Pregnancy Travel Must Haves – things to pack for Long flights

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Traveling during pregnancy is always tricky depending on the expectant mom’s health and circumstances. Whether you travel domestically or internationally by air, you need to get a green signal from your OBGYN. Since they are the ones who monitor your health and baby’s progress, it is always better to ask. Keep a checklist of some pregnancy travel must-haves in mind in case you have to travel.

Usually, the second trimester is considered safe for travel, especially international long-duration flights. But you must talk to your doctor and take the essentials to make your flight comfier, less exhausting, and bearable.

Traveling alone is not ideal if you already have a kid(s). Keeping your carry-on light with essentials for flying time is crucial. Pack your pregnancy must-haves for air travel, so your pregnant body doesn’t tire.

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Pregnancy travel must-haves for long-duration flights

Although traveling is somewhat considered safe for a healthy pregnancy but first and third trimesters are tricky for moms. So you have to follow some travel guidelines during pregnancy. Ask your doctor before you choose to travel on long-duration flights. Also, discuss the destination and purpose of your visit so they can guide you better about the potential risks of viruses for certain places.

Here is a list of pregnancy travel must haves for air travel to ease the flight time.

Compression socks to prevent swelling

Wearing compression socks is a must for long-haul flights as they help prevent swelling, cramps, and restless legs. Try to walk during the flight for better blood circulation.

Compression socks that moms to be need to wear during flight to prevent swelling, restless legs.

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Slip-on shoes for easy wear

By the mid of the second trimester, it just becomes hard to tie laces, you can barely see your feet. Thus, your best bet is to switch to slip-on shoes till the fourth trimester.

Speaking of laces, it is not easy to go through TSA security checks by taking shoes off and then waiting to tie laces. It is highly recommended that pregnant woman should wear comfy, lightweight slip-on shoes.

women Slip on shoes for pregnancy travel for easy wear

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Water bottle for hydration

Staying hydrated is more important throughout pregnancy as it can prevent discomfort and weird pregnancy symptoms. Keep an empty water bottle you can fill up after a security check and drink throughout your flight. If you need a refill, ask the flight attendant. Because we all know the airlines’ tiny cups are never enough hydration.

Water bottle to use during pregnancy travel for staying hydrated

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Belly belt for Support during walking and standing

As the belly grows, pressure increases on your back and belly. Traveling involves a lot of walking and standing during long security lines, and that’s a lot for a pregnant body to handle. Wearing a belly support belt is an ideal way to prevent backache issues.

My OBGYN recommends this Neotech belly belt as a belly support brace to relieve pressure issues. Not only for traveling but for everyday use, especially if your work involves staying on your feet throughout the day.

Belly belt for belly and back support during pregnancy to prevent backaches during travel

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Maternity leggings

Travel attire should be as comfy as possible. It should be breathable, not too warm; use an extra layer if you feel colder during pregnancy than normal. Avoid jeans that is too tight on your pelvic area. Wearing good comfy, tried and tested maternity leggings is your best bet for long-duration international flights. Check out some more comfy maternity clothes you can wear on a flight.

Maternity leggings to wear on flight to prevent bloating or gas issues.

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Travel neck pillow for comfort

Talk about anything that brings comfort to your pregnant self. Neck pillow that can help you position well and sleep without disturbing your neighbor on the plane with your weird pregnancy snoring. Thanks to pregnancy hormones.

Neck support pillow for sleeping on a plane ride - a must have for pregnancy travel

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Travel bidet to prevent UTI

Urinary tract infections and yeast infections are very common during pregnancy. There could be many reasons, but the most important thing is the ladyparts’ hygiene that you must take care of while traveling.

Using public or plane bathrooms could risk you with many infections. So it’s better to carry a portable space-saving bidet that you can use to wash the private area with water.

tush bidet for ladypart hygiene while pregnancy travel to prevent infections

Buy this Tush bidet for travel that you can use post-baby as well.

Use lotion to prevent Dryness and itch

Airplane rides can be very dehydrating for anyone, so it is important to stay hydrated. In the same way, our skin gets dry and itchy, which is already at the potential to get stretch marks.

Use Itch defense lotion and keep some for your belly for long-duration flights to prevent itching discomforts.

Curel itch defense lotion for pregnancy itch and dryness - must have for pregnancy travel

Nausea medication or sour candy

To prevent motion sickness and nausea during your flight, it is recommended to take some anti-nausea medication as prescribed by the doctor. However, you can still use some sure candy or ginger ale to prevent nausea during air travel.

12 ways to prevent nausea during pregnancy.

Healthy snacks

Eating healthy is essential during pregnancy. Experts suggest that you nibble on small snacks throughout the day instead of eating hefty meals.

The good thing is you can practice this while flying by packing good healthy snacks with you. Try not to sit empty stomach. Nibble on something every two hours to prevent gases from building up that could cause headaches and a bad mouth taste.

Here is a list of healthy pregnancy snacks you can take on a flight.

When you should not travel during pregnancy

Usually, the first trimester is not recommended for travel as it may increase the risk of miscarriage. This all depends on how healthy a mom and the fetus is.

If you have ever experienced bleeding during pregnancy, it is not advisable to travel as it may involve a risk of miscarriage. Talk to your OBGYN if you REALLY have to travel.

Traveling during high-risk pregnancy of 35 and older

Traveling could be exhausting if you are pregnant and over 35 years of age, and there are some health factors you need to know.

Talk to your doctor; she might prescribe you for taking Asprin 81mg, especially if you are traveling, to avoid any blood circulation issues. Aspirin is a blood thinner that helps with better blood flow to the placenta. Even if you do not have high blood pressure. And that you should always stop taking aspirin after 36 weeks.

Here is why you take low-dose aspirin during pregnancy.

Magnesium should be handy for preventing headaches, leg cramps, or other muscle issues during pregnancy. And it would help if you did not forget to take prenatal vitamins.

Are you traveling with other kids too? Here is how to keep them busy on air flights.

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