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If you are a first-time parent, you must be wondering what are the diaper bag essentials you should carry.

Here is the list of items you should have in your diaper bag of a newborn.

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Diaper bag essentials for your baby and a toddler

1. Diaper handbag or a backpack

A diaper handbag is also a good option but a backpack is definitely more convenient. your hands are free to take care of your newborn. You can buy either one you like it has to be worn or carried by you. Some dads do not like carrying a diaper bag but they can wear a diaper backpack.

You can select as per your choice but a must-have is – it has to be spacious and has more compartments.

Do not get anything that is too big because when kids grow their bags get smaller and their stuff minimize.

2. Diapers

Take 4 to 6 diapers for a newborn. I highly recommend using Pampers Swaddlers for newborns because it has a urine detector which is helpful whenever baby pee or poop, it gets blue. so it gets easy to keep baby clean down there.
As the number grows switch to Pampers Cruisers. I found pampers so far the best diaper. Swaddlers have a liner which gets itchy as kids grow.

3. Wipes

It is recommended to use unscented and soft wipes for newborn babies. Baby’s skin is really soft so the wipes have to be gentle on baby’s skin.

4. An extra Set of outfit

A bodysuit or a onesie is the best option for a diaper bag. If you are going to some event just have an extra outfit for the event –just in case- poop or puke, anything can happen.

5. Hand Sanitizer

A gentle hand sanitizer which is for you once you are done changing diaper. It is a must-have for travel purpose.

6. Changing sheet

A portable changing sheet is a must-have. Wherever you have to change your baby’s diaper, you need to have a sheet underneath.

6. Diaper disposing sacks

diaper disposing sacks are also very essential to dispose of dirty diapers when you are on the go. you can either get perfumed ones or a non-fragrant.

7. Washcloths

You can have soft washcloths for your baby. They are actually small towels which are quite helpful in wiping off face, hands etc. If you have a newborn, keeping a burp cloth would be a great idea too!

8. Hands and facial wipes

If you want, you can have hands and facial wipes to clean baby’s hands and face, just to be extra cautious. Bottom wipes are usually not recommended to use on baby’s face.

9. Diaper rash ointment

Diaper rash ointment is a must. My kids’ pediatrician recommended A+D when nothing else was working. It is petroleum based having essential vitamins thus considered safe to use with every diaper change. You can even get in a small size which is a great option for a diaper bag

Formula: if your baby takes formula, you can put in the form of feeding in formula dispenser.

Cereal or baby food: whatever your baby eats you should have feedings in the bag according to your plan.
This dispenser works best. Easy to use.

There is quite a chance that you might leave a diaper bag in the car. Please be sure not to leave formula in the car during the summer season.

10. Milk Bottles:

Your babies milk bottles at least 2 depends on how many feedings your baby is going to have.

Frozen breast milk has to be kept with ice packs if you are traveling for long hours.

11. Pacifier

if your baby takes a pacifier, take one along.

12. Disposable Tablemats if your baby is more than 6 months old

When your baby starts eating finger food. It is certainly a life-saver. You just stick it on the table in the restaurant, mall food court or a cafe. spread your baby’s finger food and there is no pulling down of a plate or spoons.

13. Toys

You need a couple of your baby’s favorite toys or books that could keep her enetertained for a longer time.

Check out this celebrity favorite toy Sophie the giraffe that babies love.

Toddler Diaper Bag Essentials

If you have a toddler, you have to carry his/her stuff as well, the good news is, you won’t need a separate bag.

1.Snacks for your toddler

Toddlers tend to get really cranky when they are hungry or tired. It is always a good idea to keep their snacks handy.

Snack size pringles, Veggie straws, goldfish crackers, cookies etc. but everything should be in snack size packaging.

2. A favorite toys

A couple of small toys that interest your toddler.

3. An extra outfit

4. Diapers

If your toddler is not potty trained. then you have to keep diapers and wipes for him too.

5. Juice or water bottle

You need a kids size pack of organic juice

Whatever you take for your tot, be sure it doesn’t spill in your backpack. you should get snack size packing for kids.

If you have a newborn, keep an extra shirt for yourself too, Mama.

Here is a complete list of baby essentials which you are going to need for the baby’s first year, you might want to check out!
Welcome to motherhood. 🙂

These are my diaper bag essentials, if you have anything else in your list please comment below and let me know about your essentials.

Diaper Bag Essentials

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