How to make Semolina pudding for the baby

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Semolina is a nutritious food for babies once you start baby-led weaning. Puddings in any form are a superfood for babies older than 6 months. However, semolina pudding takes a while to digest for small tummies so you should not start right away when you start feeding solids to your baby, especially if the baby has a sensitive stomach. Just wait for your baby to be at least eight to nine months old.

Benefits of Semolina (suji ) for babies

Suji( Rava) is a rich source of iron and potassium (major nutrients needed for a growing baby).

The presence of proteins in semolina, along with other nutrients like carbohydrates, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E make it an all-around best and nutritious choice for your growing baby.

Semolina is a super filling meal for babies and toddlers, and healthy too, so your kids won’t get hungry faster.

However, sooji is a product of wheat, so you should definitely rule out any signs of allergies due to gluten or wheat before you start including semolina in everyday meals.

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How to make semolina (Suji) pudding for babies

Semolina is found in a grainy powder form. It is a product of wheat and is considered healthier and filling for babies.

Ideally, you should use a cream of semolina or semolina flour for babies when you are just starting with solids. The cream form is more fine-grain than regular ones. They cook fast and easy on digestion for babies.

semolina pudding in the making.

Take a teaspoon of organic ghee or butter in a pan, add semolina flour about a two tablespoon. I would add a couple of cardamoms that makes it fragrant and gives a nice aroma to the pudding.

semolina amd organic ghee in frying pan

Stir on medium heat, then add water about more than half a cup, and let it cook for some time. Semolina rises about three times its grain size as it gets cooked in water. You can add more water to let it cook thoroughly.

semolina in a frying pan

Let it simmer for a while until it gets thicker. Decide the right consistency of the pudding according to your baby’s age, swallowing ability, and preference.

semolina simmering in water

Add honey or sugar as you prefer to make it taste yummy for the baby.

Also, you can add cardamom (it’s optional) while cooking for flavor and easy digestion.

semolina pudding (Sooji pudding) for babies

Next, add a little bit of formula or breastmilk as per the required consistency.

Should I blend semolina for the baby?

If you feel the semolina pudding is too grainy for the baby, you can blend it in the blender before adding breastmilk or formula before serving. The pudding will get more custard consistency making it perfect baby food.

Babies thoroughly enjoy semolina pudding. You can add vanilla extract or any flavor to the pudding to make it more delish and enjoyable for the baby.

Can I refrigerate semolina (Suji) pudding?

Once the pudding is cooked, you can blend it for the baby or use it as is. Make a batch and refrigerate for a week. You can also freeze semolina pudding. make sure you have not added any breastmilk or formula for the baby while refrigerating and freezing.

Can I freeze semolina pudding?

Yes, semolina pudding can be stored in a freezer. You can store them in a cube container -meal-sized portion – and put frozen cubes in a ziplock bag for future use. Warm it up in the microwave or on the stove but make sure you add some extra water because semolina (sooji) absorbs water fast.

At what point you can store semolina pudding

Once the semolina is thoroughly cooked with water, let it cool and store. You can blend the pudding at this point. Do not add formula or milk to the mixture. Whenever you are ready to feed, warm it up and add the desired milk, formula, breastmilk, or whole milk as per your baby’s requirement.

How can I warm up semolina pudding after refrigeration?

Semolina pudding is kind of sticky when cool. Add a little bit of warm water and microwave – whisk well. Otherwise, you can reheat in the pan by adding a few tablespoons of water and continuously mix well. Using whiskers may help with lumpy texture.

Can I add almonds and other dry fruit for baby?

To make it a healthier option for the baby, you can blend pudding with almonds, raisins, dates, coconut flakes of your choice. This will definitely improve the taste making it more healthy and beneficial for the baby.

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How can I make semolina pudding in microwave?

Add one teaspoon of sooji and half a cup of water. Microwave the mixture for one minute. Stir and try for another round and see if that’s cooked. Do not add milk or formula at this point. Once the semolina has thickened and risen in size, it is ready to add any type of milk. Stir the pudding and bring it to room temperature before feeding your baby.

Does Semolina (Rava or Sooji) cause constipation in babies?

Sooji pudding or porridge helps babies’ tummy feel full and enjoy uninterrupted sleep at night. As a general rule, always introduce new foods during the day to rule out any food allergies, so the baby could sleep through the night without getting disturbed due to gas issues.

Semolina (Sooji) does not cause constipation, but it definitely depends on how your baby is adjusting to the new textures. If you are feeding semolina for the first time, make sure it is not too thick in texture. Use cream of semolina or blend the pudding for a more runny texture.

Generally, when babies start solid foods, their bowel movement takes time to adjust. Unless your baby has any signs of gluten allergies, semolina is safe to consume.

However, constipation occurs to babies at any time as their tummies take time to adjust to new foods and textures. Here are some tips to relieve constipation in babies and toddlers.

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How to make semolina (suji)pudding for babies - baby food

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