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Most of the Babies enjoy baths so much as it is their favorite part of the day. Well, who doesn’t like to be clean and tidy?  Bathing is fun for babies and undoubtedly it is so much stressful task for new parents to bathe a newborn, who is just so soft and fragile. The fear of holding a baby is natural when they are wet and slippery.

First-time parents, do not have any experience unless they have done it with some other baby in the family ( to be honest no one is going to trust some non-parent with baby baths) unless someone is professional.

However, bathing a newborn – a few weeks old – is a daunting task and for that, you really have to be extra cautious with all the props you have.

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Baby’s bath essentials and how to give a bath when you have a small bathroom space

These are my favorite bath essentials for my kids as I have a small bathroom and these products helped me big-time to bathe my kids stress-free.

Your number one concern is where are you going to give your baby a bath. The following are the essential products you have to consider before making a purchase.

1. Where are you going to place the bathtub while bathing your baby?
2. How stable is the bathtub which you are considering to purchase?
3. You should see where the drain hole is positioned left, right or in the middle.

Although pretty much everyone has a big bathtub so it is easy to be placed anywhere in the bathtub. But in my case, I had a standing shower in my bedroom so I had to figure out something else as I had relatively a small bathroom. Eventually, I placed a bathtub on my bathroom sink. Every time I bathed my kids I filled up a pail on water and put it on the cabinet shelf for easy access.

If you have a standing shower it would not be easy for you to bath in a standing shower which is relatively small to scoop in yourself and the bathtub.

You might have a big bathtub then you should to figure out how you are going to manage to sit inside or outside to bathe your baby.

Another scenario is, if you are going to place the baby’s bathtub on the sink, make sure the bathtub is very stable and be sure about the drain hole (it should be towards the inner side for water to drain properly into the sink, not dripping on your bathroom floor.


Always keep the bathtub well-supported and never ever leave the bathtub on the sink if the baby is inside.

Baby Bathtub for smaller bathrooms

Make sure you have a sling in your bathtub and it should be clean and dry before you have baby lay down.

Baby has to be in an elevated position especially his head.

Fisher-price bathtub is my favorite and I highly recommend. I have bought another brand for my daughter and trust me it was so shaky and I had to trash it right away as I didn’t even want to donate to jeopardize someone else’s child safety.

You can order a sling anytime if you think you need a new one.

2. A Pail of water

If you have enough or less space, figure out how you are going to have water ready at the right temperature. You don’t need a very big sized pail. Babies are small anyway, you don’t need too much water.

3. Rinser

You definitely need a rinser. Choose a rinser as per your choice and convenience.

My favorite rinser is by skip hop. Absolutely amazing!. It has soft edges so it won’t hurt your baby in case if you touch the baby’s head by any chance. You can control the amount of water you have to pour on your baby. You will not regret purchasing it.

4. Non-fragrant Body wash

You need a bath wash for your baby.

For newborns, you do not need anything that is perfumed or fragrant. I highly recommend Aquaphor for newborns.

After a few months, you take a switch to Aveeno or any other you prefer. Aveeno has nice fragrant ones as well. Make sure your baby does not have eczema or any other skin condition which could be triggered by fragrant products. For a few weeks use all fragrance-free products, soaps, lotions, detergents, and everything else (no baby powder please).

Using a lavender bath wash at bedtime bath improves baby’s sleep at night.

5. Hooded towel

You need a soft and absorbent hooded towel. Keep it handy during bath time. Once you take your baby out of the tub. Wrap her and dry thoroughly in the neck fold, arms, wrist, thighs, especially when she starts packing up on lbs.

6. Diaper rash / or diaper area cream

My kids’ pediatrician recommended A+D ointment. You don’t need to wait for the rashes. It has vitamins A and D, and It is safe to use with every diaper change. I highly recommend it.

If your baby is having frequent diaper rashes? Tried and tested remedies to treat diaper rash.

7. Moisturizer organic Coconut oil or any non-fragrant baby-safe lotion.

It is entirely your choice if you want to use a moisturizer on your baby’s skin. Consult your child’s doctor about its use. You can wait for a few weeks before you start using it. Eventually, you have to start using it to retain the moisture of your baby’s skin.

Although I have had an entirely different experience by not using a moisturizer on my baby’s skin after bathing him, It made his skin extremely dry and he used to scratch it so bad that eventually, it has started bleeding. I think it is a good idea to moisturize the baby’s skin after bathing. You as a parent do what you think is in your child’s best interest.

8. Dress up your baby

You need the right size diaper and clothes.

Use baby combs after every shower.

Combing will reduce the occurrence of cradle cap. Cradle cap is a dry scalp condition that happens in babies and can be avoided with combing when the skin is well-moisturized – If the scalp is wet or you have massaged with a good quality organic oil. Always use a very soft comb. This is the one I have used.

Are you a first-time mom? Here is what you need to know about baby’s clothing and accessories essentials.

Baby Bathing Tips you might find helpful

  1. You don’t have to bath a baby until his umbilical cord is on. However, babies are generally clean unless there is a huge diaper blowout. You can give him a sponge bath if you want.

2. Never pour water directly on your baby’s head. I always started pouring water on the legs.

 3. Do not wet his seat or sling before putting laying him down. Make sure it is clean and dry before you lay him down

4. Never ever leave him (unattended) in the tub even he has mastered sitting in a tub (not even to grab a towel) Even if you have to leave the bathroom to get something or to answer a doorbell (whatever It could be) wrap him in a towel and take him with you.

5. For the newborn do not use fragrant body wash or shampoo and lotion. ( Doctors do not recommend lotions for babies because they think babies skin is perfect and they should not be exposed to chemicals in the form of lotions). Though, I didn’t have a positive experience of not moisturizing after bathing.

6. Have everything ready for your baby’s bath so you don’t have to worry about bringing something you forgot during bath time.

7. Be very sure about water temperature and keep assuring that it is not too hot or too cold for your baby.

8. Use body wash that is no tears and very mild for baby’s skin,

9. Always use rinser instead of a shower head for bathing. The showerhead can be scary for many kids unless they are familiar with it.

10. Do not spend too much time bathing. Make it short, quick and sweet.

11. Always have your baby’s belts on while on the changing table.

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