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Motherhood is a beautiful journey and not easy to get hold of it. Right when a woman becomes pregnant, her challenges begin. It is nature’s way to prepare you and your body for the upcoming struggle for what you have signed up. You need a lot of healthy and useful tips on your journey to motherhood.

When moms give birth they have to come across hormones surge, up and down, most if not all, postpartum depression or baby blues.

No Matter what you have to deal with emotionally and physically, you have to know how you can make it easy on you with a baby to take care of care, yourself and your whole family.

Here are the helpful tips for moms who are dealing with newborns, toddlers, or an ongoing pregnancy to make it easy on your motherhood journey.

How to Make Motherhood easy – Tips for moms

Let me tell you something, motherhood comes with a package of sleepless nights, full bladder and you cannot take a moment to go pee, you haven’t had a moment to have a bowel movement, you hardly remember when was the last time you drank water, and could actually taste what you ate lately.

Life seems to be a roller coaster, and YES, it is a roller coaster for a while, and you will get used to of that.


The best favor you can do to yourself; DO NOT STRESS.

I cannot say that enough. Your baby is not going to sleep right away and there will be days when you have to wake up zillion times at night, Do not stress about the baby not sleeping or waking up too often.

Babies take time and so is their schedule. They are adjusting well. 2 years down the road, they are going sleep on their own for the WHOLE NIGHT.

This too shall pass.

If you are a brand new mom, things will take time to get sane.

Just try to be with them and use your energy on understanding what they are trying to convey. Crying is the one way they talk or communicate. So, BEAR WITH IT for a couple of months.

If you have a toddler, it is reasonable to feel stressed out about him not getting potty trained. You do not have to stress about that. He will know when he is ready.

2. Declutter as much as you can

This one is very important, I wish I knew when I had my firstborn.

If you are pregnant you should plan about what you are going to use with a baby and rest just put it on halt. Keep what you need, as in like REALLY NEED.

Discard what you do not need.

Store what you are going to in future

Sell stuff that could make you money

Donate if you do not want to use something and it could be beneficial to someone else.

The more you have, the more you have to clean up. Lesser stuff you see around less will be the overwhelm.

Get rid of anything you do not need or a cause of stress. Make your space calm and minimal as much as you can.

Your baby comes in with A LOT OF STUFF. The joy of having a family is the stuff keeps pouring in.

So you really have to be on top of it. Declutter your dressers, chest drawers, wardrobes and make a tremendous amount of space for baby’s stuff and for yourself.

At least you would have a space to put away baby’s gifts when you won’t be able to do much of a declutter.

Once baby grows out, you do not need anything anymore you got for baby … get rid of that or move it out of your sight.

Make more space for your baby stuff and for your postpartum stuff by staying more organized. Free up more space as much as you can without being stressed out.

3. Invest in pieces that bring you some kind of mental peace. 

Buy an extra storage piece for your baby’s stuff, if you do not have anything at hand. get under the bed storage to put stuff away in an organized manner.

For instance, you can have Netflix, Chromecast, Amazon firestick, Kindle for night-time reading, Alexa to remind you about whatever your mommy’s brain forgets.

Have a bouncer for your baby, a high chair is a must-have. If things could get you the sanity, choose wisely keeping at least 6 months in mind.

4. Stay minimal

When a woman becomes a mother, she has to think about her kids, family, husband and their needs. The whole family needs to rise drastically and you cannot buy everything, no matter, your budget allows or not.

The minimalist approach should be your next thing. 

Do not get too much of baby stuff all at once … more stuff means more clutter and more stress of clean up.

Embrace the chaos with a minimalistic approach. Buy less to avoid clutter everywhere.

Free up space for new stuff. Store if you don’t need it for now or maybe later you are going to need it.

5. Invest in your sleep

Although sleep is scarce in the earliest days of motherhood. You cannot sleep like SLEEEEEP! Your mind stays awake and you feel exhausted, frustrated and sleep-deprived.

This suggestion is exclusively for moms who are sharing a room with their newborns or kids.

Invest in your sleep by getting this sound machine only if you are room sharing or co-sleeping with your baby(kids). I would 100% recommend you to use the sound machine in your room. As I am sharing the room with my kids, ever since I have started using this about a year ago. I can say that it does help in so many ways.

Do not worry if you think you are not going to wake up to baby cries. Trust me, you will!

However, using a sound machine will help your child sleep better and you too. Your sleep quality will improve significantly. you will feel fresh even if you have slept for just 2 hours.

Reminder: it is not recommended to use separately in your room if you are not sharing a room with your baby.

6. Accept help

Another biggest favor you would do to your self as a mom is to accept help whoever offers you. Believe it or not, you are going to need that for sure.

Have your husband help you and you can ask him for help instead. If some family member or friend offers help, don’t hesitate. However, you can let someone do chores for you, so you could focus on things that need your attention.

If you do not have anyone around to offer help, you can hire someone to help you get done with chores. Chores can wait if you cannot afford paid help. You do not have to go broke hiring someone.

Ask around and see what other moms have to say about their journey.

7. Unwind whenever you can

Take time to unwind even that is 5 minutes for yourself. Some say sleep when your baby sleeps. This is a perfect idea when you are sleep deprived and you need your 6 hours to sleep at least.

However, if you are still emotionally and physically exhausted and you need to focus in a better way. You are not too much sleep-deprived rather feel more rusted on a mental level. Take some time to unwind at night. When your baby sleeps then you can have some time for yourself.

I know it is not as easy as it may sound when you are a stay at home mom. Take a walk alone for 5 minutes even, if you can have someone watch your baby. Otherwise, you can take your baby along.

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If that makes sense to you, go sit in a car, put on AC and loud music, relax and come back. You do not have to leave your driveway just to get a few moments for yourself.

Invest in a good stroller. If you have two kids invest in a double stroller. Go out and get some fresh air. It may sound overwhelming, times will get better. They are small for a very short period of time.

8. Walk and try to stay active

Either you have C-section delivery or vaginal delivery, the best favor you can do to yourself is, staying active to heal better, faster and lose all that baby weight.

9. Eat healthily and do not forget taking your vitamins

New moms hardly get time to eat as they are busy adjusting to baby’s schedule. However, eating healthy food would keep you energized even you are breastfeeding or not.

Drink plenty of water.

Moreover, do not skip taking your vitamins every day because YOU NEED it. Lack of nutrition could be one of the causes of postpartum depression and baby blues.

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What are your ways of making motherhood easy?

Helpful tips for new moms. Making motherhood easy for new moms.

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