler

Ideally, you can have your lap child lay down and sleep on your toddler’s seat if you do not have an extra seat available. Have your toddler sit in your lap while the little one takes a nap.

11. Taking technology with you

If you allow screen time then you may want to take it on the plane, depending on the flight time, duration, and schedule. You can use noise-canceling headphones for big kids if you want.

12. How to deal with motion sickness on a plane

Just a friendly reminder – Whenever we plan a family trip, I always talk to my kids’ pediatrician and follow her medical advice. Always talk to your pediatrician before you leave for a vacation.

If your kids are having motion sickness (which is likely for some kids ) then you must discuss with your pediatrician before you go on a trip.

My kids’ pediatrician advised Dramamine for my 3-year-old for motion sickness. The recommended age for this medicine is two years and over for kids. For kids under 2 – You can give Benadryl as suggested by your pediatrician, only if it is considered safe, and your baby has no pre-existing medical issues.

13. How to deal with an upset stomach or diarrhea

What if your kids get diarrhea while you are on trip ….

It is recommended not to take any medication for diarrhea unless it is going on for a long time. Let the stomach bug get out of the system and it may take several days. Although it is quite stressful for moms as kids lose a lot of weight and get dehydrated. Soon kids are going to regain lost pounds, once they start eating better.

You can take along Pedialyte powder to maintain hydration for kids.

14. Medicines you might need on the plane for kids

For a short flight, you don’t need any medicines unless your baby has a medical concern going on like fever, cold, flu or allergies. However, keeping a Tylenol and Saline drops is essential for kids.

The dryness makes the baby’s nose dry and crusty and spraying several times would help her breathe better.

Don’t forget to take all medicines need to be in a clear bag for a security scan.

In the US, pediatricians require you to get your baby tested for tuberculosis once you come back from overseas. It varies from country to country, so you need to check with your pediatrician.

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15. Time to board – Dos and Don’ts

  • Do not buy anything extra, after security scan when you are with kids. Especially sodas or drinks, if you cannot put it in the backpack before boarding.
  • Try not to occupy your hands with random stuff because once you are ready to board on the plane, you do not have a stroller anymore.
  • Do not forget to take a face mask (face covering), a hand sanitizer, or a sanitizing spray in your carry on.
  • If you have to give baby a medicine, try to do it before you board on a plane.
  • Offer your kids candy, or lollypop during taking off or landing, or have them wear earplugs to avoid air pressure. For an infant, have a bottle ready or breastfeed before your flight takes off.
  • Always make sure kids are in fresh diapers before you board the plane.
  • Be sure your powder milk is fresh in your carry on bag before your TSA security check. TSA’s alarm could beep anytime for powder milk. Use formula dispenser for formula feedings.
  • For long-duration flights, typically more than 6 hours, you have to pack some extra stuff – like formula, extra clothes for yourself and the baby. Keep essential items in a carry-on bag.

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DO NOT STRESS if you are flying for the first-time

I was so stressed out when I was traveling with kids, all by myself. I made so many mistakes and learned my lesson.

Do not stress at all. You are a mom, and you know the reason why your baby is crying (hungry, tired, sleepy, wants some toy). Distract when needed, and that’s all you have to do, either with candy or a different toy.

If you are flying for the first time with kids, stay calm and focussed. Try to resolve the issue without getting panicked.

Eventually, traveling gets better and so much fun, but there is a learning curve to it. Your second time traveling with kids would be more fun.

Happy Traveling and stay safe.

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