What to feed to 6 months and older babies

Baby food ideas for 6 months and older

Running out of food ideas to feed your baby? Are you tired of trying the same food daily with your 6 months old? Is your baby picky? Does he not seem interested in certain food textures? What food can you feed a 6-month-old baby? According to my baby’s pediatrician, you can feed a 6-month-old baby … Read more

Newborn care hacks from a third time mom

Newborn hacks I have learned with baby number 3

You can never have enough newborn hacks. So here are some more. Having a baby for the third time doesn’t make things a surprise, as you already know how hard life is going to be. Well, there is no one size fits all situation. I have learned some newborn hacks with my third child, along … Read more

How to warm baby bottles

How to Warm baby bottles – Quick & safe on-the-Go methods

Warming baby bottles is an important aspect of caring for your little one, especially when it comes to serving breast milk or formula at the right temperature. Finding the perfect method to warm up your baby’s bottle can be challenging, but don’t worry, we have you covered. In this article, we will discuss safe and … Read more

baby nursery wall art prints

Free Nursery wall art prints

Looking for free nursery wall art printables to decorate your baby’s room? To find the perfect nursery prints is overwhelming for new parents. These days cute animal prints for nursery wall art is getting popular. Gender neutral prints for nursery wall decor adds life to your baby’s room. I have about 25 free instant downloadable files for … Read more

Image shows baby sitting in mom's lap in airplane

Best travel toys for babies on plane rides

Traveling with a lap child on a long-duration flight is daunting for new parents. Keeping your 6 to 12 months old baby busy on a flight gets more challenging. Having everything prepared for the baby with age-appropriate travel-friendly toys that are not too bulky to carry on a plane is essential. Besides packing your carry-on … Read more

natural ways to relief baby gas problems

Newborn gas natural relief remedies to try at home

When a baby seems fussy, it is hard to tell whether it’s gas or they are just over-simulated. Since babies can’t exactly tell if gas is making them uncomfortable, here are some other signs you should be looking for; such as fussiness, hard tummy, face turning red with painful expressions, clenched fists, trouble releasing gas, … Read more

What baby stuff to add in a time capsule

Create the best Time capsule with these 38 unique ideas

A time capsule is a keepsake for babies that they can cherish as they grow. You can add tons of items that belong to your baby when he was little and may interest your child as they grow older. What to put in a time capsule for the baby? Well, the options are endless, from … Read more

A mom reading a book with her child

Ready to Help Them Learn? Top Educational Activities for Babies

Brain development in infants happens whenever the baby is awake. They’re constantly checking out the world around them, touching things to see what they feel like, and putting things in their mouth to get an idea of how things taste. As babies grow, there are tons of activities to do with them that will help … Read more

Baby diaper leaking poop

Best tips to prevent exploding diapers

Is your baby’s diaper exploding poop all the way to the back? Is your newborn poop leaking too many times and it seems like diarrhea? Well, babies’ poop takes a while (about 6 to 8 weeks) to solidify in texture, until then it’s the biggest nightmare for new parents. Sometimes babies’ diaper blowouts leak all … Read more