Constipation Remedies for Babies and toddlers

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Ever since your child is born all he has to do is– eat, sleep and POOP. In the beginning, it is 5 to 8 diapers a day and then gradually it reduces to a reasonable number. However, there are times when your child does not poop at all for about a week and that makes every parent worried.

Infant constipation is considered to be normal. It happens when you start introducing solid or change the formula. Sometimes a change in mother’s diet affects the bowel movement for breastfeeding babies.

My son had his first constipation when he was about three months. He didn’t poop for 5 days, Yes, no number 2 for almost a week.

The easy and quick remedy that I used to relieve constipation for my 3 months old son was vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

How I used vaseline petroleum?

I applied vaseline petroleum jelly on a clean Q-tip and inserted it in the rectal area, and it worked like a charm, and constipation relieved later in the day. I was very reluctant to try that, but hearing it from other moms, I gave it a shot, and it worked.

I am not a medical professional. These are my suggestions based on experience and are safe to use. I am not going to suggest anything that can be dangerous for the baby.

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Constipation remedies for babies and toddlers

Babies are very likely to get constipated if they are formula-fed or when they start eating solids. Since babies’ digestive system is not strong yet, thus it is very common for them to experience constipation due to changes in their diet, formula, or a mother’s diet, etc.

If you are having issues of chronic constipation, trying safe remedies is the best you can do. Always discuss with your pediatrician if baby hasn’t pooped for at least three days.

Babies under 6 months you have limited option to ease constipation. Coming to the remedies, you can try any of the following remedies.

1. Karo corn syrup

A spoon of Karo corn syrup in milk (breastmilk or formula for babies under one year) or without milk is recommended by most pediatricians for easing constipation.

2. Vaseline petroleum Jelly

Apply vaseline on a clean Q-tip and gently insert in the baby’s rectal area. This will help soften the sphincter and ease constipation soon. This tip actually worked for my son.

Caution: Do not even try if you are not comfortable and if you do be very careful on how much is to be inserted.

3. Gerber prune juice

You can feed 2 to 3 tbsp of prune juice/pulp or pear juice/pulp to your baby if baby is 5 months and above.

4. Gripe water for Constipation Ease

Gripe water is great for easing constipation.

Mommy Bliss’s gripe water is beneficial in relieving gas and discomfort. Also, the nighttime gripe water works wonders and helps babies sleep better through the night. However, the mommy bliss constipation ease is advised for babies six months and older.

5. Try suppository / Glycerine suppositories

Suppositories are vaseline sticks and easily available over the counter. In case of chronic case of constipation, always discuss with your pediatrician before using suppositories.

For such a small baby thin it half and enter his rectal area and do not overdo this process.

6. Massage

Gently Massaging a baby’s tummy with olive oil or coconut oil may help. Read more about how you can help the baby in gas issues.

7. Warm Bath

Giving your infant a warm bath might be soothing and helps relax the sphincters so baby could poop with ease.

What should nursing moms eat?

improving the diet of a nursing mom is the best and the most effective way to ease a constipated baby.

Although every child is different, what works for one child might not work for another. In most cases, if not all, it’s a breastfeeding mom’s diet that needs attention.

Breastfeeding moms should eat more fiber oriented food like oats and grain fortified cereal. You can find oats or flax seeds cookies at Costco, or you can use flaxseed in your home-made cookies or add it on a salad bowl.

Moreover, breastfeeding moms should Increase water intake and eat a healthy diet. Here is what breastfeeding moms should eat.

Constipation remedies for toddlers

If you face a problem of toddler’s constipation then try the following remedies to ease constipation.

  1. You should try to have him drink lots of water.

2. Try Milk with few drops of olive oil.

3. Prune juice or pear juice. Sometimes orange juice can work too.

4. Lots of berries like strawberries, blueberries regulate bowel movement.

5. For chronic constipation try Rosewater. Give a 2 to 3 tbsp of rose water to your child. You can try giving it for a few days until you achieve the required results.

6. Give 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil mixed with warm milk

7. Give one tsp of Organic Ghee with warm milk at night.

 8. Have him take lots of fiber (through green drinks- spinach smoothie) and tons of water.

9. You can try children’s suppositories available on Amazon.

Have yourself ready for a huge blowout and there are ways you can prevent it in babies and toddlers.

The above-mentioned recommendations are based on real-life moms’ suggestions.

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