100+ trendy Baby boy names with meanings – you will fall in love with

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Choosing a name for a baby gets overwhelming and challenging when you are getting close to your delivery time. Ideally, every parent would search a unique name for their precious baby boy from thousands of names.

Shortlisting your favorite names based on various preferences like culture, alphabet, click factor, etc. is the best approach while you name-search for your baby.

As a parent, it is important to realize, that choosing a name for your child holds so much value – as it is going to stay with him for a lifetime.

With this in mind, I have created a comprehensive list of baby boy names that are – unique, short, and, most importantly, have beautiful meanings.

Read on and find out the name that is well-suited for your child.

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Unique and popular baby boy names with meanings

Asher means “fortunate, blessed, and happy.”

Adam – the name of the first human being created.

Abbas means “lion, stern.”

Connor means “hound lover”

Landon means “long hill”

Luca means “light-bringer”

Skylar means “Scholar”

Adir means “powerful and mighty.”

Ahmed means “Much praised or praiseworthy.”

Aqil means “bright and smart.”

Ali means “lion of GOD.”

Amad means “highly praised.”

Ammar means “builder.”

Amaan means “protection.”

Andor means “manly.”

Alyan mean “great and high.”

Aren means “eagle.”

Armaan means “ideal.”

Armen means “high place.”

Wesley means “western meadow.”

Alvin means “wise friend.”

Aiden means “fiery or intelligent.”

Jacob means “supplanter or to follow.”

Henry means “estate ruler.”

Owen mean “sweet and likable.”

Wyatt means “brave in war.”

Liam means “resolute protection.”

Zion means ” highest point”.

Elias means “The Lord is my God”

Bryson means “descendant of Brice”

Chase means “huntman”

Gavin means “white falcon”

Jasper means “treasurer”

Xander means “defender of man”

Arthur means “Eagle”

Marcus means “dedicated to Mars”

Cayden means “battle”

Harlow means “army hill”

Zayne means “God is gracious”

Seth means “set or appointed”

Winston means “Joyful stone”

Caiden means “companion”

Cairo means “victorious”

Killian means ‘bright-headed’

Ronan means “little seal”

Holden means “deep valley”

Enzo means ‘home ruler”

Morgan means “Sea dweller”

Finn mean “fair”

Rhett means “speaker”

Jayce means “healer”

Zachary means “the Lord recalled”

Silas means “forests or woods”

Braydon means “brave”

Axel means “Father is peace”

Austin means “majestic”

Zarar means “great warrior.”

Caleb means “devotion to God.”

Aryan means “belong to noble.”

Rohaan means “spiritual and kind-hearted.”

Isaac means “Rejoice.”

Bennett means “blessed.”

Miles means “merciful.”

Ethan means “strong or firm.”

Leo means “Lion.”

Noah means “rest or comfort.”

Ryan means” little king.”

Mahad mean “great and nice.”

Barak means “flash of lightning.”

Beckham means “place of a small stream.”

Boaz means “swift and honorable and wealthy man.”

Barney means “brave.”

Brendan means “prince.”

Carl means “strong.”

Micah means “who is like God?”

Darek means “strong.”

Drake means “Dragon.”

Elvin means “noble friend.”

Einas means “to be at peace.”

Rafan mean “Graceful.”

Rayyan means “one who is satisfied.”

Felix means “happy.”

Haadi means “Guiding to the light.”

Hanaan means “tenderness.”

Imad means “supportive. ”

Jesse means “gift.”

Isa or Esa is an Arabic name for Jesus.

Lamar means “of the sea.”

Mateen means “solid and firm.”

Neil or Neal means “champion.”

Ommar means “life or thriving.”

Osmar means “divinely gorgeous.”

Quinn means “wise and wisdom.”

Roma is a russian name.

Ryon means “kingly.”

Zane mean “well-born and noble.”

Aaryan means “of utmost strength.”

Aayan means “God’s gift.”

Bruno mean “Protection.”

Basel means “Brave.”

Ray means “beam of light.”

Paul means “humble.”

Jace means “healer”

Zaviar mean “Bright.”

Zia mean “wise.”

Rowan means “little red-head.”

Zahi means “bright.”

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