17 Hacks for weird Pregnancy symptoms

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Pregnancy is the most beautiful and exciting time in a woman’s life. The joy of nurturing a life inside you is phenomenal. While mom-to-be is anxious to meet her little bundle of joy, the struggles and discomforts of being pregnant are on the rise every single day as you approach your third trimester. That’s nature’s way of preparing moms for the sleepless nights with trillion bathroom trips and leg cramps in the middle of the night. Being pregnant is an amazing feeling yet it becomes tough and tougher for moms-to-be as the due date comes closer.

These pregnancy hacks are going to help moms in making their pregnant life easier, so they can enjoy more rather than being uncomfortable and super moody. For most women, first and third trimesters are the toughest comparatively, whereas the second trimester seems a little comfortable as you start enjoying baby’s kicks and movements and it feels incredible.

Not every woman has the same pregnancy discomforts but even those with smooth pregnancy may experience some of these symptoms and that’s totally normal.

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Hacks to ease your Pregnancy symptoms and Discomforts

1. Relive Pressure on the belly

One of the common discomforts of pregnancy, later in the second or third trimester, is downwards belly pressure. It feels like the baby is slipping down and the pressure is really uncomfortable for your inner thighs too. Consequently, it causes backache and abdominal cramps.

The idea thing to do is avoid heavy lifting as much as you can. Also, you should use pregnancy belly wrap. That is going to support your belly from downward pressure.

2. Fighting Pregnancy Nausea

Nausea is the first and most common symptom of pregnancy. It is one of the early symptoms that may not go the whole 9 months or may come back in the third trimester.

Not every pregnant woman experiences nausea, however, some may show extreme symptoms of nausea. The good news is, in most cases, it ends when the second trimester starts.

The best hack to fight nausea is to drink Gingerale instead of other sodas after meals. Ginger candy and ginger pop help a lot with a metallic taste.

Take small meal sizes, crackers are your best friend. Eating sour candies may help with bad mouth taste.

If you are traveling or having nausea and bad taste all the time, try eating tamarind candy or tamarind in any form you like. It has a sour-ish taste. It tastes delicious if you sprinkle some salt on it.

The idea itself is mouth-watering. If you haven’t tried tamarind as yet, you definitely got to try.

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3. Tailbone pain

When I was pregnant with my son, I had tailbone pain for the whole nine months. I could not sit on a chair for quite a while.

Using a seat donut cushion or pillow helped me a lot with tailbone pain and I used it almost everywhere.

If you are having a tailbone or sciatica pain during pregnancy or otherwise, you need to try donut cushion. It will keep your tailbone up high and does not let it glide on any surface.

4. Use Wedge Pillow for side sleeping

Some women tend to have drastic weight gain during pregnancy. With the increasing size of a growing baby, it is hard to sleep comfortably in any position. Although, it is advised to sleep on the side and not on your back.

In order to follow the safe sleeping during pregnancy, you need support under the growing bump, even if you are laying on the side. A wedge pillow helps to balance out the weight of a growing belly.

The wedge pillow is an amazing pillow to use during pregnancy for sleep support or while you want to rest.

It is very likely to get tired of side sleeping. Changing sides while laying down is essential. By using the back wedge pillow to take the pressure off your belly. Although it is not advised to be on your back while sleeping, especially during the last trimester as it could have risks for baby too.

For back support, you need a wedge pillow for torso, so you are fairly elevated while you are resting.

5. Use Pregnancy pillow for legs support while sleeping

Pregnancy could be seriously uncomfortable when your belly gets bigger.

In order to have a sound sleep and a better night, you need a sleep support pillow that is going to support your whole body and the nights will not be nightmares anymore.

6. Yoga for Legs cramping

I know how terrible leg cramps get at night during pregnancy,

The best hack to deal with restless legs at night is to make sure you drink plenty of water and stay super hydrated.

Reclining hero pose

This reclining hero yoga pose can help significantly with leg cramps.

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7. Fight Urinary Tract Infection

UTI is a very common condition during pregnancy. If you have it once, you can have it more than once.

Burning sensation while urinating along with fever and chills, could be the signs of UTI. UTI should be evaluated immediately.

If not treated properly, the infection could go up to the kidneys and be fatal. You need to get your antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor.

The best way to avoid UTI is to make sure that you empty your bladder by leaning forward and putting pressure while leaning forward, so nothing is left in there.

Also, make frequent bathroom trips and try not to use public bathrooms, unless necessary. Drink plenty of water, and over-the-counter cranberry tablets may prevent UTI from recurring.

Use flushable wipes or use a portable bidet after you are done urinating, to avoid UTI. Also, always try to wipe front to back thoroughly instead of back to front, to avoid bacteria traveling from back to front.

Keep in mind, once you get UTI, it makes you more vulnerable to get UTI again; for that reason, proper medication is essential along with precautionary measures.

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8. Body cramps or low mood

Having mood swings during pregnancy is one of the common symptoms of pregnancy, and there are days when you just feel like crying. During pregnancy, essential vitamin intake is very important.

One of the best ways to help with mood is to take a warm shower that works 100% to make you feel better, helps with body cramps, backache, shoulder pain, or even Braxton hicks (fake) contractions.

9. Relief Heartburn and gas issues

Heartburn and gas are a very common symptom of pregnancy. If you have sudden pain somewhere in the back or in ribs right after eating then it is gas and it is seriously painful. Been there done that.

Ideally, you should not keep sitting after having your meals, have a short walk, and prefer small and frequent meals. Staying active is key.

Avoid spicy food if your heartburn increases after consuming hot food. Also, smaller meal size is recommended for better digestion.

Using Tums can actually help with heartburn.

Organic Whole Psyllium Husk can also help with heartburn and other digestive issues. This can be taken during pregnancy or postpartum.

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10. When you feel the Baby is not moving for a while

When the baby is active in the womb, it gets really stressful if you don’t get your kick count for the day, or you notice the baby is not moving for a while.

Before you run to the hospital to get your baby monitored, try eating something sweet or drink cold water, and see if you can feel her dancing in the womb. Eating sweets or drinking cold beverages may help you get the kick count you need for the day.

You’re Welcome.

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11. Prenatal Vitamins hack

Prenatal vitamins are essential during pregnancy. You have to take it once you find out you are expecting till you are breastfeeding. Although supplements are advised to be taken during the meal still the best time to take prenatal vitamins at night with some snacks during pregnancy to avoid late-night body cramping.

You may want to read more about the in-depth importance of prenatal vitamins for pregnant women.

12. Tooth infections

Pregnancy hormones could trigger dental issues you are having for a long time. If it is followed by fever, you need to get antibiotics because tooth infection/or pain may cause pre-term labor. It is best to get it fixed as soon as it appears.

This one is a tried and tested remedy for tooth infection, pregnant or not pregnant.

For random toothache, use Potassium Alum as a home remedy. Melt potassium alum in a pan. Once dried, crush it in a powdered form and use fingers or toothbrush to apply on the affected gums area or tooth. Rinse after 15 to 20 minutes, This remedy works as an antiseptic, and it is effective 99% of the time. It may be a little more uncomfortable and stretchy in your mouth but it will certainly help.

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13. Stretch marks

Stretch marks are a consequence of pregnancy, and unfortunately, they do not go away even after pregnancy. The best way to avoid stretch marks is, keep skin super moisturized. There are times when your body gets super itchy, thanks to pregnancy hormones. Do not scratch your bare skin, rather rub a cotton cloth on itchy skin or gently rub with hand.

Use Curel itch defense lotion after every shower or any other lotion you use. Heavily moisturize your skin during pregnancy to avoid stretch marks.

14. Pregnancy Travel hacks

Traveling during pregnancy gets tough due to dehydration. Especially, sitting in the same seat for long hours.

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15. Real labor pains vs fake labor pains (aka Braxton Hicks)

Some pregnant women start having contractions from the beginning of the third trimester. However, random contractions do not necessarily refer to real contractions. It is very likely to get Braxton hicks contractions earlier than real labor contractions.

Braxton hicks tend to go away if you lay down or rest, take a shower, or taking Tylenol may help if the fake pains get worse.

The real contraction would not go away with any of these remedies. They are going to increase with time, regardless. Every contraction comes at the exact interval of time. You may notice a time interval between each contraction keep shrinking in hours or maybe in days.

16. Natural Labor pains

Do you know what could help you having natural labor pains without being induced?

My midwife told me to use primrose oil capsules after 36 weeks three times a day to get labor contractions naturally. It definitely works.

Using organic raspberry tea leaves helps with menstrual pain and to induce labor naturally, after 36 weeks of pregnancy.

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17. Eye Twitching

One of the most annoying pregnancy condition is eye twitching. Religious beliefs aside, this is due to the deficiency of magnesium in your body. Since pregnant woman body is going through so many changes and it is nurturing a tiny human so lacking on essential nutrients is understandable.

However, if you are concerned about frequent eye twitching, I highly recommend you to ask your doctor about taking a magnesium supplement.

After taking magnesium supplements, my eye twitching was gone entirely during pregnancy. Although magnesium supports muscle health, you should still talk to your OBGYN about the recommended dose.

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Let me know in the comments section below if you are struggling with any other pregnancy discomfort.

Pregnancy Hacks to ease discomforts
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