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Expecting your first child is a beautiful feeling and as a first-time parent, you start thinking about what products you want to buy for your baby.

However, providing your little one with best is a wish of every parent. In this struggle of best of the best for our children, we (as parents) usually end up spending way too much on products that are not necessary.

This is the reason why I have this list of the most essentials products that you must have for your baby’s first year instead of overspending on stuff you don’t really need.

There are several price range and product types so you can choose products according to your budget and configuration of your home. While you are selecting a baby product, keep in mind that babies grow out everything pretty fast in the first year.

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Baby’s first-year must-have products checklist every parent needs

If you are a first time parent, you may want to know about newborn care. Especially newborn sleep is the biggest struggle for mom and dad. While you get everything ready for your baby before her arrival, you need to equip yourself with things you need to know about newborns. Although I have seen many kids in my family, and took care of them too before I had my own, but I wished I knew what newborn is.

 1. Bassinet/ Mini Crib/sleeper 

You have to be very smart in choosing your baby’s sleep bed as there are chances if you want to set up a nursery or you want to co-sleep. Either way, you have to select items as per your decision.

A good bassinet is always a good thing to have. But it is going to accommodate your baby until 4 to 5 months. Some babies are generally big, thus, they don’t really feel comfortable in after that so you have to either switch to a bigger option like a reasonable sized convertible crib or space-saving mini crib. You can get a mini convertible crib which is good from birth to 2 years.

This bassinet sleeper is ideal for small space and can be adjusted along bedside. It is good for upto 3 to 4 months.

This co-sleeper can be adjusted to your bedside. C-section moms may benefit a lot by using this in earlier months. Your baby would sleep in his independent sleep.

This small portable crib is perfect for home and for travel with a baby.

Another option for Co-sleeping parents and for travel baby bed for hotel rooms etc, you can get Dock a dot sleeper.

2. Changing-Station

I found changing-station as the most essential and the most used item. In the beginning of your child’s birth, you are sore in your abdomen whether you have a c section or a normal delivery.

Bending over to change your baby’s diaper which is every couple of hours is tough but this can be a life changer. You don’t have to bend. You can have your baby lay down and dress her up, change whatever you wish to do. Your back will thank you!
Keep your diapers, clothes everything in an arm’s reach.

You can get a crib with an attached changing table if it seems to be working with the configuration of your room.

Note: Leaving your baby unattended on changing station is not advised even if he/she has belts on.

3. Carseat

An infant car seat is a must have because you cannot take your baby home with you unless you don’t have it installed in your car. It is for your baby’s on road safety. You can look for any option which is sturdy yet lightweight. Because you have to sometimes carry your sleeping baby in the seat and stroll in a stroller and you don’t want to wake her up.

This is by Uppababy car seat, versatile, stylish and very cushiony. You have to think wisely about buying an infant car seat because it is all about your child’s safety.

If you have multiple cars you can order car seat base so that you do not have to worry about shifting the car seat base every time you go out.

4. Stroller

The stroller comes as a travel system compatible with your car seat.  I would highly recommend you to get a complete travel system.

This 2-in-1 car seat and stroller is an awesome choice for new parents. As it is saving you so much space in the stroller as well as no hassle of taking the baby in an out of the car seat.

New and modern moms are loving this stroller set.

You can also get compatible stroller frames for your baby’s car seat. This will save you so much space and you can easily maneuver baby’s stroller.

5. Bouncer / Rocker 

I would highly this rocker: Fischer price bouncer from birth to a toddler. It’s a must-have. You can rock your baby to sleep or she can learn how to rock herself. I got it as a baby shower present for my first one and I have used it with my second child too.

You can choose any rocker or bouncer you feel comfortable with. Rockers and bouncers are a super essential item to have for your newborn baby.

6. High chair

Your baby is going to need a high chair around the 5th month when he is trying to practice sitting and need a good support. A good reclining position high chair is always a good option.

A high chair is an essential item for the baby as it will help to sit, recline, east and moms can even do activities with them. choose an eating chair depending on the space you have and for what purpose you are going to need it. I have used Graco high chair with three reclining positions for 3 years and it still looks just fine.

If you travel a lot and your baby is sitting up and have started solids, this portable travel eating chair is something you need for sure.

7. Jumperoo

Fun-loving kids definitely going to love these. These Jumperoos will keep your baby entertained for hours when you just can’t pick her up for some chores to get done with.

This Evenflo Exersaucer activity center is celebrity favorite toys for their kids.

8. Baby monitor

A baby monitor is certainly an essential item if you want peace of mind. New moms get really stressed out and they keep checking on their babies like every minute. But if you are practicing a separate room routine /lifestyle for your little one then you can’t really go without it.

9. Nursing Pillow

A good nursing pillow can be a breeze for you and your baby. Invest in a good nursing pillow. It will help you breastfeed your baby comfortably and you can stay a little hands-free once your baby gets hold of latching. Another use is sitting up a baby with support when she reaches about 6 months of age.

10. Bath Tub and a rinser

A safe bathtub is a must have. It should be stable to put on a sink or inside the tub. It should have a sling for a newborn. I highly recommend Fischer price bathtub. If you are planning to put it on the sink then watch for the drainage so that water does not fall out. Do not leave your child unattended on the sling or in the bathtub.
You definitely going to need a rinser. It should have soft edges so that it does not hurt your little one. I highly recommend Skip hop rinser. I got it for my first one and I still use it. A great buy indeed.

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11. Baby’s Noise Machine

A lot of mothers recommend white noise if you live in an environment where you have a lot of noise in the background which might be a disturbance in your baby’s sleep. You can invest in a sound machine for better sleep at night or at naptime.

Update- Lately, my daughter has become really sensitive to outside noise. The slightest noise wakes her up. I have started using the sound machine for my kids and I highly recommend to use. I like the rain sound. It is so soothing. Even I doze off in no time.

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12.  Other Essentials

Baby’s clothing essentials

    • Newborn outfits 3 to 4. Do not buy too many newborn clothes. babies tend to grow out of them before you even know it.
    • Outfits for 0 to 3 months, Outfits for 3 to 6 months, and Outfits for 6 to 9 months.

    • baby blanket and receiving blankets

    • Mittens
    • Socks

  • Shoes ( do not overspend) they are gonna grow out of them before you even know it

Personal Care

  • Newborn diapers (do not stock on the newborn diaper ) you have to size up in a couple of weeks. Stock up on size 1 and size 2.
  • Gentle baby wipes, Hand and face wipes
  • Diaper rash ointment

Silicon Applicator and tube applicator for diaper rash cream.

Bathtime Essentials

  • Washcloths, Towels, Cotton swabs
  • Baby’s Nail clipper and Nail filer
  • baby’s hair comb or hairbrush,
  • Gentle Body wash. fragrance-free preferably
  • Body lotion

Feeding time must-haves:

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What are your first-year favorites for your little one?

Baby's first year essentials

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