Best tips to prevent exploding diapers

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Is your baby’s diaper exploding poop all the way to the back?

Is your newborn poop leaking too many times and it seems like diarrhea?

Well, babies’ poop takes a while (about 6 to 8 weeks) to solidify in texture, until then it’s the biggest nightmare for new parents. Sometimes babies’ diaper blowouts leak all the way to the back of their neck, hair, and anywhere they are lying down.

As much as you get disgusted to see poop everywhere in the car seat, swing, or whatever place they are lying down – it’s funny that you are helpless to see it oozing out of the diaper seal around the thighs, and also from the back seal of the diaper.

Cleaning the diaper mess is not an easy feat for any parent. It takes a lot of cleaning wipes, new outfits, and a lot of patience to deal with such blowouts. Realistically speaking, you can’t actually stop blowouts from happening altogether. However, you can still prevent diapers mess from happening too often and control the poop explosion to some extent with these smart tips.

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Best tips to prevent baby diaper blowouts from happening

As a new parent, you might be wondering, how to put on a diaper correctly?

How to tell if the diaper is too big – Choose the right diaper size for the baby

Wearing the wrong diaper size exponentially increases the chance of blowouts happening. In order to prevent diaper mess leaking through the thighs, ensure the diaper seals are comfortably hugging around the baby’s legs. It does not have to be too tight or too loose.

As a general rule, you can easily scroll your finger around the diaper seal. If a finger doesn’t fit through the elastic, the diaper may be too tight for the baby.

wear the Right outfit size

Well, having your child wear a too-tight outfit would definitely cause a huge blowout regardless of the age of the baby. Babies tend to get poop explosions if their seams are too tight and their diaper is oversoaked.

2 Best solutions to stop diaper from exploding poop

Although it’s normal for babies to keep having blowouts for the first several months, you can still prevent poop explosions from happening with these simple tricks. To prevent poop from going all the way up to the back using diaper extenders is the smart solution.

Use washable nappy covers

  1. Use washable nappy covers that you can wear on the baby’s diaper so that the poop does not leak. Choosing the right fit of a waterproof nappy cover that you can easily put on a cloth diaper or on a disposable diaper.

Use diaper extenders to prevent poop leaking from the back of the diaper

  1. Secondly, you can use diaper extenders to deal with poop leaking from a loose diaper seal on the back. Since diaper extenders will give extra absorption to the mess leaving baby outfits clean (to some extent), they are perfect for long-duration car rides.

Not to mention if the baby is a heavy wetter, here is what you should do.

Changing diapers more frequently to avoid oversoaking

Make sure your baby’s diaper is not oversoaked. Well, this case is not always true. It entirely depends on the baby’s age and what size diaper the baby wears. Some babies tend to pee a lot making the diaper overly wet that leaving no room for poop.

However, for heavy wetters, it is imperative to change diapers more frequently to prevent nappy blowouts so your baby is not drenched in his pee every morning.

Best solutions to stop diaper leaks for babies and toddlers.

How to Change baby diapers and clean mess when your baby is all covered in poop?

For newborns or toddlers, changing stations are ideal for cleaning and changing diapers. However, you can also place a waterproof changing mat on the floor or a bed at your convenience for a diaper change.

As a new parent, you might feel disgusted by so much poop on the baby’s clothes, legs, or sometimes hair. The best way is to hold your baby from his upper arms providing support to the joints and ribs. Holding the baby around the diaper area could cause more mess. To prevent as much as possible, carefully undress the baby, and throw the soiled or wet diaper in a diaper sack or dispenser.

Use water to wash the baby’s bum and back to remove poop residue to perfectly clean your baby. You can also wet baby wipes with water and wipe them all the way down. Clearly, using water definitely gives more cleaner feel to our skin.

Now next step is to wash the baby’s poopy outfits. Remove all the mess by rinsing outfits, onesies, and whatnot. Once the poop is washed out, you can now laundry them in a regular cycle. However, you might still want to put a stain remover on white onesies.

Using a handheld water bidet to rinse messy outfits in the toilet is ideally the best way to clean poopy outfits right away.

What are the most absorbent diapers to avoid baby blowout?

Most importantly, wearing the right fit is a smart way to minimize poop blowouts. Coming to what brand diapers are the best, speaking of disposable diapers, Pampers Swaddlers in newborn to size 1 is by far the best in absorption, size, and fit. As your baby qualifies for size 2 to 6, Pampers cruisers are hands-down the best.

Some diapers that are narrower from the back or in general, smaller in their make – given the same size for each brand – to comfortably hug around the baby’s back are the least absorbent.

However, it also somewhat depends on the baby’s body type. Chubby babies need more coverage around the bottom to prevent poop from leaking through the diaper.

Constipation may result in a nappy blowout

In the case of slower bowel movements or constipation, you should expect huge nappy blowouts because when poop happens for constipated babies, that’s not going to be less.

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Poop explosions happen When babies are Lying down most of the time

Is your baby lying down most of the time? Well, keep your baby entertained at home in activities like tummy time and sit-ups, etc, so the baby does not always end up leaking pee or poop making it all the way to the back and hair.

What are the newborn activities that you can do at home?


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