16 Unique and Contemporary toys for Newborns you should have

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While your newborn may seem busy in eating, pooping, and sleeping, her brain is rapidly developing with every passing day. Choosing toys and accessories that help in sensory development for your baby is essential. Not only just ordinary-looking toys but now, a lot of parents prefer modern accessories and educational toys for the little ones.

For newborns, simple black and white toys and books will help to develop their vision, while soft toys with rattles can help to build their attention span.

Here is the curated list of toys that are absolutely gorgeous and entertaining at the same time.

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Best contemporary toys for newborns

Many modern families prefer to have unique toys for babies that enhance their sensory skills and make them smarter as they grow. The following suggested toys are budget-friendly, pretty looking, and educational for little hands and minds.

1. Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the giraffe is a celebrity favorite teether and toy. Also, the dots print helps babies with eye and hand coordination. You can never go wrong with choosing this giraffe for your little one.

Buy now Sophie the giraffe

2. Avocado Rattle

This trendy avocado rattle is way too cute to be on a stroller. Babies love this toy. It has a plushy texture and a clear rattle pit center with colorful beads.

Buy now for the love of avocadoes.

3. Plushie Pacifier

Parents love the fact that their babies love this pacifier, With the cute plushie attached, it becomes so easy for parents to find the pacifier.

Buy now these cute plushy animals for pacifiers.

Check out this cute toy for early development.

4. Mushie Stacking Cups

These unique and modern stacking cups are super entertaining for your baby four months and older. Mushie colorful stacking toy helps develop both the body and the brain starting around six months. The basic skills learned from stackable cups become the foundation for more complex tasks, like using a writing instrument.

Get these stacking cups ideal for neutral color nurseries.

5. Dinosaur Teether

This unique teething dinosaur toy is going to be your baby’s favorite.

Buy dino teether now.

6. Unique first Tooth jars

These tooth and curl jars are so adorable to be in your baby’s nursery.

Get this cutie for your little one.

7. Fischer price On-the-Go Breakfast toy

Coffee cup teether with rattle beads inside, a crinkle newspaper, and textured doughnut rattle. Now, the baby has her on-the-go toy coffee mug and donut to enjoy a fantastic start to the day.

Buy now this fun toy for your baby.

8. Hanging rattles

These high-contrast rattles are unique for visual development, and they make a soft, cozy, and soothing sound by a gentle shake or squeeze which cultivates baby hearing and touch development.

Get these black and white plushies for your baby’s stroller.

9. plush stacker

Cutely crafted with six plushy rings including a beeping duck, a windmill rattle, a sunflower rattle, a teether ring, and a crinkle ring. The crinkle sound is used to calm fussy babies because of its similarity to the white noise heard in a mother’s womb. A perfect entertaining toy for babies and toddlers.

Check out this similar plush toy, animals in the cute soft car, ideal for babies.

Buy your favorite plushy stacking toy.

10. Baby wooden activity Gym

This wooden baby activity gym is a gorgeous toy that will encourage your baby to reach and grab the dangling toys and beads. Baby Play Gym features three hanging toys that stimulate your baby’s senses in so many ways. Not to mention, this toy is going to make the nursery look modern, unique, and very classy.

Don’t wait to have this contemporary playmat in your baby room.

11. Multi-texture Fancy rattle set

These well-made rattles feature multiple easy-grip handles for babies with plenty of holding spots. They have lovely and appealing shapes and are the perfect size for little hands to grab and shake. Your little one won’t get enough of them! Holding rattles improves the baby’s strong grasp reflex. As their fine motor skills develop, they will learn to hold and shake them; a thorough enjoyment for your baby altogether.

Buy now these staple rattles ideal for babies.

12. Wooden teething toy

A very classy-looking teether with 100% safe chewable silicone beads. Give your baby this exquisite accessory to play with and enjoy.

Don’t wait to add this to your baby accessories list.

Also, check out a wide range of the world’s cutest teether for your baby’s modern nursery.

13. Tummy time activity mat

The Wimmer-Ferguson 3-in-1 triangle has a reversible, multisensory activity mat that features graphics to encourage infant visual development. A 12″ square mat can be placed flat or in a triangle position with magnets for tummy time play. It has a hidden mirror for a peek-a-boo effect, a teether, a squeaker, and a crinkle paper to engage little one in multiple ways.

Buy now this parents-favorite mat for tummy time.

14. Munchkin Mozart Magic cube

This cute flashing musical toy can be your baby’s absolute favorite. This toy includes harp, flute, french horn, piano, violin instrument sounds, and much more than your child can learn.

Get this musical toy for the baby.

15. High-contrast flash cards for babies

Beiens baby visual stimulation cards are developed by educational experts. This pack includes 80 flashcards, 160 Pages with shapes, geometric figures, etc. These are very helpful for your baby’s visual development and also because their learning process starts early.

Not to mention, they are odorless, safe, and soft for babies.

Don’t wait to grab these super cute flashcards for your baby.

16. Mushie Pacifier Clip

These cutest Mushie pacifier clips are handmade with quality and care so you can have peace of mind while your little one is wearing these clips.

Don’t wait to grab this adorable piece.

I’m hoping this list has helped you find a perfect gift for a baby shower basket or a cute gift you can give to a new baby in the family on your next visit.

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A newborn is holding her favorite toy and a pacifier.

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