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 Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. It is that time of the year when a woman feels special, cared for and loved the most. Although pregnancy has it’s own struggles and for some women, it is extremely tough, even then it is the most cherished time in a woman’s life.

Trendy maternity clothes are fun if they are comfy and beautiful. When I was pregnant I had so much hard time finding the right size clothes and nice cute looking as well for just going out or a restaurant visit. However, I did not want to spend too much on clothes which I am not going to use for a long time. Regardless, you still NEED clothes when nothing is going to fit.

I have got a solution to getting inexpensive maternity clothes. If you are struggling with maternity clothes search, you are in the right spot. I am going to guide you on what you can wear or what is worth spending on –  depends on your preference, style sense and how far along are you.

For me, comfort is a priority. I would vote for comfort, soft fabric and then what type of clothing I need.

If you are working and pregnant then you definitely need a lot of outfits and certainly the comfortable ones.

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Trendy Maternity Clothes ideas for expectant moms 

These are some suggestions you can see what you might like to have for your pregnancy.

Maternity Slogan Shirts 

Slogan shirts look super cute. Moms-to-be love having those.

You need to have those that fit depends on how far are you in your pregnancy.

I have found some cute slogan shirts for moms-to-be on Amazon. You can definitely see what works for you.

These are some full sleeve shirts you can wear as per your comfort.

Maternity Bras 

Wearing bras during pregnancy gets pretty hard if it is not comfortable. I don’t recommend wearing wired bras. They are extremely uncomfortable as your belly gets bigger. Getting yourself a nice comfortable bra is surely a lifesaver.

Nursing Bras

You could definitely try getting nursing bras by that time if you are planning to nurse after delivery.

Maternity Tanks

Some pregnant women might want to just stay in their tanks while at home. Check their size chart and see if that works for you. Going one size up is not a bad idea if you prefer comfort as much as I do.

Maternity Undies

I have found these undies do make sense for pregnancy, as you can even move your underwear up high on your belly, this thing will stay underneath. You can go a size up for extra comfort.

Tights or leggings for Pregnant belly

It is not healthy to wear super tight bottoms during pregnancy or otherwise because this might affect your blood circulation and also it could cause bloating.

The best solution is getting a couple of pairs of comfortable tights to wear during that time.

For jeans, you need to have the right size. Somehow, I think the maternity elastic attached to jeans that covers full belly does not feel comfortable as it slips down every other minute.

Having maternity jeans in your closet is an option unless you are a really big fan of jeans. I would recommend having maternity leggings or tights for that very purpose. Get some nice pants which do not have to go up high on the belly, as that material slips off pretty much every time. (at least that was my experience. If it is accurate in size, that would be too tight and this I would not recommend.

Maternity Dresses

If you want something for any formal gathering, or just regular random dresses you want for winter or summer season, these are the options.

Maternity Coats and jackets

These are a couple of recommendations on maternity jackets and coats if you like these. This depends on how far along are you during winter-time.

Swimsuits for pregnant women

Well, if you are into swimming or going to the beach at any time of the year, you need a maternity swimsuit. here are a few suggestions. You can still use a cover-up style, or if you don’t want to show off your baby-bump on how far along you are in your pregnancy.

Stylish Maternity cover-ups Kimono

Lately, I have seen a few pregnant ladies who were wearing cover-ups on their dresses. They were carrying them so well and looked lovely.  These could be a great option to add a little color to your plain one-color dresses or shirts.

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Comment and let me know what have been your favorite outfits for maternity.

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