Nursery Design & Decor Ideas for Baby boys

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Are you looking for Pinterest-worthy decor accessories ideas to set up a cute and comfy nursery for your baby boy?

Great, you are at the right place.

I have curated a list of my favorite decor items for setting up a perfect baby boy room using cute and beautiful nursery accessories. Besides keeping it minimal and elegant, you have to make sure the room is fully functional for you too, as you will spend most of your nighttime sitting there.

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Beautiful nursery decor ideas for baby boys

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Choose the color for baby nursery

Times have changed to pick the traditional blue color for boys and pink color for girls, but many new parents still love them. While we have so many options for girls, picking a unique color for boys is always complicated.

Here are the few colors you can pick for boys’ nursery in various combinations. You can either paint the desired color for your boy’s room, or you can decorate it with different color accessories to stay in between your theme and colors.

  • The traditional Light blue and white
  • Yellow and green
  • Mustard and light yellow
  • Yellow and rustic
  • Dark grey and white
  • Light grey and dark grey
  • Eleghant grey with a tad bit of light pink
  • Black and white
  • Light Beige and Maroon
  • Light grey and eggplant purple
  • Grey with plum color tones
  • Dark green and light brown
  • Rustic wood and white
  • Red and white with a touch of black
  • Blue and yellow
  • Teal and yellow
  • Grey and orange with a dash of aqua

These color combinations highly depend on what tone you want to pick for your baby’s room.

Color combination palettes for boys room

Add a textured wall according to the theme of nursery

Keeping all walls white, except one by making it different than the rest, is a unique feature for the baby nursery room. You may want to paint one wall the darkest of all to let it stand out and being the focal point of the room; depending on how you like it. Also, you can have wallpaper on one wall or all four, as you prefer.

Create a rustic wood element in your baby’s room by adding a wood wall that looks amazing and trendy. Otherwise, you can keep it simple and minimalist by adding rustic wood art.

Creating murals is another fun way to give a perfect nursery feel in your baby’s room. If you love to paint, you can DIY walls by stencil painting or do an art project like mountains, trees, animals, etc., as you like.

Last and not least, don’t underestimate the power of the ceiling. You can do a lot of fun stuff with the ceiling, keeping the rest of the walls light color. Adding a decal wall-art on the ceiling or wallpaper gives a whole new modern and trendy look to your baby’s room.

Add a gallery wall for baby room focal point

If you choose to set up a gallery wall, that becomes the focal point of your baby’s nursery. Either you put family portraits or baby first-day pictures up on the wall. The animal decor is a fun trend for both boys’ and girls’ nursery. You can also choose vehicles or safari art themes.

Watercolor art posters would look absolutely beautiful in your baby’s room. This amazing art comes in prints only. You can get frames of your choice depending on the baby’s nursery theme.

Buy this beautiful water color animal art

Check out some more fun wall art for your baby’s nursery.

Buy Cool wall art for vehicle lovers 

Nevertheless, you can Download free Nursery animal wall art prints here.

Beautiful quotes wall art

Keep in mind that this wall art comes not in frames, so you have to get your own color specified frames for your baby rooms. Always check the dimensions of the prints and frames.

Buy Gallery wall frames you need for printed wall art. 

Choose a wall for themed or DIY decal stickers

Nursery Wall stickers

Using customizable wall stickers would be a game-changer for your room decor. I suggest choosing elegant wall stickers for the baby’s nursery, so it doesn’t get overwhelming at some point.

Buy more wall stickers or baby boy room.

Safari themed Wall stickers

Animal decor looks very trendy and gives a fun feel to the room.

Buy Safari animals wall Stickers 

Dream Catcher wall hanging

Hanging an exquisite piece of boho art in the room enhances the feeling altogether. For boho decor, you can add a couple of wall hangings to make it look trendy and unique.

Threaded boho Rainbow Wall Hangings

Check out some amazing Boho decor for baby’s room.

Beautiful Mama and Baby elephant Lamp

Pick a unique end table that goes with your nursery color palette, and adding a lamp would elevate the warmth and coziness of the room.

Check out baby lamps for boys nursery

Elephant Night Light

Baby nursery Blackout Curtains

Here is a million-dollar tip for first-time parents. If you are setting up a separate room for the baby, you have to make sure the curtains are darkening, so the room does not get bright around 4 am waking him up. That being said, putting up blackout curtains is essential to establish a perfect sleep schedule right from the start.

Choose your drapery color for dream nursery

Area Rugs for Baby Nursery

Choosing the right rug for your space gets tricky sometimes. For boys, you can choose white, grey, blue, beige, and any other color you like, depending on the color and theme for your baby’s room.

Pick your favorite rug color and shape

Unique wall hangings for baby boy nursery 

Clearly, wall hanging quickly enhances the feel of a room in a very significant way. It would be best if you did not leave walls empty; rather, put some nice and elegant wall hangings to have a warm and cozy feel in the room.

Little Man Cave sign

Check out more nursery signs here.

Metallic Copper wire-shaped bear head

Buy your favorite metallic piece for baby’s room

Plush wall mount

Hanging plush mounts in baby’s nursery is the latest trend. Even if you are not choosing animal theme for your baby’s room, these animal plush mounts would enhance masculine feel of the room.

Buy your favorite animal plush mounts for baby nursery.

Crib Bedding set

While you choose baby bedding, make sure it is soft, comfy and goes with the theme of your baby’s room to make it look more cohesive.

Buy your perfect bedding set for baby’s crib

Customized Name Decal wall art

You can put up a personalized name sign for the baby’s nursery that looks absolutely gorgeous. You can choose to have decal wall art or personalized wooden wall hanging.

Order your baby’s name now 

Wall floating shelves for baby books and toys

In my experience, wall shelves can be a game-changer when it comes to the functionality of the room and using the vertical space most efficiently. Later on, when your child is a few months old, or a few years later, you may need higher spots to keep things out of reach for your child.

Nursery Rug playmat

Nursery rugs are essentials for effective tummy time and safer playing while on the floor.

Nursing Chair with foot rest

Your baby’s room is a very important place for you too. Some days you may find yourself nursing or enjoying the bonding time with your baby in the perfect nursing chair.

When you are buying a nursing chair, make sure it is sturdy enough that it doesn’t slide all the way to the back -while rocking. Ideally, you should place the rocking chair in the corner, making it safe to sit and rock the baby.

Wall Lights

Adding a sconce for lighting on the wall is a great way to set up a safe baby nursery. However, you still need to have a night light for quick diaper changes without having him wake up.

Buy LED Night light.

Staying minimalist in your decor choices is a great way to make your baby’s room look more spacious leaving more space for your growing child. However, if you have a small nursery space, it is essential to maximize the functionality of the room to have it look more organized and cute.

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When you are decorating a new room for your baby, Most importantly you have to make sure it is safe having no sharp edges, no loose wall hangings, and absolutely no tipping over furniture. Safety comes first.

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