Baby travel essentials – what you need for a 6-month-old on-the-go

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Traveling with a 6 months old?

Here is what you might need to pack for a half a year old little guy who is all about traveling.

For a 6 month old babies, there are chances you might have introduced solids by now, so to keep up with that semi-solid appetite, you need to pack some ready-to-go fruit and veggie purees and cereals.

My 6-month-old is super loud when he is hungry. It’s not crying, just a high pitch noise, which is expected around 6 six-month mark. 6-month-olds are noisy when sleepy or hungry. So try they don’t get overtired. Try to get 2 to 3 naps daily for 2 to 4 hours, even 30 mins short nap would make a huge difference.

A well-rested baby will let parents enjoy more on their vacation and a tired, overstimulated baby not so much. Keep your activities short throughout the day. Feed baby often, go places where diaper change or nursing is easy.

Six months olds are learning to roll back to front and front to back. If not, they should be able to move their body from front to left or right. Thus you must give your baby some floor time to keep them playing.

If this is your first flight with a baby older than 4 to 6 months, be prepared for fussy and cranky baby. On the way back it’s gonna be much better.

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Travel essentials to pack for 6 months old baby

Pack an Extra sheet

If you are staying at a hotel or doing Air bnb, I would suggest you to pack an extra sheet to lay flat on the hotel’s floor where your baby can lay down straight. You can also get a disposable splat mat, so you don’t have to worry about washing it. After all, who wants to take travel germs at home or back in your luggage?

Baby disposable bibs

As they are new to eating or self-feeding, pack some disposable bibs for travel that you don’t have to save for washing. Make your life easier, less messy, and most importantly travel light even if you have kids.

Sippy cup and a Snack Catcher

If your baby is 6 months old you can take a Sippy cup for water or use it mixed with a spoonful of fruit puree and a snack catcher to keep them entertained, happy, well-fed, and well-rested on the flight.

Banana is your best friend

Keep a banana handy for airport days; do not try gassy foods for the baby while you are traveling. Try to feed the baby before you board the plane most likely after the TSA check. Feeding on a plane may cause motion sickness, resulting in a throw-up.

Travel-friendly Toys

Babies need engaging toys. Keep soft, lightweight interactive toys with you to keep them busy. Here are the best toys for travel for a lap child.

Portable sound machine

I have been using a sound machine for all of my kids at night, and I always make sure to keep one while I’m traveling for nights only. This is my favorite.

But here is the trick, I realized after 3 kids how essential it is to keep a portable one in your baby diaper bag for flights and for car rides. So whether you are traveling via car or airplane, keep a portable sound machine for baby naps.

Well, you can download App on your phone but why keep your cell phone occupied?

Tips to prevent ear pressure

For babies with sensitive ears, you can use ear muff to protect their ears. Nursing at the time of take off or landing is another safe way to prevent ears from hurting.

What travel essentials to pack for 6 month old baby

What you need for Baby travel essentials for 6 months old babies

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