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Motherhood should be rewarding for a mom. Raising tiny humans is no joke. Although, a mom is naturally capable of nurturing tiny little beings to grown-ups and for that she practically needs a constant level of encouragement to do so. A gift out of sheer love is wonderful therapy.

You might have noticed as soon as the baby arrives, everyone seems obsessed with the baby only, while a mom feels left out and sometimes this leads to more loneliness and could be one of the causes of postpartum depression.

Moms have so much to take care of and they have plenty of worries going on in their minds, the baggage of invisible worries which are running through a mom’s mind all the time about her family’s needs, comforts, wants and so much more. During this time she deserves a lot of love and care.

Even though she does so much, but her efforts are under-acknowledged. A mom needs more appreciation every single day. Sometimes even words can serve the purpose to make her happy. She gets happy with a little word of encouragement.

When I became a mom, my sister in law always showered me with so many gifts on mother’s day. I was not a mom to her but the idea of being acknowledged as a mom is really encouraging and motivating for more efforts towards your child(ren).

In my humble opinion, I think if you have a closely related new mom, a friend, a family member and you wish to do something special for her then for that I have listed a few ideas of mom gifts that need no occasion. These could be given to a new mom on her birthday, on her baby’s birth, mother’s day, baby shower, Christmas, festivals, etc. Any day should work for appreciating what a mom is doing and capable of doing.

I believe that a gift should be useful so neither it is a waste for a mom nor a waste of money for who is actually paying for it.

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Gift Ideas for New Moms 

The following are the suggestions that would be extremely useful for new moms.

1. Kindle fire

Moms who like to read can now read without a lamp in the room and enjoy the feel of a real book with kindle book reader. This is something very ideal for a mom who has to stay awake for night-time feedings, she can surely get a good read during that time. I believe it is absolutely a postpartum essential for a mom to enjoy her time with the baby when she is nursing or for her “Me time”.

Believe it or not, with other small kids in the house it is not possible to read a hard copy because there is a risk of being ripped and no one likes for books to be ripped by anyone.

You can even browse Facebook, watch shows on Netflix and so much more. If you have amazon prime you can get access to thousands of books, movies, music, etc.

The price is $ 79. This is pretty reasonable too for what this thing is capable of.

While nursing, you can ask Alexa to open or close apps for her. So this thing works great for new moms.

2. Fire Tv Stick

This is the best thing for a mom when she is doing chores or needs to watch a tv show just to unwind for the whole day, this Fire Tv Stick with Alexa voice remote from Amazon works great. It is just $39.99. Works great for a gift or if you want to gift one to your own mama-self.

3. Echo Dot

Another great option for a mom could be Echo Dot by Amazon. It’s really helpful as in Alexa is going to tell you about the weather outside, set alarms, tell you recipes or remind you about important events, meetings, appointments and so much more. The price is $49.99.

It works great for a mommy’s brain.

4.Cleaning Appointment

Another best thing you gift to a new mom is a cleaning service. Cleaning service is needed before the baby’s arrival or even when the baby has to come home from a hospital after birth.

There is a deep cleaning service that is 100% recommended before the baby’s arrival so that the house is absolutely clean to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.

You can book a cleaning service by Amazon at a very reasonable price. It is about $35 an hour and for two hours it’s about 70 depends on how much Sq.ft area you have.

5. Babysitting for a Movie Night

Offer her a babysitting service or you can book one for her if you trust someone with your own kids or someone you believe is reliable enough. I have to take my kids everywhere I go unless I have my husband around to babysit them for an hour or so otherwise when he is not available, my kids are going with me on my doctor appointments or anywhere else where they shouldn’t go and that is another level of stress.

I and my husband has not gone to movies since we had kids and seems like forever because I don’t know many friends around and I have heard a lot about babysitters beating up someone’s child. This is crazy. Unless you are friends with a new mom and you can handle kids well and have a HIGH level of patience then offer a babysitting service so that a mom can have quality time with her partner.

Since I know what it’s like to have a reliable babysitter when you do not have a family around. Trust me it could be the best gift ever!

6. Spa Appointment

Mom needs a lot of self-care after having a baby. You can book her any services like hairdo, coloring, facial, manicure, pedicure. Whatever service you want to gift her would be highly acknowledged.

You can also get this Spa Box by Sodily from amazon. It has everything to make a new mom feel spoiled and loved.

Bath set is a great gift indeed.

7. Massage Appointment 

You can book a massage appointment for her on her 6 weeks postpartum or anywhere in between. She would feel more refreshed and less stressed.

Cupping therapy can be a great remedy for moms. Make sure someone has good reviews and knows pretty well how to do it.

Guess what? There is another option of showing new moms super loved by giving her a massage machine this holiday season.

This will be a family favorite.

8. Books on Motherhood for Reading lovers 

Those who love reading gets so much relaxed if they get something nice to read. There are plenty of books on motherhood on Amazon at a very reasonable price under $15. It won’t cost you much at all if you are looking for less expensive items.

The Magic of Motherhood: The Good Stuff, the Hard Stuff, and Everything In Between

Motherhood: 55 Reflections on What It Means to Be a Mom

9. Instant Pot

For those moms who love and enjoy cooking and some moms who have to cook no matter what are going to find this gift very useful. Since, after having kids they don’t have so much time to cook anyway and watch everything going on when you have to be there for your newborns as well.

So instant pot could be a sanity saver. set a timer, do chores and a lot will be done in a very little amount of time.

10.Makeup and self-care products. 

Makeup is a woman’s best friend. Every woman loves to have makeup.

You can try eyeshadow palettes as a gift. Makeup plays a wonderful role as a mood-booster. Try this palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. It is my favorite too.

The application and color pigmentation is just amazing. I am sure your mommy friend is going to love it. If she already has this one. You can try some new ones like Soft Glam, Norvina, Sultry. They are beautiful too.

They have liquid lipsticks – beautiful colors and long-lasting.

11. Day planners for moms 

There some really cool daily planners for moms which can be given as a present for any occasion. Anything that keeps moms organized is surely going to work as a great gift.

This 2020 planner for a new mom who has kids or she works from home is an ideal and thoughtful gift.

Gifts you can add to a gift basket

A lovely mug

You can never go wrong with adding a cute mug with an inspiring quote written on it.

Ceramic Decorative Dish

Fruit Infuser water bottle

The Crunch Cup

This one is perfect for new moms when they are so busy with kids that they forget to eat. Crunch cup is for cereal and milk and it doesn’t let cereal go soggy.

Hand lotion set for this season

In this dry weather, the skin needs moisture. These will be highly appreciated.

Nails grooming kit

While breastfeeding or holding a baby, a new mom can sit and groom her nails. It’s a win-win.

Dry Shampoo

A new mom hardly gets time to shower when her baby is a few weeks old. Therefore, you can never go wrong with adding a dry shampoo in the basket.

Makeup remover wipes

Just like hair, new moms are tired to even wash their face every night. So, if you are making a basket, wipes will be highly appreciated.

A lip balm

Winters and lip balm work hand in hand.

Vertical card Holder

Moms need to be minimalist when they have little kids to take care of. This wallet is minimal as well as great for holding cards and bills.

A scarf

You may want to add a scarf in a new mom’s gift basket.

These are some of my suggestions about mom’s gifts which are extremely useful and valuable enough to go a long way.

Gift ideas for moms
Gift ideas for moms

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