9 best tips for moms to stay organized on the schedule

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Staying organized in the everyday schedule is the most challenging part of motherhood. Whether you are a full-time working mom or a stay at home mom, there is no exemption from your motherly duties.

Finding the right balance between professional and family life makes all the difference in a woman’s household. You have to feed, bathe, and clothe the kids on top of getting them ready for school and getting their homework and assignments done on time. It means that you are on the clock 24/7 because you have to manage your kids, home, work, and whatnot.

The list of chores is too long and it keeps adding up.

Even after juggling all of the responsibilities simultaneously and keeping everything organized, you might find that one or another thing is left out; either your kids suffer or your work, or sometimes both because you cannot manage all at once. The person who has been neglected the most in this chaos is you, and it is not a good sign because if you cannot find time for yourself, it will eventually affect everything.

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Organizing tips for moms

To overcome this hassle and keep your life maintained, the key is staying on a schedule and humanly organized. Here are the best tips you can get to simplify your life in a good way.

1. Plan Your Day or week in Advance

If you are a working mother, you can’t rely on being spontaneous; you need a schedule to keep things organized by planning your everyday tasks ahead of time.

Every night before you go to bed, take a pen and paper or use your phone and list the tasks for the following day. Once you have done that, prioritize the tasks as per their importance and deadlines. This way when you wake up the next morning you have no or minimum surprises plus you know what is urgent and needs foremost attention.

You can take virtual help by using apps like Asana or Trello; they are very interesting and help maximize your potential.

You can get yourself a paper planner for all you’re planning. There are multiple planners available in the market or online. It is simple and stylish with different floral patterns.

Get pretty planners from Amazon.  

2. Plan your meals ahead of time

One of the most difficult tasks at hand for every mother is deciding what to cook. It can be time-consuming, complicated, and tends to take up a good amount of your day.

Many working mothers choose to go for take-out meals most of the nights because they are too tired to cook after a whole working day.

The best way to overcome this issue is to plan a meal for a whole week on the weekend. You can decide on a menu for seven days with your family and then prep for it in advance.

Meal planners for refrigerators

You can plan meals on weekends; for example, you can make breakfast burritos and freeze them for up to a week. Whenever you want to eat, wrap them up in a damp paper towel and microwave for 1-2 minutes. Your hot and fresh burrito is ready to eat.

In addition to that, You can boil chickpeas, beans, and kebabs and use them when preparing a meal. This can reduce your cooking time by a great margin. You just need to decide on a menu and get prepping.

You can also organize your kitchen, and the best way to do it is by getting some stackable storage bins. They keep your pantry clutter-free, and you have access to all your goods at your eye level at all times.

3. Get Your Whole Family to Help

You might be in chaos because you take up all the tasks that have to be done by yourself. To be organized you need to steer some of the tasks to other members of your family as well.

You can ask your kids to help. Sometimes it is better to do the chores yourself than to watch your kids do it but trust me, it will benefit you in the long run. Kids enjoy helping when they are little. Moreover, it teaches them a sense of responsibility and completing tasks. They feel responsible when they are trusted with important tasks that you do yourself.

The same goes for your better half; you can always divide laundry, cooking, and taking care of the house between both of you. You could take the responsibilities for alternative days, or you can undertake the one you are best at.

4. Get Maximum Out of the Weekends

Weekends are the best days to focus on yourself and your family and take a break from your tiring work routine. You can get the maximum fun and management out of the weekend, you can catch up with your friends, family, movies, shows, or even restaurants you have been planning to go to. At the same time, allot a small time to your chores.

You can plan your meals; plan your meetings and your kid’s schedule ahead of time. You and your spouse can decide between school pickups and soccer practice, and other chores as well. Try to take the maximum potential out of the weekend so you can spend a stress-free week.

5. Family Calendar

Treat your family members like your co-workers so you can work as a team and get things done. The best way to get everyone on the same page is by getting a family calendar. This way, you are not the only member in charge of every event and task.

If your kid has an event, he/she can add that to the family calendar, and you can decide who takes her and picks her up. However, if you are old school, you can use a paper calendar for this, but in case you are tech-friendly, Google calendar can be of service. It sends you notifications and keeps sending reminders when an event is close by.

Having Alexa in the house is a great help. You may want to set reminders for tasks etc.

6. Try to wake Up Early so a lot can be done in a day

If you struggle to find time for yourself, my suggestion is to wake up early. There is no time like the morning when no one is awake, but you can shower, take your coffee, and do your exercise before everyone is awake. It gives you a head start to the day and some time to pamper yourself.

You can prep for everyone’s breakfast before they wake up. It can be difficult if you have a kid that wakes up before you but still, it is one of the best hacks to get your life in order.

7. Do Not Let Things Pile Up

Mail, health insurance, kid’s assignment, clutter, etc., can all pile up if not tended to from time to time. The best way to do so is not to let things pile up; check your mail every night; 90% of the mail is junk and needs a look to be sorted.

Pay your insurance and bills on time, try to bring as little work into your home as possible, and ask your kids to clean up their mess. This way, you can nip any clutter in the bud and have no sticky spots in your house and office.

Organizing is not a super impossible task. Rather it is about developing habits and seeing things better. You can introduce organizational habits in your life and your children’s lives as well. It is composed of small tasks and can be as simple as putting your bags, keys, and shoes in their spot when you get home.

Identify that your everyday line’s routine tasks and just 5 minutes every day on these chores can get your life in order and help you balance between work and home. It won’t happen overnight, gradually you will get the hang of it once everything becomes a part of the routine.

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8. Invest in your ease

Try to make your life easy by using new technology and upgrade.

Invest in an instant pot pressure cooker so you can have a delicious meal ready quickly and easily.

You can use a Kitchenaid mixer for dough preparation, so you have to spend less time in the kitchen preparing food. Meanwhile, you can get something else done when a machine is sharing your workload.

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9. Adding minimalism in your lifestyle

Not everyone would like this tip, but in my opinion, this is by far the best strategy to stay organized and stress-free. When you have less stuff to look after, you will be automatically at peace. For example, fewer toys for kids means less clutter and quick clean-ups. Going moderately minimalist is key to a healthy and simplified lifestyle.

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