Newborn Must-haves new parents need to know

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With all the excitement going on in your mind during the third trimester, you definitely would not want to miss out on any of your newborn’s first-year essentials. Getting newborn must-haves ready by the end of the third trimester is imperative for all parents.

While you are making a unique selection for your baby’s essential items, consider the fact that babies grow out of products super fast. I completely understand the emotional side, but you can hold on to buying more stuff when your baby gets a little older.

However, it is important to understand which baby items are truly essential and which ones you can actually ignore or delay buying for the first year. Clearly, your baby doesn’t need brand-name clothing, but just the right products for the baby’s everyday needs are essentials such as onesies, hooded towels, or a nasal aspirator. Well, this all depends on where you live, what are your circumstances, and what kind of home settings you have to accommodate all that baby stuff.

The travel essential must-haves for the first several weeks for your newborn include; an infant car seat, baby crib, clothing, bathing and baby gear, etc.

Do not panic about the budget or product types. You will find numerous options available in the market to meet your requirements. The key to picking each newborn item is: it should be perfectly aligned with your lifestyle making a new mom’s and dad’s life easier to a reasonable extent.

However, I would highly recommend you understand the functionality of each product that you are going to buy for your baby, rather than just jumping into it without considering the configuration for your home and of course your budget.

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Newborn must-haves – Shopping checklist for the 1st Year

While you think about the things to prepare before delivery, keeping your newborn baby shopping list ready is your foremost concern at this point. Take a look and see what works for you.

 1. Baby Bassinet/ Mini Crib/ sleeper 

During the first several weeks with a newborn, you might prefer to co-sleep or room-share, assuring that your baby is keeping well. In either case, have a baby’s crib or bassinet set up in a room with you along your bedside.

However, you need a baby monitor in case you are setting up the baby’s nursery in a different room.

Having a sturdy bassinet alongside your bed is the best way to keep the baby close to you. Bassinets are usually small and accommodate babies for the first 3 to 5 months.

If you want to skip bassinet, you can set up a crib in your room. Check out some space-saving mini cribs.

This bassinet sleeper is ideal for small space and can be adjusted along bedside. It is good for up to 3 to 4 months.

Co-sleepers can be adjusted to your bedside. This is ideal for breastfeeding moms, or for moms who are scheduled for C-section delivery.

Baby nap-time sleepers

Naptime sleepers are used all around the house while you can finish some chores.

A small portable crib is perfect if you intend to travel with a baby.

Parents who prefer to share a bed with a baby may want to use Dock a dot sleeper. Dock a dot sleeper is helpful in keeping the baby safe from SID, while you are sleeping.

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2. Changing Table

Baby diapering is an inevitable phenomenon. New parents tend to change 8 to 15 diapers for the first several weeks after the baby is born.

Whether you have a C-section or a normal delivery, setting up a charging station for your baby is very helpful.

In my opinion, a sturdy and functional changing table is helpful to keep everything organized. Also, it will help you stay active, and avoid backache due to frequent bending.

Keep baby’s diapers, clothes, and everything in your reach. If you have enough space around your baby’s room, you can buy a crib with an attached changing table.

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Note: Leaving your baby unattended at changing station is not advised even if she has belts on.

3. Infant Carseat and a Stroller

An infant car seat is a must because you cannot take your baby home with you unless you have it installed in your car. Since you have to carry your sleeping baby in the car seat, you need lightweight, sturdy, and compact baby gear.

I have been using the Chicco Keyfit travel system for both of my kids and never had any issues other than it being heavy. However, I would advise you to look for a compact lightweight, and safe travel system.

Going out with a newborn is a lot of work and effort, so keep it simple with less stuff. Modern parents with the minimalist approach are loving this car seat convertible stroller. As a parent I can assure you, it is very convenient for travel purposes.

Do you know babies should not stay elevated in the car seat for a long duration? For the same reason, this new versatile stroller system with a convertible baby bassinet and a car seat is parents’ new favorite. While mom and dad shop, the baby has a good nap while on the go.

Please note, if you have more than one car you can order a car seat base so that you do not have to worry about shifting the car seat base every time you go out.

Again, this 2-in-1 car seat and stroller is an awesome choice for new parents. It is saving you so much space in the stroller as well as no hassle of taking the baby in and out of the car seat.

You can also get compatible stroller frames for your baby’s car seat. This will save you so much space and you can easily maneuver the baby’s stroller.

5. Bouncer / Rocker 

Baby Rocker is a must-have. You can rock your baby to sleep or she can learn how to rock herself.

You may want to choose rocker or bouncer as you prefer.

This Fischer price bouncer from birth to a toddler is my absolute favorite. It is spacious, safe, and sturdy. Your baby is going to love it.

6. High chair

Once your baby is ready for semi-solid food around 4 to 6 months, you need to get a high chair. Eventually, It is going to be your baby’s sanctuary. She is going to spend most of her time in his chair, learning activities and eating, etc.

A high chair is an essential baby gear item for the baby. I have had Graco high chair that has three reclining positions and it is great for feeding, short naps, and baby activities.

Minimalist parents prefer to have space-saving, easy-to-clean, eating chairs for the baby.

Check out some stylish high chairs for the baby.

If you travel a lot and your baby is sitting up, this portable travel eating chair is handy for long trips.

7. Baby Jumpers

Baby Jumpers will keep your baby entertained for hours when you are busy getting stuff done around the house.

8. Baby monitor

A baby monitor is an essential baby product, especially if you are having a baby sleep in a separate room. A baby monitor is necessary if you are not staying close by while she naps.

9. Baby Carrier

Some babies are born with reflux issues, and they need more elevated time than being laid down on the back. For busy moms, a reliable baby carrier is all-important to wear baby while getting chores done.

Check out some baby carriers that work best for you.

10. Baby Bathtub and rinser

A safe bathtub is a must-have. It should be stable to put on a sink or inside the tub. Ideally, it should have a sling for a newborn. I highly recommend Fischer price bathtub.

For a small space, you may have to place a bathtub on top of the bathroom sink, make sure the water is draining INTO the sink – not outside.

For baby bathing, you need to get a rinser, as it ensures rinsing with warm water at room temperature – not too hot or too cold. Ideally, baby rinser should have soft edges to keep your little one safe from scratches. I highly recommend Skip hop for a comfortable and scratch-free bathtime.

As a safety precaution: Do not leave your child unattended on the sling or in the bathtub.

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11. Baby’s Noise Machine

A lot of moms recommend using white noise for babies, in case you have loud surroundings. Background noise may interrupt your baby’s slumber. You must have a sound machine, often known as white noise, to make sure the baby is having a good sleep at her scheduled times.

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12. Baby’s clothing essentials

  • Newborn outfits 3 to 4. Do not buy too many newborn clothes. Babies tend to grow out of them before you even know it.
  • Outfits for 0 to 3 months, Outfits for 3 to 6 months, and Outfits for 6 to 9 months.
  • Baby blanket and receiving blankets.
  • Mittens, hats.
  • Socks.
  • Shoes – footed onesies work best indoors.

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13. Diapering Essentials

  • You have to size up in a couple of weeks for newborn diapers (do not stock the newborn-size diaper too much ). Stock up on size 1 and size 2.
  • Gentle baby wipes, hand and face wipes
  • Diaper rash ointment

Silicon Applicator and tube applicator for diaper rash cream.

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14. Bathtime Essentials

  • Washcloths, Towels, Cotton swabs
  • Baby’s Nail clipper and Nail filer
  • Baby’s hair comb or hairbrush,
  • Gentle Body wash – Fragrance-free, preferably
  • Body lotion – fragrance-free.

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15. Feeding time must-haves:

  • Colic bottles if your baby is colic ( you need a good cleaning for colic bottles).

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16. Medical Kit essentials

  • Syringe bulb
  • Gripe water (I highly recommend “Mommy bliss Night time gripe water”)
  • Gas drops by little remedies
  • Nasal aspirator/ nose sucker 
  • Windi for releasing gas
  • Pacifier and syringe medicine dispenser 
  • Baby-friendly detergent (fragrance-free)

More Tips: What you need in baby’s medicine kit for sick and uncomfortable days.

17. Baby Organizers bins or caddy

To keep baby stuff organized you need, organize bins, and several other storage products depending on the configuration of your baby’s room.

I highly recommend having a separate Laundry basket for messy onesies and soiled clothes.

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18. Diaper Bag essentials for your newborn

A baby bag, often called a diaper bag, needs to have all the essential products while you are on the go.

Here is what you actually need in your diaper bag at all times.

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