16 Unique and Contemporary toys for Newborns you should have

16 Unique and Contemporary toys for Newborns you should have

While your newborn may seem busy in eating, pooping, and sleeping, her brain is rapidly developing with every passing day. Choosing toys and accessories that help in sensory development for your baby is essential. Not only just ordinary looking toys but now a lot of parents prefer modern accessories and educational toys for the little ones.

For newborns, simple black and white toys and books help to develop her vision, while soft toys with rattles can help to build her attention span.

Here is the curated list of toys that are absolutely gorgeous and entertaining at the same time

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Best contemporary toys for newborns

Many modern families prefer to have unique toys for babies that enhance their sensory skills and make them smarter as they grow. These suggested toys are budget-friendly, pretty looking, and educational for little hands and minds.

1. Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the giraffe is a celebrity favorite teether and toy. Also, the dots print helps babies with eye and hand coordination. You can never go wrong with choosing this giraffe for your little one.

Buy now Sophie the giraffe

2. Avocado Rattle

This trendy avocado rattle is way too cute to be on a stroller. Babies love this toy. It has a plushy texture and a clear rattle pit-center with colorful beads.

Buy now for the love of avocadoes.

3. Plushie Pacifier

Parents love the fact that their babies love this pacifier – with this cute plushie this becomes so easy for parents to find the pacifier.

Buy now these cute plushy animals for pacififers.

Check out this cute toy for early development.

4. Mushie Stacking Cups

These unique and modern stacking cups are super entertaining for your baby four months and older. Mushie colorful stacking toy helps develop both the body and the brain starting around six months. The basic skills learned from stackable cups become the foundation for more complex tasks like using a writing instrument.

Get these stacking cups ideal for neutral color nurseries.

Baby toy for early development

5. Dinosaur Teether

This unique teething dinosaur toy is your baby favorite.

Buy dino teether now.

6. Unique first Tooth jars

These tooth and curl jars are so adorable to be in your baby’s nursery.

Get this cutie for your little one.

7. Fischer price On-the-Go Breakfast toy

Coffee cup teether with rattle beads inside, a crinkle newspaper, and textured doughnut rattle. Now, the baby has her on-the-go toy coffee mug and donut to enjoy a fantastic start to the day.

Buy now this fun toy for your baby.

8. Hanging rattles

These high-contrast rattles are unique for visual development, and they make a soft, cozy, and soothing sound by a gentle shake or squeeze, which cultivates baby hearing and touch development.

Get these black and white plushies for your baby’s stroller.

9. plush stacker

Cutely crafted with six plushy rings including a beeping duck, a windmill rattle, a sunflower rattle, a teether ring, and a crinkle ring. The crinkle sound is used to calm fussy babies because of its similarity to the white noise heard in a mother’s womb. A perfect entertaining toy for babies and toddlers.

Check out this similar plushy animal in this cute soft car, ideal for babies.

Buy your favorite plushy stacking toy.

10. Baby wooden activity Gym

This wooden baby activity gym is a gorgeous first toy that will encourage him to reach and grab for the dangling toys and beads. Baby Play Gym features three hanging toys that stimulate your baby’s senses in so many ways. Not to mention, this toy is going to make the nursery look modern, unique, and very expensive.

Don’t wait to have this contemporary playmat in your baby room.

11. Multi-texture Fancy rattle set

These well-made rattles feature multiple easy-grip handles for babies with plenty of holding spots. They have lovely and appealing shapes and the perfect size for little hands to grab and shake. Your little one won’t get enough of them! Holding rattles improves the baby’s strong grasp reflex. As their fine motor skills develop, they will learn to hold and shake them. A thorough enjoyment for your baby altogether.

Buy now these staple rattles ideal for babies.

12. Wooden teething toy

A very classy looking teether with 100% safe chewable silicone beads. Give your baby this exquisite accessory to play with and enjoy.

Don’t wait to add this to your baby accessories list.

Also, check out a wide range of the world’s cutest teether for your baby’s modern nursery.

13. Tummy time activity mat

The Wimmer-Ferguson 3-in-1 triangle has a reversible, multisensory activity mat that features graphics to encourage infant visual development. A 12″ square mat can be placed flat or in a triangle position with magnets for tummy time play. It has a hidden mirror for a peek-a-boo effect, a teether, a squeaker, crinkle paper to engage little one in multiple ways.

Buy now this parents-favorite mat for tummy time.

14. Munchkin Mozart Magic cube

This cute flashing musical toy is an absolute you baby’s favorite. This toy includes harp, flute, french horn, piano, violin instrument sounds, and much more than your child can learn.

Get this musical toy for the baby.

15. High-contrast flash cards for babies

Beiens baby visual stimulation cards are developed by educational experts. This pack included 80 flashcards, 160 Pages with shapes, geometric figures, etc. Not only these are helpful for visual development but also the learning process starts early which makes babies smart.

Not to mention, they are odorless, safe and soft for babies.

Don’t wait to grab these super cute flashcards for your baby.

16. Mushie Pacifier Clip

These cutest Mushie pacifier clips are handmade with quality and care so you can have peace of mind while your little one is wearing these clips.

Don’t wait to grab this adorable piece.

I’m hoping this list has helped you find a perfect gift for the baby shower basket or a cute gift you can give to a new baby in the family on the next visit.

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Baby boy’s nursery decor ideas to make it unique and tempting.

A newborn is holding her favorite toy and a pacifier.
15 baby Sleep problems – and How you can Fix them

15 baby Sleep problems – and How you can Fix them

Dealing with sleep problems in newborns when they are not sleeping through the night becomes challenging for a new parent. Sleep issues in babies are very common, and every parent has to deal with them at some point. Either it’s colic or teething, parents stay on toes if the newborn keeps waking up due to pain or discomforts.

When the baby is having trouble sleeping through the night despite a full tummy, a breastfeeding mom becomes a baby’s pacifier. consequently leaving a mom sleep-deprived, tired and exhausted.

Normally, newborns do not have a sleep schedule at this point. Sleeping almost 20 hours a day in a womb does not mean the baby continues to sleep that long after birth. As your baby grows the sleep hours reduce overtime – and for that parents need to work smart not hard. Keeping your baby on a schedule is extremely important at this stage.

As a parent, you must try to follow a schedule with your newborn right from the beginning. This certainly does not mean you sleep train a newborn with the cry-it-out or leave-the-room methods. It is too early for that – and I would never recommend that.

Newborns communicate through crying – they know no other language. So listen, understand and bond with your baby to make it all less overwhelming.

Newborns need to sleep, eat, and poop, and everything happens at very short intervals for the first several weeks – and they grow so fast over these several weeks. As the baby grows, she should be able to sleep through the night.

Understanding your newborn and their sleep problems gets tricky sometimes – and for that, educating yourself about potential sleep issues is going to be helpful for years to come.

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How to deal with sleep problems so baby can sleep through the night

Well, first things first, new parents should know that sleep deprivation is a real deal with newborns. The biggest favor you can do yourself during that time is DO NOT STRESS OVER BEING SLEEP DEPRIVED.

Just be mentally ready for the sleep-deprived phase of parenthood. However, you can still take some things under control so you don’t have to be a zombie for the whole time.

Here is what you should know about how to manage sleep deprivation with a newborn.

1. Make sure baby is well-fed before bedtime

This is a prevalent reason for your baby waking up to an empty stomach because breastmilk digests within 60 to 90 minutes, whereas formula-fed babies sleep a little longer.

Using a formula at night could be helpful for your baby to sleep through the night. Some babies, if not all, are generally good eaters, get hungry every hour.

Formula guilt would not let some moms try anything but breastmilk- ironically, even when there is not enough supply.

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Babies sleep while eating and then wake up after half an hour. This happens when your baby does not really eat well and falls asleep because she may be too tired or too hungry. The doctors suggest undressing your baby (just leaving the diaper on) and then feed 15 to 20 minutes each side (if breastfeeding) and then add 2 oz to 4 oz more for top feed.

Just be sure that your baby ate well before sleeping and burped before you lay her down.

Read more

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2. Room temperature should be comfortable

If you have a nursery set up for your newborns or toddlers, the temperature should be moderately cool so that they could sleep well through the night. 

Make sure they are not too warm or not too cold during the night according to the number of layers your baby is wearing.

The ideal temperature for babies is 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Do not place Crib or bassinet close to vent

Having a bassinet or crib closer to the vent could also be a potential sleep problem for some babies. The air coming from the vent continually may affect your baby’s sleep.

With that said, if your baby is waking up too often at night, try to change the crib placement and see if that helps.

4. Swaddling 

Swaddling is a great thing to do with babies. It is a common practice for a very long time to keep babies snuggled through the night.

Ensure that you swaddle your baby every night for the first several weeks to establish a good sleeping habit. For newborn babies, you can use swaddles, sleep sacks, or wearable blankets to avoid startle reflux which is very common in babies.

Get these cute baby swaddles that come with a zip that makes diaper change quick and easy.

Also, Burt bee’s wearable blankets are amazing if you want an extra layer.

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY BLANKETS OR PILLOWS IN BABIES CRIBS. It has a high risk of SIDS. I do not advise you to use any blankets or pillows in your baby cribs to ensure your baby’s safety. 

Read more about Mommy’s mistakes with newborns.

You might want to read about healthy things you want to know about newborns if you are expecting one.

5. Your baby does not need too many layers

Too many layers for your baby at night is not a good idea if you have a central air-conditioner and heating system. Try to keep the baby’s clothing suitable depending on the climate of where you live.

Keep babies’ feet covered during winters. However, in colder climates, you may have to use a hat. Hats may slip away at night resulting in interrupted sleep and to avoid such things, you must use a no-slip hat for the baby.

6. Ditch buttons and use zip onesies

Using buttoned onesies for bedtime make babies feel cold at night. Zip sleep and play onesie are awesome clothing essential to buy for babies because they will keep your baby packed and they feel more comfortable while asleep.

My favorite onesies are by Little Me. They are great for sleeping and playing as well.

Use Sound Machine for noise-sensitive babies

Sound machines can be a game-changer for you and for your whole family. Soon after I have started using a noise machine for my kids, I can firmly say that it has helped all of us sleep better.

Many moms swear by using the sound machine for their babies to sleep during the day or night that could significantly solve sleep problems for the baby. Especially for light-sleepers, babies, kids, or adults, this product actually works.

What a sound machine does?

Basically, noise cancels noise.

A Sound machine can have multiple sound options, but I only preferred rain sound as it feels natural and soothing at the same time. It can minimize louder noises of your household chores or the day-time sounds of your other family members.

This sound machine is perfect for traveling. It is compact, portable, and works on the outlets almost everywhere. 

Download now the sleep ebook to understand other sleep problems that may help you get your baby on a sleep schedule.

8. Do not let your baby get overtired

Some days your baby gets too tired; It could be due to a family visit, travel, or just overplaying throughout the day. Overstimulated babies and toddlers get cranky and cry a lot. Also, overstimulation results in trouble falling asleep. And if the baby falls asleep, she is more vulnerable to wake up in a few minutes.

Gently massaging overtired babies make them calm and relaxed which could help them sleep better.

Use Earth Mama’s Calendula organic baby oil for massage.

Also, you can use coconut or olive oil to massage the baby before bedtime or bathtime.

More tips

Follow more sleeping tips for newborns.

9. help burp your baby after feeding baby is essential

For the first several weeks, your baby needs to burp after each feed. Having your baby burp may seem a boring task, especially when you just want to go back to sleep in the middle of the night. Try not to slack on burping your baby. If your baby doesn’t burp, wait for another 15 to 20 minutes and then try again.

In case your baby delays burping, you can use gas drops or put your baby slightly elevated in a safe position.

Some babies might have sleep issues when they start solid as their stomach is having a hard time adjusting to the new textures. At that stage using gas drops definitely helps.

Does your baby have frequent gas issues, learn how to relieve gas issues for babies.

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10. Prevent Diaper leakage or dirty diaper blowout

Diaper leak is the most common reason for frequent wake-ups. Few diaper brands cause more leakage making them wet while sleeping.

Boys tend to leak more often thus, adjusting their penis downwards while changing diapers could minimize the leaks to a considerable extent.

Pampers Cruisers is by far the best diaper brand with better absorption and coverage and hugs perfectly around the baby’s tummy.

Use diaper covers to prevent frequent wake-ups due to heavy wetting or diaper leaks.

Learn about the 5 best ways to prevent diaper leakage at night.

Read more about how to minimize a baby’s diaper blowouts.

12. Rule out any signs of sickness

Feeling sick is one of the sleep problems – when your baby could not breathe comfortably due to the congested nasal passage. Spraying nasal drops in each nostril help loosening the mucus so babies can sleep comfortably.

If you notice any other signs of sickness like fever, difficulty breathing, coughing, talk to your doctor about it.

Read more about how to help a sick or uncomfortable baby.

Baby is having fever so couldn't sleep well at night.

13. Your baby might be sleeping during the daytime instead of the night

Day and night confusion is a common problem in newborns. It happens when babies sleep during the day and stay awake at night. Establishing a normal sleep schedule for babies is extremely important.

You have to make a clear distinction between the day and night once you are home with the baby after hospital discharge.

14. Keeping day time noisy and nights calm so your baby can sleep well through the night

Days are brighter with more natural light coming through the windows and night dark, calm. Eventually, once your baby gets the hang of this day and night difference, it will be much easier.

No matter how adorable your little one gets at night, do not respond if your baby is in the mood to talk at night. Even for nighttime feedings, keep a night light and never brighten up the room. The nighttime feel has to be consistently practiced.

15. Baby wants to sleep on your chest or Co sleep all through the night

Some babies want to sleep on the chest or they would end up co-sleeping. The moment you put them down in the crib or bassinet, they would wake up.

If your baby does not want to sleep in her crib or she just wants to be snuggled, do not stress and go with the flow. Eventually, your baby is going to sleep on her own, however, it may take more time for you.

For babies who want to sleep on your chest or want to be held up to fall asleep, the best solution is to co-sleep. That way you will be able to get some sleep too. Co-sleeping babies make the best memories.

16. Reconsider Baby’s bathtime

Most often new parents choose bedtime to bathe the baby instead of morning. Every baby is different. Babies get relaxed after bathtime and tend to sleep better for a while – once they wake up after a good cozy nap, they are super energized for the day.

With that said, you need to reconsider bathtime if your baby is waking up soon, after a couple of hours, and doesn’t seem to sleep again. Try bathing your baby in the morning and see what works well.

However, if your baby is sleeping well during the night after a lavender bathtime, don’t worry about changing the bathtime schedule.

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Watch out for any sign of reflux while sleeping

Babies who have acid reflux issues might experience some serious reflux while they are sleeping. Parents need to be vigilant if the baby gets uncomfortable after nighttime feed or cry, as your baby may need to throw up to feel better.

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Watch out for any sign of flathead or developing flat spots

Normally, some babies tilt their heads on one side while sleeping. This may cause the baby to develop flat spots on one side, or staying in one position may flatten the baby’s head as it is super soft and take 3 to 4 months to harden.

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Grab this sleep ebook to understand other sleep problems that may help you get your baby on a sleep schedule.

Despite all that feedings during the night, your baby might not be sleeping through the night and wakes up more frequently especially, when your baby is breastfeeding. Once you wean her off from breastfeeding, the baby’s sleep habits will improve drastically.

A baby is sleeping on the side


Baby formula is derived from milk that is then fortified with lots of wonderful nutrients, micronutrients, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, and all the good stuff. Breastfeeding is not always possible or the best fit for every family and that is okay. At the end of the day, all parents want what is best for their baby. The organic formula gives parents the option to feed their little ones the cleanest possible milk – free of antibiotic treatments, abuse, and GMO’s.

When you choose an organic baby formula, a whole new world of options begins to open up. You will start to encounter questions such as:

What are stages? What are the differences? And the one that caught my interest the most was the option for cow’s milk formula and goat’s milk formula.

The best way to measure the differences between goat milk formula and cow milk formula is to compare them in a fair comparison within the same brand:

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What you need to know: Ultimate Guide to Organic European Formula

What are Stages?

European baby formula is different from American baby formula in many aspects, but on the simple terms one of the most noticeable differences in addition to the higher quality is that it is broken down into stages. Each stage is carefully designed to meet the nutritional needs of your baby, classifying them into 3 stages all of which are exceptionally rich in all necessary nutrients with slight variations depending on that stages’ developmental needs.

Stage 1: Kendamil Stage 1 (0-6 Months) Organic Baby Formula

Kendamil stage 1 formula is the best starting point if you are weaning a breastfed baby to formula, as it is gentle and as close in composition to breastmilk as possible. The formulas are designed to be fattier and higher in calories to mimic the high colostrum volumes in mother’s milk in the first 6 months of infancy:

The main difference between Stage 1 and Stage 2 is the whey:casein ratio, which changes from 60:40 to 40:60. This gradual change is designed to reflect the natural changes in breast milk and helps prepare your little one for weaning. Stage 2 milk also contains higher lactose and less fat.- Kendamil 

Stage 2: Kendamil Stage 2 (6+ Months) Organic Baby Formula

This second stage is designed for babies who are 6 months and older. During months 6-12, many parents begin to introduce table food to their babies. Though they may be trying these new foods, their main source of nutrition is still milk. This stage is designed for infants who eat few or no solids and/or still need a supplement to breast milk.

The move from Stage 2 to Stage 3 is designed to support your little one’s transition from infant formula products towards cow’s milk. This means our Stage 3 formula contains more protein, calcium, and phosphorous than Stage 2 (like cow’s milk) and has a whey:casein ratio of 80:20 (like cow’s milk).Kendamil

Stage 3: Kendamil Stage 3 (12+ Months) Organic Baby Formula

At 12 months and older, families may notice that the baby is no longer satisfied with their current baby formula. This is usually because at this point most families are trying to incorporate finger foods, along with purees: that way baby is getting used to an assortment of flavors and texture. 

This stage offers higher calorie nutrition and has more vitamins and minerals that are appropriate for their growing body. At the toddler stage, table foods are now part of the nutrition although toddler formula is an excellent form of making sure the baby is getting all of their required nutrients and support.

Milk Source, where does the formula milk come from?

More specifically, which animal is making the milk – most American formulas only provide the option for cow’s milk formula for infants 12 months of age or younger. This can sometimes be a stifling option for babies with more sensitive tummies. EU formulas offer the option of fortified goat’s milk for all three stages acknowledging that not all digestive systems respond the same way to certain kinds of milk.

Cow’s Milk

Cow milk formula is the standard. Most cow milk formulas are derived from skimmed milk. This means all of the fat, or a lot of the natural fats from the milk, are removed before it is dehydrated and processed into the soft powdery substance mixed with all the power of nutrients. This is the standard for most cow milk formulas; though, there are some who believe in the wholesomeness of full cream milk.

Kendamil is a British brand that produces their cows’ milk formula as “full cream.” What that means is that instead of stripping the milk from its fats, they are incorporating the natural composition of the milk, including all of its rich fats. Their process is scientifically aligned with the fact that breastmilk is abundant in fat, making this whole milk composition most similar to a mother’s milk.

Goat’s Milk

Goat milk formula is an excellent option for a number of reasons; most specifically, if your baby is not reacting well and is showing digestive sensitivity to cow milk formulas. Goat’s milk naturally has slightly different proteins than cow’s milk, allowing for easier digestion.

The curds resulting from the casein proteins, or the white chunks that come up in spit up, are a sign of how the milk digests inside the baby’s belly. When goat milk proteins make their way into the stomach, they produce a smaller and softer curd than cow’s milk proteins that are most similar to how breast milk curds. These smaller softer “chunks” move from the stomach and into their intestines more comfortably and easily. Additionally, the digestive system can digest goat milk proteins more quickly, and more completely than cow’s milk proteins.

Kendamil recently updated their above standards, full-cream organic cow’s milk formula to be the first to contain HMO’s. During the process of updating their cow milk formula, they were finalizing their research to release a new goat milk formula. Kendamil Goat milk formula follows the same standard of excellence and cares that they have with their original cow milk formulas.

The best formula for babies with milk allergy symptoms tend to be sensitive formulas. If your baby is allergic to cow’s milk, it may help to use goat milk formula. Goat’s milk has a tenth less protein than cows, so it’s gentler on the stomach. Check out Kendamil Goat formula for mild and easy digestible milk for babies who tend to have sensitive digestive tracts.

Newborns (0-3 months) Kendamil Goat formula for stage 1

Babies 3 to 6 months and up to 12 months Kendamil Goat Formula for stage 2

For toddlers (12+ months) Kendamil Goat Formula for stage 3.

The complete take-away of using european Formula

Whether you are a first-time mommy, a pro, a first-time formula feeder, or a well versed long timer there is always new information and research happening in the formula industry to make sure your baby has the best possible nutrition. Although we are still waiting for some of our home-name brands to catch up to the quality of European baby formula, know that you have options. There is a stage to fit your baby’s needs, a source that suits better for your baby, and a lot of care and attention from the companies that make these options available to our families.

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Baby Nursery Decor Ideas for boys

Baby Nursery Decor Ideas for boys

Are you looking for Pinterest worthy decor accessories ideas to set up a cute and comfy nursery for your baby boy?

Great, you are at the right place.

I have curated a list of my favorite decor items for setting up a perfect baby boy room using cute and beautiful nursery accessories. Besides keeping it minimal and elegant, you have to make sure the room is fully functional for you too, as you will spend most of your nighttime sitting there.

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Beautiful nursery decor ideas for baby boys

If you are here for boy nursery room ideas, don’t forget to come back for unique baby boy names and their meanings.

Choose the color

Times have changed to pick the traditional blue color for boys and pink color for girls, but many new parents still love them. While we have so many options for girls, picking a unique color for boys is always complicated.

Here are the few colors you can pick for boys’ nursery in various combinations. You can either paint the desired color for your boy’s room, or you can decorate it with different color accessories to stay in between your theme and colors.

  • The traditional Light blue and white
  • Yellow and green
  • Mustard and light yellow
  • Yellow and rustic
  • Dark grey and white
  • Light grey and dark grey
  • Eleghant grey with a tad bit of light pink
  • Black and white
  • Light Beige and Maroon
  • Light grey and eggplant purple
  • Grey with plum color tones
  • Dark green and light brown
  • Rustic wood and white
  • Red and white with a touch of black
  • Blue and yellow
  • Teal and yellow
  • Grey and orange with a dash of aqua

These color combinations highly depend on what tone you want to pick for your baby’s room.

Color combination palettes for boys room

Add a textured wall

Keeping all walls white, except one by making it different than the rest, is a unique feature for the baby nursery room. You may want to paint one wall the darkest of all to let it stand out and being the focal point of the room; depending on how you like it. Also, you can have wallpaper on one wall or all four, as you prefer.

Create a rustic wood element in your baby’s room by adding a wood wall that looks amazing and trendy. Otherwise, you can keep it simple and minimalist by adding rustic wood art.

Creating murals is another fun way to give a perfect nursery feel in your baby’s room. If you love to paint, you can DIY walls by stencil painting or do an art project like mountains, trees, animals, etc., as you like.

Last and not least, don’t underestimate the power of the ceiling. You can do a lot of fun stuff with the ceiling, keeping the rest of the walls light color. Adding a decal wall-art on the ceiling or wallpaper gives a whole new modern and trendy look to your baby’s room.

Add a gallery wall

If you choose to set up a gallery wall, that becomes the focal point of your baby’s nursery. Either you put family portraits or baby first-day pictures up on the wall. The animal decor is a fun trend for both boys’ and girls’ nursery. You can also choose vehicles or safari art themes.

Watercolor art posters would look absolutely beautiful in your baby’s room. This amazing art comes in prints only. You can get frames of your choice depending on the baby’s nursery theme.

Buy this beautiful water color animal art

Check out some more fun wall art for your baby’s nursery.

Buy Cool wall art for vehicle lovers 

Beautiful quotes wall art

Keep in mind that this wall art comes not in frames, so you have to get your own color specified frames for your baby rooms. Always check the dimensions of the prints and frames.

Buy Gallery wall frames you need for printed wall art. 

Choose a wall for themed or DIY decal stickers

Nursery Wall stickers

Using customizable wall stickers would be a game-changer for your room decor. I suggest choosing elegant wall stickers for the baby’s nursery, so it doesn’t get overwhelming at some point.

Buy more wall stickers or baby boy room.

Safari themed Wall stickers

Animal decor looks very trendy and gives a fun feel to the room.

Buy Safari animals wall Stickers 

Dream Catcher wall hanging

Hanging an exquisite piece of boho art in the room enhances the feeling altogether. For boho decor, you can add a couple of wall hangings to make it look trendy and unique.

Threaded boho Rainbow Wall Hangings

Check out some amazing Boho decor for baby’s room.

Beautiful Mama and Baby elephant Lamp

Pick a unique end table that goes with your nursery color palette, and adding a lamp would elevate the warmth and coziness of the room.

Check out baby lamps for boys nursery

Elephant Night Light

Baby nursery Blackout Curtains

Here is a million-dollar tip for first-time parents. If you are setting up a separate room for the baby, you have to make sure the curtains are darkening, so the room does not get bright around 4 am waking him up. That being said, putting up blackout curtains is essential to establish a perfect sleep schedule right from the start.

Choose your drapery color for dream nursery

Area Rugs for Baby Nursery

Choosing the right rug for your space gets tricky sometimes. For boys, you can choose white, grey, blue, beige, and any other color you like, depending on the color and theme for your baby’s room.

Pick your favorite rug color and shape

Unique wall hangings for baby boy nursery 

Clearly, wall hanging quickly enhances the feel of a room in a very significant way. It would be best if you did not leave walls empty; rather, put some nice and elegant wall hangings to have a warm and cozy feel in the room.

Little Man Cave sign

Check out more nursery signs here.

Metallic Copper wire-shaped bear head

Buy your favorite metallic piece for baby’s room

Plush wall mount

Hanging plush mounts in baby’s nursery is the latest trend. Even if you are not choosing animal theme for your baby’s room, these animal plush mounts would enhance masculine feel of the room.

Buy your favorite animal plush mounts for baby nursery.

Crib Bedding set

While you choose baby bedding, make sure it is soft, comfy and goes with the theme of your baby’s room to make it look more cohesive.

Buy your perfect bedding set for baby’s crib

Customized Name Decal wall art

You can put up a personalized name sign for the baby’s nursery that looks absolutely gorgeous. You can choose to have decal wall art or personalized wooden wall hanging.

Order your baby’s name now 

Wall floating shelves for baby books and toys

In my experience, wall shelves can be a game-changer when it comes to the functionality of the room and using the vertical space most efficiently. Later on, when your child is a few months old, or a few years later, you may need higher spots to keep things out of reach for your child.

Nursery Rug playmat

Nursery rugs are essentials for effective tummy time and safer playing while on the floor.

Nursing Chair with foot rest

Your baby’s room is a very important place for you too. Some days you may find yourself nursing or enjoying the bonding time with your baby in the perfect nursing chair.

When you are buying a nursing chair, make sure it is sturdy enough that it doesn’t slide all the way to the back -while rocking. Ideally, you should place the rocking chair in the corner, making it safe to sit and rock the baby.

Wall Lights

Adding a sconce for lighting on the wall is a great way to set up a safe baby nursery. However, you still need to have a night light for quick diaper changes without having him wake up.

Buy LED Night light.

Staying minimalist in your decor choices is a great way to make your baby’s room look more spacious leaving more space for your growing child. However, if you have a small nursery space, it is essential to maximize the functionality of the room to have it look more organized and cute.

Read more how to organize baby nursery when you have small space.

When you are decorating a new room for your baby, Most importantly you have to make sure it is safe having no sharp edges, no loose wall hangings, and absolutely no tipping over furniture. Safety comes first.

Read more on how to baby-proof your home to make it safe for little ones.

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70 + Baby boy names and their meanings.

Flat Head Syndrome in babies – How to identify flat spots on baby’s head

Flat Head Syndrome in babies – How to identify flat spots on baby’s head

The flat head syndrome is called plagiocephaly in medical terms. It is a condition that may develop in infants a few months in age. In this condition, a flat spot develops on the back or side of a baby’s head. The head of the infant appears uneven due to this condition.

The skull bones of babies are soft and they take up to a few months after birth to harden and fuse. These soft bones allow easy passage through the birth canal during vaginal delivery. However, this also means that baby’s head can change its shape and this is most commonly caused by sleeping or laying in one position regularly.

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How to identify Flat Head Syndrome in babies

Normally, there are 2 types of flat head syndrome in babies, but positional is the most common. It is more of a cosmetic deformation.


It is also termed deformational plagiocephaly, and it is the more common of the two. As the name suggests, it occurs due to positional consistency. American Academy of Family Physicians suggests that 50% of babies are affected by this condition. Most commonly, it is caused by lying in one position for a long time.


It is a rare congenital disability, and a few babies are born with this condition. In this condition, the fibrous space between the skull bones closes prematurely, resulting in an abnormally shaped head. This condition occurs in 1 out of 2000/2500 births.

Symptoms of flat head in babies

The symptoms of the flat head syndrome do not appear overnight. They develop with time and can be observed by parents, or people who are close to infants. The most common identification of flat head syndrome is the asymmetrical shape of the baby’s head. The head may have a flat spot on one side or the back, or it may also be pointy. In some cases, the head may appear like a parallelogram. You can always check the symptoms during bathtime because that’s when the head’s shape is visible. Some other identification points or symptoms include

  • A flattened area on one side or back of the head. When the head, seems slanted in any area.
  • Uneven ears are one of the symptoms you may notice in the first few months after birth. Flathead syndrome can cause the ears to appear improperly aligned.
  • A bald spot is caused by continuous lying in one position, so not just the head gets flattened, but hair stops growing in that area too.
  • A soft spot on the head, also known as fontanel, is missing in babies that develop plagiocephaly.
  • Bony ridges may appear on the skull.
  • In severe cases, a forehead bulge might appear on the opposite side of the flat spot.
  • In cases of torticollis, the shape of the jaw, neck, and face might also appear uneven.
  • This syndrome can be a cause of concern due to the maligned appearance of the body. However, babies exhibiting these symptoms do not have learning disabilities or other health effects.

What causes flat spots on your baby’s head

Babies’ heads are very soft, so any activity or thing that puts pressure on their heads can cause the flat head syndrome. The most common causes of flat head syndrome are as follows

1. Sleeping position

Putting a baby to sleep in one position is the most common cause of this syndrome. If you constantly lay your baby on its back on one side, it can cause consistent pressure on that side, resulting in a flat spot. The first four months after birth is when babies have the most chances to develop the flat head syndrome.

2. Premature Birth

Premature babies are at high risk of the syndrome because they have softer skulls than full-term babies. They also spend the most time on their back in NICU due to fragility; hence premature birth is one of the leading causes.

3. Multiple Birth

Twins or multiple borns can have positional plagiocephaly because they share the womb of their mother for the gestational period, and generally, babies exert pressure on each other due to reduced space.

4. Forcep or Vacuum Delivery

These tools used during complicated deliveries can affect the shape of the baby’s head. These tools are too hard for the soft skull bones and usually results in flat head syndrome.

5. Torticollis

In this condition, the neck muscles of a baby become stiff within the mother’s womb. It s most commonly caused by breach position or reduced space. This makes it hard for the baby to move or twist its neck inside the uterus. So one side is pressurized, resulting in flat head syndrome or some other skull deformity.

How to prevent flat head syndrome in babies

It is not possible to prevent all incidents that lead to a flat head syndrome, however, most of the causes can be prevented so your kid does not develop the flat head syndrome. Some of the practices you can uptake to prevent the flatness of the head include

  • Constantly changing your baby’s sleep position. Lay them on their left side, then on their right side the next day, and on their back the other day. Keep changing their laying position according to the pediatrician’s recommendation.
  • Give your baby supervised tummy time, so the back of its head is free at times. You can start with a few minutes of putting them on their tummy and work up to 40-60 minutes per day.

Check out this popular and entertaining Playmat for babies. PlayGyms are ideal for tummy time and they significantly help babies not developing the flat head syndrome.

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  • Give them some time of holding upright in your hands instead of putting them in the crib or car seats or swings all the time.
  • Change the position of their favorite crib toys. This encourages them to rotate their head.

Check out these entertaining crib toys.

  • Change feeding positions as well like feed them in an upright position rather than laying down.

If you notice that your baby keeps his head in one position while sleeping, it is very likely for the baby to develop flat spots on one side of the head. To prevent a flat spot on one side of the head, I recommend using a lounger like this, so the baby does not always keep his head in one position.

Here are a few recommended ways that you can add in an infant’s routine to prevent the formation of flat spots.

How to Treat Flat Head Syndrome

Once a baby has developed flat head syndrome, there is no need to panic. You can still cure it through certain practices, and there is no need to rush to a doctor right away. However, It is good to consult a doctor so they can rule out any other complications. Below are some therapies you can perform at home before seeking professional advice.

Counter Position Therapy

Try to position the baby to the opposite of the flattened side to relieve the pressure on one side.


Many exercises help your baby to stretch their neck and rotate their head. These are most effective in cases of torticollis so the baby regains movement in neck muscles.

Helmets, headbands, and Mattresses

Specially designed helmets or headbands have proven effective in shaping the babies’ heads as they grow. They can pressure the bulging part and relieve the pressure from the flattened areas turning the head more symmetrical. Some curved mattresses are also available to apply pressure evenly to the whole head. However, make sure to consult a doctor before using any of these helmets and headbands.

Globally certified organic cotton Baby Pillow provides support to the neck and head and keeps the pressure even on all head sides.


It is not necessary in routine cases and may be useful in severe cases of congenital plagiocephaly.


The flat head syndrome is quite common in babies and is not considered a severe health hazard. It can disrupt the shape of the head and alignment of ears for some time, but it can easily be prevented and treated. The syndrome may last for a limited time with minimal effects that too can resolve as the baby ages. It does not affect brain development, and in many cases, it does not require any medical intervention and gets better on its own.

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70+ Unique Baby boy names with meanings

70+ Unique Baby boy names with meanings

Choosing a name for a baby gets overwhelming and challenging when you are getting close to your delivery time. Ideally, every parent would search a unique name for their precious baby boy from thousands of names.

Shortlisting your favorite names based on various preferences like culture, alphabets, click factor, etc. is the best approach while you name-search for your baby.

As a parent, it is important to realize, choosing a name for your child holds so much value – as it is going to stay with him for a lifetime.

With this in mind, I have created a comprehensive list of baby boy names that are – unique, short, and, most importantly, have beautiful meanings.

Read on and find out the name that is well-suited for your child.

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Unique and popular baby boy names with meanings

Asher means “fortunate, blessed and happy.”

Adam – name of the first human being created.

Abbas means “lion, stern.”

Adir means “powerful and mighty.”

Ahmed means “Much praised or praise worthy.”

Aqil means “bright and smart.”

Ali means “lion of GOD.”

Amad means “highly praised.”

Ammar means “builder.”

Amaan means “protection.”

Andor means “manly.”

Alyan mean “great and high.”

Aren means “eagle.”

Armaan means “ideal.”

Armen means “high place.”

Axel means “father of peace.”

Alvin means “wise friend.”

Aiden means “fiery or intelligent.”

Jacob means “supplanter or to follow.”

Henry means “estate ruler.”

Owen mean “sweet and likable.”

Wyatt means “brave in war.”

Liam means “resolute protection.”

Zarar means “great warrior.”

Caleb means “devotion to God.”

Aryan means “belong to noble.”

Rohaan means “spiritual and kind hearted.”

Isaac means “Rejoice.”

Bennett means “blessed.”

Miles means “merciful.”

Ethan means “strong or firm.”

Leo means “Lion.”

Noah means “rest or comfort.”

Ryan means” little king.”

Mahad mean “great and nice.”

Barak means “flash of lightning.”

Beckham means “place of a small stream.”

Boaz means “swift and honorable and wealthy man.”

Barney means “brave.”

Brendan means “prince.”

Carl means “strong.”

Connor means “wolf lover.”

Darek means “strong.”

Drake means “Dragon.”

Elvin means “noble friend.”

Einas means “to be at peace.”

Rafan mean “Graceful.”

Rayyan means “one who is satisfied.”

Felix means “happy.”

Haadi means “Guiding to the light.”

Hanaan means “tenderness.”

Imad means “supportive. ”

Jesse means “gift.”

Isa or Esa is an arabic name of Jesus.

Lamar means “of the sea.”

Mateen means “solid and firm.”

Neil or Neal means “champion.”

Ommar means “life or thriving.”

Osmar means “divinely gorgeous.”

Quinn means “wise and wisdom.”

Roma is a russian name.

Ryon means “kingly.”

Zane mean “well-born and noble.”

Aaryan means “of utmost strength.”

Aayan means “God’s gift.”

Bruno mean “Protection.”

Basel means “Brave.”

Ray means “beam of light.”

Paul means “humble.”

Finn means “fair.”

Zaviar mean “Bright.”

Zia mean “wise.”

Zane mean “Gift from God.”

Zahi means “bright.”

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