Baby Diaper Rash – Causes and effective ways to treat diaper rash

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Baby diaper rash is a skin irritation on the bottom area that occurs mainly in infants and toddlers who wear diapers or nappies. Almost every baby tends to get a diaper rash in the first few years of his life. Diaper rash is caused due to overly soaked wet nappies, especially dirty diapers of babies who have started eating solid and are having acidic bowel moments.

The diaper rash on the baby’s soft skin might be painful. I am sure babies do get uncomfortable due to skin rash, and unfortunately, they cannot express at this stage. Rashes could cause itchiness, and this could worsen the condition.

Why do babies get diaper rash

Skin irritation on the diaper area is called diaper rash. Babies get rashes due to several factors, but it is hard to tell in their newborn period.

Contact with pee or poop can sometimes be enough to cause skin irritation.

In some cases, a yeast called Candida Albicans is responsible for causing considerable redness and irritation.

Sometimes this yeast finds its way to the inside of the infant’s mouth causing thrush.

Diaper rash may get worse due to pee or poop, hot weather and long hours without getting a nappy change.

Well, diaper rash is common among babies, leaving moms worried. Although diaper rash is not something you need to call a doctor still, there are times when diaper rash worsens and requires treatment or medical assistance.

However, there are a few causes of diaper rash that you have to rule at and treat accordingly.

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1. Intolerance or irritation to something baby is eating may cause a diaper rash

Rashes are developed or increased due to the rubbing of feces on the baby’s bottom for a long time. Sometimes the bowel movement does not cause any rash even though you are changing a diaper after long hours. However, sometimes the acidic content in the baby’s poop makes it worse and causes diaper rash.

Firstly, when your baby gets rashes, most importantly you have to think about what are you feeding your baby. Once you figure out what could be the cause of rashes, you might want to skip that food for a while.

Can whole milk cause a diaper rash?

Most likely baby’s diaper rash is due to milk or lactose intolerance at some point. Probably you are introducing formula or switching to whole milk or any other type of milk which is taking a while to digest and your baby’s body is getting used to that particular type of milk.

In my case, my kids were getting diaper rash too frequently due to the change in milk while I was visiting my family overseas.

2. Weather or climatic change – babies tend to get diaper rash in hot weather

Another factor is the weather that could worsen the rash condition. Sometimes the weather gets really hot or you have too many layers on your baby due to cold weather and your baby could not express how he or she feels.

If the weather is hot then even just a wet diaper could worsen the rash.

3. Wearing Dirty diaper or nappy for a long time

If you are using cloth diapers, chances of rashes are higher with a wet and dirty diaper.

The friction of poopy diapers for a long time with a bum area is one of the causes of developing a rash.

Wearing a diaper for a long time and not changing it too often is one of the reasons babies get diaper rash.

4. Yeast rash or yeast infection

In some instances, the diaper rashes are caused due to yeast infection – Yeast known as Candida albicans is responsible for causing considerable redness and irritation on a baby’s skin.

Candida Albicans is found in moist, warm areas, that is why it targets the diaper area as it is an excessively moist area on the baby’s body.

When Albicans make their way to the infant’s mouth, it may cause a yeast infection known as thrush.

Some types of fruits may also cause diaper rash

If kids tend to eat citrusy fruit or drink citrus juice in excess, that may cause diaper rash. However, in some cases, you may notice eating too much pomegranate and mangoes may result in a diaper rash too.

Eating the citrusy types of foods makes stool acidic that may give your child a diaper rash if she is staying in a dirty diaper longer than usual.

Once your child is diaper-free, following proper hygiene and cleanliness ensures no diaper rash regardless of what your child is eating.

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How to get rid of baby diaper rash fast – best home remedies

Although a diaper rash is very common and you do not have to call your doctor for that particular reason unless it is showing any kind of infection or pus. However, a few over-the-counter topical ointments could be very effective.

I had used a couple of diaper rash creams and nothing seemed to be working other than A+D diaper ointment. It is petroleum gel-based and highly recommended by my pediatrician.

Rash creams with zinc oxide are also known to be acting as a barrier between skin and the dirty diaper keeping it protected.

1. Best diaper rash Ointments that actually work instantly

A+D ointment is petroleum-based contains vitamins A and D that keeps the baby’s skin soft and supple and it can be used with every diaper change that significantly reduces the chance of getting a rash.

Buy A+D Original Ointment.

Furthermore, if you like to use organic diaper balm by Earth Mama Organics has the best diaper balm. Just apply a thin coat to the diaper area after each diaper change and bath. Earth mama organic has by far the best products for baby’s soft skin without any harmful chemicals.

Organic Diaper Balm (transparent)

Buy organic diaper balm here.

You might want to have this silicon applicator for applying rash cream without having your hand dirty.

There is another great product called Tush Swiper to apply diaper rash creams without making your hand dirty and the cream does get stuck in your nails either. This has made rash cream application easier and less wastage, also it fits at the top of almost every diaper rash cream tubes.

While on my visit this is one of the best things that have been working on a diaper rash for my kids.

2. Mustard oil with water: the best home remedy for quick diaper rash treatment

Here is another diaper rash treatment that works 100%. This works quickly and has awesome results.

Take a tbsp of organic mustard oil and an equal portion of water. Mix both of them well and apply the mixture to the affected area, whenever your baby gets a diaper rash. This remedy works for kids and adults both tried and tested 100%.

If you live in a hot climate and your baby is vulnerable to get diaper rash more frequently then this remedy is for you. This will work if an ointment remedy fails.

This remedy is definitely a hack and every parent should have mustard oil at home at all times.

Mustard oil is great for hair oiling treatments, it would be great for moms too. You can get this from a close by Indian or Pakistani store or you can order online.

3. Applying Breastmilk on a diaper rash is another quick remedy

Another home remedy that a lot of parents swear by is applying breastmilk on rashes. I have never used this trick, however, those of you who are producing enough or pumping could give it a try. 

4. home remedies to treat or prevent diaper rash

  • If you are switching from formula milk to whole milk, it is very common to have rashes as the baby’s digestive system is getting used to milk.
  • When your baby’s digestive system is getting used to milk or having diarrhea then diaper rashes are unavoidable for the time being. These are the precautionary measures you can take at home to have your baby feel better and rash free.
  • Change diaper or nappy more frequently and be vigilant for not leaving the dirty diaper on for a long time.
  • Avoid alcohol wipes and scrubbing them on your baby’s bum.
  • Use water to wash your baby’s bottom and avoid using fragrant soaps.
  • Pat dry with a clean cloth or soft towel and then apply A+D ointment or mustard oil mixed with water and put the diaper on.
  • Apply corn starch mixed with water is an effective remedy for treating rashes.
  • Using just a bit of baby powder (talc free) to keep the area dry to avoid rashes.
  • If you are using cloth diapers, make sure they are clean and thoroughly washed.
  • Sometimes itchiness could worsen the rash condition. If your baby skin has an itchy condition (rash or no rash), you need to use Curel Itch Defense lotion. This lotion works great for itchy skin.
  • You definitely need medical advice if your baby’s rash is not going away within 4 to 7 days even after using over the counter topical ointment.
  • Minimizing anything that triggers rash is all you have to do.
  • Use of detergents, soap, diaper brands, and wipes anything can cause diaper rash. Changing any of them may help.
  • Additionally, the use of zinc oxide, ointments or petroleum jelly may help.
  • For severe rash, always discuss with a doctor about possible treatments. Your pediatrics may prescribe steroids or antifungal cream to treat diaper rashes.

Although diaper rashes are common yet they could have a burning sensation on the baby’s soft skin. A little care could avoid them significantly.

You need to talk to your doctor if the rash appears to be an infection or allergy to any kind of food you or your baby might be eating. Sometimes changing diapers frequently and leaving the baby diaper-free for a while to let the area get dry would help significantly. In the case of yeast infection, you need to seek medical advice.

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