Postpartum Care Recovery Essentials Checklist for C-Section Moms

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Are you busy preparing for the baby and forgetting about your postpartum recovery products?

Recovering after a baby is a lot of hard work yet, regardless of what delivery you had. While you bond with your baby, your body needs to be relaxed and healing inside-out.

Well, to speed up your recovery after a C-section, make sure to prepare a postpartum kit with basic products before baby arrives.

If you are scheduled for a C-section, primarily prepare for a postpartum kit before you deliver. That way, you will be able to take care of the baby and yourself in a better way.

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Postpartum Recovery Products Checklist for C-Section moms

Here is the postpartum recovery products to ensure faster and better recovery for moms. After delivery, when moms feel exhausted, these recovery must-haves would help feeling more comfortable with a baby.

1. Postpartum Clothing – Pre and Post delivery

Wearing matching gowns on mom and baby look picture-perfect. Also, these gowns are super comfy to wear during your hospital stay for delivery. You can wear gowns pre or post-delivery; either you have a vaginal or C-section delivery.

You can also get matching baby swaddles and gowns that is perfect for photographs. Besides, your hospital stay, you can also wear it at home while you are recovering, and staying comfy whatsoever.

Nursing shirts – a nice comfortable, nursing shirt is a good option. Your life will be much easier wearing not too loose or too tight shirts after delivery. Your 7 months’ maternity clothes can fit in easily right away but it will take a couple of weeks to get back in shape.

These nursing shirts are super helpful for breastfeeding moms.

Cardigans- You may want to have cardigans or coverups in case you have visitors. You can even wear them on your hospital gown.

Comfortable trousers -You definitely need to have a loose band trouser in case you have C-section delivery.

A nursing cover– You might want to have a nursing cover with you at all times while you are outside if you choose to breastfeed.

Nursing bra – A well-supported nursing or pumping bra is a must-have once you have your milk flow. I recommend using the wireless bra at all times for more comfort even if it is not a nursing bra.

Undies – Stocking up on a few large size undies would be a great idea. Keep a couple of body-shaper undies if you are going out or have to dress up for an occasion.

Post-C-section underwear for scar treatment

For post-C-section recovery, new moms may want to have C section underwear for scar healing. This scar treatment underwear would help provide belly support and helps moms get in shape faster.

C section moms must have this Earth Mama’s balm For Skin and Scar care. It works great and loved by moms for scar healing even for the everyday cuts and scrapes.

Check out more Earth Mama’s postpartum recovery products.

Postpartum Disposable Underwear

Moms get postpartum disposable underwear from the hospital when they deliver. These underwears are super soft and comfy for C-section moms as well as for vaginal delivery moms. While coming home, you can bring some home with you.

Some moms may want to use disposable incontinence underwear for postpartum bleeding. They are soft and prevents leakage significantly.

2. Breast pump for pumping

It is your choice if you are going to stock up on breast milk, or you are going to supplement formula as well.

If you are a working mom or you are exclusively breastfeeding, you can use an electric breast pump. It will help you stock up on breastmilk and freeze it for future use. Most likely, your insurance company is going to cover the cost for the electric breast pump depending on the plan you have.

Breastfeeding moms may use a manual or an electric breast pump, but there is Haaka Silicon Pump that is a must-have for breastfeeding moms who are on the go or nurse on demand. Haakaa is very effective in saving milk that leaks away from the other breast while nursing and it also helps with engorgement.

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3. Nursing pads

Normally, not every mom needs to have a nursing pad for the most part. However, If you experience heavy milk flow then you must carry nursing pads with you to avoid visible leakage marks on your shirt.

You may want to get disposable nursing pads or reusable breast pads that you can wash and reuse: this will help you save money too.

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4. Nipple Cream

Latching is the first thing you have to do once you deliver a baby (only if you choose to breastfeed your baby). Let that be a vaginal or a C-section. The fact about C section is, since it’s not as natural as vaginal delivery so for that matter, the milk flow takes time to set in. You have to struggle to latch your baby on your breasts, more sucking is equal to more feed.

First, colostrum is produced which is a yellowish fluid, very healthy for your baby. Then milk flow starts in a couple of days. In this whole bonding process, the breasts get dry, itchy, they might even bleed for a couple of weeks. The pain and discomfort are real.

To ease that discomfort, you should get Earth Mama’s Nipple Cream. It is known to be the best and most popular in nursing moms to ease breastfeeding discomfort.

It is safe for the baby to swallow. Apply every time after you nurse, let your breasts get air-dry before you wear anything on.

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5. Belly Belt

A belly belt is a must-have for new moms. Most of the hospitals in the US provide a belly belt if you have a C-section. You can always ask a nurse about it.

Belly belt helps in providing support on your postpartum, jelly-like belly. It will help your postpartum belly pooch shrink faster after delivery. However, you can order a postpartum belly belt online that may work better for you.

6. Heating pad

Postpartum abdominal cramps are painful, thus, you might need a heating pad to ease abdominal cramping.

7. Prescribed medicines

Moreover, if you have a C-section delivery, you have to take pain medication, Motrin, Tylenol, every 6 to 8 hours, and a stool softener every day. Watch out for any sign of infections after delivery.

Unfortunately, if your wound or vaginal stitches ever get infected, you should call your doctor immediately.

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8. Sanitary Napkins 

While your stay at the hospital, you will be provided with giant size sanitary napkins that work great after delivery. You can take a few, home, with you if you want.

Also, you can buy maternity pads online.

Eventually, when your flow gets normal, maternity pads would be too big for you now. At this point, you can get non-gel-locking sanitary napkins.

DO NOT USE tampons, especially if you have a vaginal delivery and if you have sensitive skin, you can use organic pads

9. A Water spray bottle or Portable bidet 

During your visit to the hospital, nurses give you a small water bottle to clean all that post-delivery blood down there when you deliver either vaginally or via c-section. The purpose is to clean.

You can have portable bidets that are available online, or you can install a hand-held bidet instead of using a small spray bottle at your hospital visit, for washing after every pee or poop.

These hand-held bidets are so easy to use and hygienic. A handheld bidet is a great option for moms who are following natural ways of parenting like cloth diapering, etc. After installing this in your bathroom, it would be easy for you to wash your baby’s soiled diapers.

10. Stool softener/ organic rose water for constipation

Yes, constipation is real during postpartum. For that reason, you need a stool softener after delivery.

In addition to that, you should drink plenty of water besides taking stool softeners.

Also, if you want to try natural ways of relieving your constipation I highly recommend you drink about half a cup of rose water every day until you get regular in your bowel movement. Rosewater is a healthy alternative to stool softeners and it helps you feel so much refreshed and light.

11. Prenatal Vitamins

Your prenatal vitamins are necessary during postpartum as it was during pregnancy, especially if you are breastfeeding. Once you wean off your baby or you are not breastfeeding, you must continue taking regular multivitamins.

12. Healthy diet

You definitely need a lot of healthy food, snacks. Eating a healthy diet is essential that helps improve milk supply for a breastfeeding mom.

A healthy postpartum diet includes eggs, oats, fiber-rich food, lots of fruits, and non-gassy vegetables. Staying hydrated is essentials especially when you are breastfeeding.

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13. Snacks

New moms need healthy snacks – like dates, figs, almonds, etc for the breastfeeding sessions or late-night munching.

However, you need to watch out in case your baby shows any signs of allergies due to nuts. Some babies, if not all, tend to throw up a lot due to an allergic reaction to nuts, chocolates, dairy products, etc.

14. Water

Hydration is the essential thing pre or post-delivery. It would be best if you drink plenty of water, preferably at room temperature.

15. A Good Read or a Good Watch

If you love reading books, you might want to have a Kindle Fire to unwind all that exhaustion while you are nursing or when the baby is asleep.

To be honest, once you have a baby at hand, you definitely have to take time out for yourself, so your body and mind could relax. This unwinding process will help you function so much better.

If you want to watch a good drama series, it will be a great relaxer in a couple of weeks after postpartum because you won’t be interested in anything right away unless you settle down with everything with your baby and other chores.

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These are my recommendations for postpartum essentials for moms. Comment below and tell me if you have any other recommendations for postpartum must-have.

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