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Starting School is much-awaited time for parents. Kids are excited and over-joyed with a feeling of having everything new every year. No matter what grade your kid is going to, moms need to organize the school days to make sure there is less chaos and more stuff gets done in a little time.

These are back to school essentials your child is going to need at home or for school to have a more exciting and fun year.

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Back to school tips and ideas for moms

Back to school time is the most exciting time of the year as kids get new clothes, shoes, bags, notebooks, and much more. Staying organized may get overwhelming for moms. Also, keeping up with kids’ schedules for school academics, extracurricular activities, homework, and meal preparations, along with household chores, is a lot of work for moms.

Knowing these few tips and tricks could help moms stay organized and more focussed for this coming year.

What you need for School Supplies kit

Early school years are filled with more art and craft activities. Typically, for arts and crafts, you need crayons, markers, scissors, color pencils, dry and erase markers for pre-K kids. That way you can practice art activities at home too.

For higher grade classes your child needs school supplies kit that includes writing supplies such as composition books, pencils, pencil grips, erasers, folders, pencil, sharpeners, etc.

This year, things are going to be different like never before. Wearing mask or facial covering is going to be mandatory and practicing proper sanitization to stay healthy.

More tips:

How to make healthy choices for kids.

Early learners school supplies

This back to school supplies box contains everything your child needs from grade K to 5.

For an early writer, these pencil grippers are super awesome to develop good handwriting skills.

If your child is having more art and craft activities at home or going to a daycare, you may want a smock, a huge form of T-shirt you can have your child wear so her clothes do not get messy.

For at-home art and craft activities for kids under 5, you may need to get these craft supplies for more fun.

Kids keep losing stuff, and sometimes when they have to do homework they would not find a pencil or a sharpener either. Keeping a desk caddy for homework time is highly functional to keep writing essentials organized.

If you want to save a few extra bucks, you can get washi tape and use empty jars or can to organize kids stuff in a fun way.

For preschoolers, learning books to practice reading and writing skills.

Backpack for kids

You can choose any backpack and you also want it to be durable to last a year or two. Additionally, you need to have an assigned place for the bags and school shoes, paperwork, etc.

How to Stay Organized with kids for the school year

1. Magnetic planners

Moms have to keep up with so much that they tend to forget most of the important stuff. In order to stay on top of your schedule and important dates, these magnetic planners are amazing. They are easy to stick on your fridge that may help you keep updated with everything you need to know, every single day.

Also, you can have this weekly magnetic planner to stick on your fridge.

2. Wall organizer

You need a wall organizer to keep all the paperwork organized seven days a week.

A Pencil case organizer would help to keep pencils and markers staying super organizer and not leaving stains in your kid’s bag.

Moreover, Sticky notes with color categorization can help you prioritize your tasks for the school year and remember important tasks for the whole week.

3. Kids clothes organizer

In advance for the whole week, you may want to plan ahead for what they have to wear at school. This closet organizer would help you keep clothes assigned for each day from Monday to Friday.

However, if your kids are big enough to get ready by themselves, they would know what they have to wear every single day.

4. Late days Bin

Some days, it is very likely to run late for school and you need to have basic essentials in the car. For instance, a hairbrush, gel, hand lotion, a snack bars. In that case, they would manage some last-minute business while you drive them to school.

Having a car organizer bin to keep all that last minutes essential organized for late days is a smart way to deal with such situations.

Moms need a car trunk organizer to keep kids school activities essentials like shoes, a pair of clothing, basketball or football, diapering essentials and, towel for smaller kids.

A hanging trunk organizer like this will save you so much space on the floor of a trunk.

Where to put stuff when they get back home

Depending on your house configuration, try to assign a spot for kids’ bags and jackets, etc. Installing a wall mount can be used to hang jackets during the winter and rainy season.

Use self-adhesive wall hooks for lightweight bags for pre-K kids. you can also use heavy-duty hooks for bags.

If you have a space in an entryway, I highly recommend getting a tree hall that has hooks, bench, and a shoe rack. This is a super functional tree hall bench I have in my entryway. You can use hooks to hang jackets, keys, umbrellas, bags, and organize shoes on the rack.

Scheduling meals for each day in advance

What to cook is the most complicated decision you make every single day, especially when you are a stay at home mom. When the school year starts, moms need to get everything ready on time, for kids’ breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Preparing freezer meals in advance could save you ton of time during the week.

Lunch Ideas

Some of the lunch ideas that you can make in advance and freeze are:

  • Meatballs
  • Potato cutlets
  • Chicken or veggie patties, just bake them a night before and they are ready and can be eaten cold.
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Noodles
  • hashbrown patties
  • Veggie fritters

You can make egg or chicken sandwiches a night before for lunch and put it in the fridge. These leak-proof lunch boxes for kids’ school lunch is super awesome.

Extra cash for lunch when there is no lunch from home

As I said, when you have some unexpected late days, keeping emergency cash in your child’s bag for school lunch would save you from mommy-guilt.

Make snack-size bags in ziplock bags

Make small size snack packs using ziplock bags that would help you save money if you buy in bulk. You can use reusable storage bags that can save you a few more dollars. These bags can be used for snacks, sandwiches, fruits, veggies, etc.

Also, you can create a snack storage bin, and your kids can choose what snacks they want.

If you have a long drive from home to school or expect some delays due to a rush-hour – you may need to take some snacks like sandwiches or wraps with you so kids can eat in the car.

Lunch box notes for kids

Putting an inspirational or motivational note for your little ones in their lunchboxes every day is so exciting. Even just a love note for your little one makes her day. You can use sticky notes to leave them a nice note for school or you can get these 60 cute and motivational notes for kids lunch boxes.

These are my back to school tips and ideas for moms to keep school year exciting for kids. Comment and share what is your way of making school year fun for kids.

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