18 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas you’ll love

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Have you just found out, you are pregnant? And you are looking for some pregnancy announcement ideas for your loved ones, especially your husband and your family.

The best part about the first baby pregnancy announcement is to see a priceless reaction to the news. That’s the most exciting part of having a baby.

Here are some cute pregnancy announcement ideas for my pregnant friends who are looking for exciting ways to surprise their husbands or families. Irrespective of what gender you are carrying, this announcement fun is more about having a baby.

You know your loved ones more than anyone, so you can choose what is the best suitable way to break the news about your pregnancy.

However, you can still pick a few ideas for gender reveal.

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Pregnancy announcement ideas for husband

1. First Pregnancy Test Surprise announcement

Well, the Pregnancy test is the most popular one, and most of us might have used that one only. You can leave it somewhere he would notice for sure, bathroom, sink, put it as a surprise in a box.

2. Put Baby shoe in his work or everyday shoe 

If this is your first pregnancy announcement, then this is going to be super exciting for dad-to-be. How about putting a newborn baby shoe in his everyday shoes. Well, who would overlook that? You can either record him on the camera or surprise him when you both are ready to leave for somewhere.

Choosing the right time of day depends on how your schedule works.

3. Hang baby onesie in his closet 

Does your husband choose clothes from his closet every day? The best thing is to hand a baby onesie in his closet. How cute the first baby announcement is that!

Choose some nice pregnancy announcement onesies for dad.

4. Use the Baby doll for a pregnancy announcement.  

This may sound creepy, but if you know your husband will be able to get the message, then why not?

Check out a cute baby doll for the first baby announcement.

If you are carrying twins, how about surprising your partner with twin dolls.

5. Put a Scratch-off in his lunch box 

Putting a love note with a pregnancy announcement scratch off in his lunch box, or leave it on his laptop.

6. Fridge magnet surprise

You can surprise him by putting up your sonogram pictures on your fridge using fridge magnet clips.

7. First Baby sonogram frame announcement

Use a baby sonogram frame and put it in his surroundings where you think he is going to notice for sure. For instance, nightstand, breakfast table, dresser mirror, etc.

8. Using a letter Board for a pregnancy announcement

Letterboard is a wonderful thing to have in your home. It helps you start your day with a beautiful, positive message every day. Put up a cute pregnancy announcement on your letter board for your partner and cherish those beautiful memories.

9. Wear a T-shirt 

You can get a cute pregnancy announcement shirt and wear it when your partner is going to be around. Sure, he notices what you are wearing.

10. Write baby’s name if you have decided for a while

If you have already been trying for a baby or planned a name for a long time the best thing to surprise him is to manually write a date or name on a baby onesie, card, letter board anywhere, you know he is going to notice.

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11. Coffee spoon or mug at mealtime

If you guys eat together or share mealtime, the best is to get your partner a coffee mug with a pregnancy announcement or a spoon with a beautiful message for dad-to-be.

12. Ship a surprise to his work or home

You can send him a surprise gift that has a pregnancy announcement T-shirt for him mug or anything you know he loves.

Check out these shirts for dads to be.

You can also get these funny shirts for dads to be if your husband or partner has a good sense of humor.

13. Customize pillows with a pregnancy news

You can get these personalized pillows to share the news with your husband, partner, grandparents. How on earth they are not going to love it.

If you have white or beige pillow covers at home, you can use them to write something cute about your pregnancy on the pillow cover. Or you can sew a lovely message.

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14. Use an announcement note or card

Leave a pregnancy note or a card in your husband or partner’s car. Well, wait, how about pregnancy report?

Just be sure to put it in a way, that he actually gets to read a note.

15. Have your dog announce it for you

Do you have a dog in your household? Have your pet wear the pregnancy announcement bandana to share the news.

Check out announcement ideas for dogs.

16. Cake announcement

Choose a special day to announce your pregnancy, like a birthday or anniversary, and use a cake topper with a pregnancy announcement to give your partner a memorable surprise.

Buy Cake topper announcement.

17. Card Game announcements

Isn’t it fun to surprise him while playing the UNO card game? Write a pregnancy announcement “we are having a baby” or I’m Pregnant, or “baby is on the way” on one of the blank cards.

18. Take your husband to baby stores

Announcing your first pregnancy to your husband gets more intriguing if you take him to the baby stores or for baby clothes shopping. If your husband is into shopping, sent him the links to your favorite baby outfit. Giving him small cues would be a great surprise for your husband.

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Pregnancy announcement ideas

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