250+ unique Muslim baby boy names with meanings

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Having a baby is quite a joyous occasion, and choosing the right name is equally essential as your child will carry his name for the whole life.

Muslim families want to choose a name from the Qur’an or Hadith. Arabic is the language of the Qur’an, and its uniqueness makes it a popular language for names that Muslims from all over the world would choose or derive names for their children.

Many names have multiple meanings in different origins. Nevertheless, Muslim parents try to choose unique names that have beautiful meanings and are not overused. Whereas some Islamic names are so popular and hold historical significance – for that reason, parents love to choose such evergreen names for their children.

Here is the list of unique and short names that you will love for your baby boy.

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Unique Muslim baby boy names with meanings

Choose an Islamic name for your baby boy that is beautiful in meaning and extraordinarily melodious in pronunciation. Muslim names that are short and have amazing meanings suitable for boys in Muslim families around the world.

Ali means “high, elevated”

Asher means “blessed”

Ahmed means “praiseworthy”

Amaan means “Protection”

Aryan means “honorable”

Arzaan means “Valuable and prosperous”

Arham means “kind”

Ayyan or Ayaan means “gift of God”

Abram means “father of a multitude”

Aahir means ‘dazzling’

Aaliyaan means “Noble and graceful”

Alam means “world”

Aydin means “brilliant”

Aaghaa means ” in control of something”

Aakif means “act of being strongly bonded”

Aalee means “majestic”

Aarash means “the first ray of the sun”

Aarib means ” handsome and healthy”

Aariz means ” respectable “

Azaan means “form of prayer”

Abaas means ” like a lion’

Abdel means “servant of God”

Badeeh means “wonderous”

Basaam means ‘smiling’

Behr means ‘sea wave’

Bilal means “full moon”

Daood is “name of the prophet”

Daiam means “everlasting or permanent”

Dameer means “heart or conscience”

Darim means “name of the narrator of hadith”

Daniyal means” intelligent”

Daryab means “river’

Dawar mean “another name of God”

Eesa means “Savor of sins’

Ehab means “gift”

Ehan means “full moon”

Ehsaan means “favor or goodness”

Eitzaz means “name of profit”

Elias means ” God is God”

Emaan means “Faith”

Emad means “support or confidence”

Emin means ” trustworthy

Emran means “progress or achievement”

Ergin means “ripe or mature”

Esmaeel is a name of a prophet mentioned in the Quran.

Faaz means “victorious”

Faeem means “famed”

Faeq means “excellent”

Fasih means “wide”

Faaris means “horseman or knight”

Faheem means “intelligent”

Fahm means “one who possesses a great intellect”

Faiq means “excellent”

Fairoz means “Victorious”

Fakhr means “pride”

Falah means “success or prosperity”

Faraan means “Happy”

Fasih means “wide”

Faaris means “horseman or knight”

Faraz means “equitable”

Fardeen means “radiant”

Farhad means “feeling of great happiness”

Farin means “adventurous”

Farouk means “a truthful boy”

Fawad means “heart”

Fawaz means “successful”

Fayak means “surpassing”

Fuad means “heart or conscience”

Ghaazi means “conquerer”

Ghaiyyas means “helper”

Ghani means “rich, wealthy”

Gulraiz means “Gardner”

Guzeer means “remedy, help”

Haakim means “judge”

Haani means “content”

Haarun means “warrior”

Hashir – one who “assembles”

Haris means “vigilant”

Huzaifa means “intellectual man”

Haider means “brave”

Hamza means “lion of Allah”

Hannan means “compassionate”

Hariz means “strong”

Hasanayn means “the two Hassans”

Hassam means “sword”

Hunayn “name of the most important name in Baytul Hi”

Hurairah means “narator of hadith”

Hasan means “handsome”

Hasaan means “handsome”

Ibrar means “helper”

Idrak means “comprehend”

Irtaza means “agreed person”

Isaar means “selflessness”

Isam means “self-made”

Ibrahim means “father of many”

Israr means “secret, mystery”

Ishaan means “the sun”

Isa or Esa means “Salvation of God”

Jaabir means “Good counselor”

Jaah means “dignity or grandeur”

Jaalib means “one who has a motive”

Jabran means “penalty”

Jafar means “spring”

Jasim means “great and famous”

Jasar means “one who is brave”

Jawab means “liberal”

Jazel means “good attitude”

Jazib means “absorber”

Jibran means “result”

Jiyad means “very good”

Juma means “Friday”

Junayd means “army, soldiers”

Jusuf means “God increases in power”

Kabir means “great”

Kadeer means “friend, companion”

Kafeel means “responsible”

Kaleem means “speaker”

Kamran means “lucky, happy”

Kardar means “controller”

Kashan means “famous city”

Khalil means “friend”

Khayyam mean “tentmaker”

Khidr means “green”

Laeeq means “able and fit”

Laraib means “faultless”

Latif means “kind and gracious”

Lmar means “sun”

Maajid means “glorious”

Mahib means “majestic”

Muhammad means “appreciated “

Maaz means “brave man”

Maisur means “easy and successful”

Musa means “saved from the water”

Manaal means “attainment”

Mannan means “benevolent”

Mustafa means “the chosen one”

Mahad means “bringer of ease”

Murtaza means “chosen and approved”

Maraam means “aspiration”

Masab means “name of prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Matin means “strong and powerful”

Mehmed means “praised”

Minhaj means “method and system”

Muammar means “long lived”

Mubin means “clear and plain”

Murad means “desired purpose”

Muta means “obeyed”

Naail means “acquirer or earner”

Nabeel means “handsome”

Nabeeh means “noble”

Nokhez means “newly bloomed”

Nameer means “pure”

Omeir means “long living”

Osman means “slave of God”

Omar means ‘life’

Qadir means “powerful, or skillful “

Qadeem means “ancient”

Qays means ‘firm’

Raafe means “good companion”

Raahil means “path guider”

Raahim means “compassionate “

Raaid or Raed – means “pioneer”

Raamiz means “symbol”

Raees means “rich”

Rafan means “beautiful, graceful”

Raem means “who has a desire”

Rafay means “exalter, elevat rank”

Rafaz means “ways, path”

Ramees means “winter”

Ramish means “song, peace”

Razeen means “sedate”

Rayyan means “door of heaven”

Revaz means “healthy and successful”

Reza means “satisfaction”

Robeel means “one who flies across the sky”

Rohaan means “as pure as spirit”

Rohab mean “who keeps promise”

Rohail means “traveller”

Romail means “king”

Rumaan means “fruit in jannah”

Rusham mean “peacful”

Saaid means “rising”

Sabeer means “patient”

Sabih means “arrival in the morning”

Safan means “one who is brave”

Safwan means “pure, clear”

Sahiem means “warrior”

Sufian means “who walks fast”

Sahim means “partner”

Salek means “traveller”

Samad means “eternal”

Sameh means “one who is forgiving”

Samir means “companion”

Sarab means “mirage”

Sarim means “brave”

Sarmad means “everlasting”

Sayf means “sword”

Shaaf means “one who gives health”

Shadan means “happy”

Shafeer means “messenger”

Shahan means “king “

Shaharyar means “king”

Shaheem mean “an intelligent man”

Shaheer means “well-known”

Shahmeer means “very handsome”

Shahran means “like a moonlight”

Shahood means “always ready for others”

Shahpar means “longest feather in a bird”

Shahroz means “bright face”

Shams means “sun”

Shamshair means “sword “

Sharim means “fast and brisk”

Shawaiz means “one who speaks very melodiously”

Sharjil means “companion of prophet Muhammad PBUH”

Shayan means “intelligent”

Shazil means “a king”

Sheraz means “name of a prince”

Shuaib means “name of a Prophet”

Sofian mean “devoted”

Sohrab means “a hero”

Sulaiman means “name of prophet”

Sumood means “man of great composure”

Taalim means “high up above”

Tabrez means “challenging”

Taher means “innocent”

Taaha means ” name of Surah”

Taimoor means “king of kings”

Talal means “nice and admirable”

Tauheed means “victorious”

Ubay means “old Arabic name”

Ubaiyd means “worshipper”

Unais means “friendly”

Umar means “name of a Caliph”

Usamah means “description of a lion”

Usman means “slave of God”

Uzair means “name of a prophet”

Waasay means “wide, ample”

Wael means “seeking shelter”

Wahab means “large-hearted”

Waleed means “newborn child”

Wasam mean “medal”

Wasay means “unlimited’

Wasi means “execute”

Wisam means “badge “

Waris means “inheritor”

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Yameen means “blessed”

Yaawar means “friendly”

Yahya means “to love”

Yasar means “prosperity”

Yasrib means “the former name of city Madinah”

Yass means “a flower”

Yawar means “helping”

Yazan means “determined”

Yazdaan means “merciful”

Yusuf means “God increases”

Zaabit means “one who remembers”

Zaahir means “bright and shining”

Zaarib means “one who beats”

Zaid means “great”

Ziadan means “growth”

Zaigham means “lion, powerful”

Zaim means “leader”

Zechariah or Zachariah means “A prophet’s name”

Zaki means “pious and clean”

Zarar means “fast”

Zardab means “gold water”

Zaroon means “visitor”

Zaviyar means “brave”

Zayam means “Honor, right share”

Zayd means “growth”

Zubayr means “small piece of iron”


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