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If you are a mom you know what I am going to talk about. And if you are going to be a mom then you will get to know soon what sleep deprivation is.

Well, for some moms sleep deprivation starts when they have a huge belly, zillion bathroom trips at night, however, some of them face insomnia.


Sleep Deprivation is a REAL thing and it does affect life, sanity, lifestyle and everything in between.

If you are a new mama then be prepared for the middle of the night cries, wakings and much more. Every mom has to face It one way or the other.

My son never liked his crib. He co-slept with me and he used to wake up about 5 to 6 times or maybe more at night and there are days when he would wake up just twice or thrice and that is a TREAT for me.


He still wakes up even when he is 2.5.

On the other hand, my second one was a good sleeper but as soon as she turned about 9 months she started hating her crib too and she was waking up every 15 minutes. There could be many reasons for babies to wake up frequently during the night.

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After having two under 2 I realized what sleep deprivation is and how much potential it has for any sort of damage. It could be worse for the moms/dads who have more than 2 kids or have kids with sleep disorders. Sleep deprivation is one of the most major stressors for new moms. 

If you are a new mom or expecting a baby pretty soon, I highly recommend you should at least know how to manage your newborn sleep for at least the first 6 months that are toughest for new moms. No matter what kind of sleeper your baby is, this NEWBORN SLEEP EBOOK has everything you need to know about putting your newborn on sleep track from day 1.

What does sleep deprivation do

Everybody is different in their sleep habits and how their body is adjusted to their habits. If moms do not get the required amount of sleep their brains and bodies have trouble functioning right.

It makes mom Cranky

Moms get cranky just like kids do. They get edgy, temperamental and tend to react negatively towards kids.

Sleep deprivation makes Moms Stressed out

Moms do get stressed out because they need rest and unfortunately, they are unable to take proper rest. Stress is taking a toll not only on a mom’s emotional and physical health but also on mom’s sanity.

Drowsiness is real 

Drowsiness can be really dangerous when you have a newborn. Try not to doze off while you are breastfeeding your newborn. Keep your newborn safe in your lap or use a nursing pillow for proper support.

During my stay at the hospital after my C -section, the nurses on duty made sure that I managed to put my baby in a crib after nursing or before taking a nap. Nursing while being drowsy could be fatal for the baby. That is why it is always a good idea to have someone/partner with you for a few days unless your routine settles down.

Unenergetic and feeling Lethargic

Even though you have only a newborn or you have tots or preschoolers, you need to be energetic to fulfill their needs and demands. Sometimes you got to play with them most of the time. No matter what you have to do, you need energy and if you are not sleeping well, your energy is surely be compromised.

Affect your parenting style

If you are sleep deprived, you can’t parent the way you want to. You just can’t deal with tantrums and sometimes you tend to surrender to your kids’ unreasonable demands. You literally can’t practice what you preach.

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Your kids get disturbed

Due to sleep deprivation, a constant amount of stress and fatigue does not allow you to be with your kid(s) mentally, physically and emotionally. You can’t interact with them the way you should.

Lack of attention

Sleep improves your concentration ability and lack of sleep does the opposite. You can’t really pay attention to what you have to do. Due to a night of interrupted, non-relaxing sleep, everything seems to be jumbled up subconsciously. Your lifestyle gets affected and sometimes it is not even safe to drive as well.

Health issues

Stress is the root cause of most of the health concerns. It affects your quality of life when you don’t feel good about your health. Legs cramping, dizziness, body aches, the foggy brain could be a cause of sleep deprivation.

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Relationship Issues 

The relationship tends to suffer a lot if one of the parents is sleep deprived for days and still have to manage everything at home without any help. Moms do end up fighting with their partners.

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How to manage sleep deprivation with newborns

Well, unfortunately, you can’t do much about your sleep deprivation while your kids are babies or toddlers for a few years in the beginning. However, you just have to learn how to manage your sleep deprivation and parenting simultaneously.

Once you are a mom your uninterrupted sleep is gone forever but once your kids’ night schedule or sleep schedules settle down, you can sleep better and on some lucky nights there is the slightest chance of uninterrupted sleep for at least 4 to 5 hours.

Although, 8 hours of sleep is considered ideal for moms. But this is not possible for a few initial years of parenthood.

1.Understand Newborn sleep from the beginning

The OBGYN recommends 6 hours of sleep is a must for moms’ minds and bodies to function better right after having a baby (postpartum) which is considered to be the most sleep-deprived time of motherhood.

Newborns tend to wake up every one to two hours for feedings and they get hungry faster due to small stomach size.

The best thing you can do as a new mom is to understand newborns’ sleep and how you can go in the right direction about getting your newborn sleep at night right from the start.

Newborns do not need sleep training for the first several months. However, at the same time, you do not want to switch your baby’s sleep clock altogether and not being on a schedule. Every baby is different but you need to remember, you need your fair share of sleep to function and take care of your baby. And that is possible ONLY if you do not make sleep mistakes with your baby.

Get to know newborns sleep in a better way. Grab your copy of newborn sleep ebook, this will help new moms to understand newborn sleep and putting them on a schedule right from the beginning.

Colic or a fussy baby? A perfect guide on how to soothe a crying baby.

2. Nap when baby naps

In order to get that minimum essential sleep, try to nap when baby naps. It’s the most common suggestion every mom gives to the other but trust me, in the beginning, it’s really important for your mind and body to function.

Sleep and food, for a mom, are the two most essential things during the time of postpartum care. If you are unable to function any better how would you be able to take care of your baby 24/7?

3. Nap when you have the help of your partner or anyone around

If you have help during the day or night, feel lucky and snooze whenever you can manage. It will improve your performance in multiple folds.

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4. Try to be in bed early at night when the baby sleeps

For the beginnings, try to be in bed once your baby sleeps. Your work can wait once your baby will come out of the newborn stage and he or she will transition to an age of infancy.

If you have two under 2, twins or multiples, the series of sleep deprivation is not over anytime soon. Both of your kids are babies, their sleep schedules are going to be disturbed either because of teething or some random seasonal allergy. Whatever be the case, you have to be strong and patient.

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5. Invest in a Sound Machine

Every mom has a different set of the environment at home. Some live independent and some share a joint family system. Either way, you can decide best for your kids.

If your kids wake up to an unusual noise or they happen to be a light sleeper due to any particular reason, the Sound Machine could be a life and sanity saver. Invest in your sleep and save your sanity for a long day.

6. Reduce /avoid using cell phones or gadgets when close to bedtime

I understand how much ME TIME is important for your sanity but take my word for it, at the beginning of your motherhood your sleep is even more important. Cut down your gadget time and sleep when your baby sleeps. If you spend time on your phone unnecessarily, this will eventually affect your baby’s time when you have to be there for him/her. Babies do demand undivided attention.

7. Avoid Caffeine intake or Tea close to bedtime

Avoid taking caffeine close to bedtime. You can take tea, coffee or other caffeinated drinks during the day to stay active. When my second one was born I had to take tea at night to stay awake and alert with her because I had to follow her schedule as well as my older one.

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8. It’s okay to delay Cleaning and Dishes 

Try to get your sleep debts whenever you can manage while everything else can wait. It’s okay if your house seems messy. Try to be there for your kids when they need you in the best of your emotional and physical state. Trust me your sanity means a lot.

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Sleep deprivation is going to be there from time to time whenever your kids have sleep regression, teething, sick nights, night terrors, and much more.

9. Invest in a Rocking chair for mom and baby

The rocking chair is something you need while you are breastfeeding. It is a must-have essential for baby nursery or you can place it where ever you want in your house.

This is the one I have with Ottoman and it has been the best thing. To soothe a crying baby, you can shush her in a rocking chair. You can also relax and feel much better with legs elevated and a sleeping baby on your chest.

You have to take care of yourself too. You are as precious as your baby(s).

Just hang in there Mama, this too shall pass. Remember – things do get better with time. 

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Welcome to Motherhood.

Sleep deprived moms

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