After school Healthy snacks ideas for kids

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Healthy and delicious after-school snacks for kids that are useful for staving off hunger until dinner is ready. Depending on the age, kids can sure have some fun preparing snacks for themselves, too. You’ll find our best after-school snack ideas, which are easy to make, healthy, and fit a range of preferences.

Try this incredible variety of snack ideas every day so your kids don’t get bored of eating the same menu. In addition to that, there is a list of store-bought snack ideas for those moments when you are running out of time, busy with something else, or simply just do not want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing snacks.

Make your life easy, and those little gigantic tummies full and nourished with these quick prep snacks.

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What should I give my child for a snack after school?

If your kids are anything like mine, they’re ready for a snack the moment they are done with school. These healthy after-school snack ideas are perfect for kids who have afternoon munchies!

Healthy Munchies After School

A perfect list of light-filling snacks for kids that are perfect for after school when kids come back home.

Crackers with square-cut cheese – Well thinking of charcuterie boards, kids always enjoy eating cheese slices with crackers. So why not as an after-school snack?

Guacamole and chips Check out my simple easy-to-make guac recipe. Skip everything if you have to, just a dash of salt and black pepper tastes equally good.

Fruit bowls or fruit skewers – Fancy up fruits on a skewer before you head out to pick up kids from school or before the bus arrives.

Yogurt and granola – whether you prefer low-fat yogurt or a whole milk yogurt in your household, adding granola crunch can actually game up.

Carrots with ranch – baby carrots are kids’ favorite snack even though they have got carrots in school lunch too.

Sliced Cucumbers: Baby cucumber sticks with a dash of salt and pepper. Sooo Good!

Cucumber Sandwich – Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on a slice of bread, top it up with thinly cut cucumber rounds. Now cover with another slice of bread. Cut sandwiches in four making them bite-size. Serve them fresh. These are the best cold healthy sandwiches you can make fast at home.

Baked banana chips – Whether you can get store-bought banana chips or prepare them at home. Your kids are sure going to enjoy that.

Oat cookies – Bake them fresh or get them from a store. Healthy oats cookies are always a win in every household.

Bagel with Peanut butter and apple- Generously spread peanut butter on a bagel, top it with a thin-cut slice of apple.

Peanut butter jam jelly sandwich – Either you can use peanut butter or almond butter, spread butter on a slice of bread. Strawberry or any choice of jam on the other slice of bread. Make it a bite-size snack by cutting it into four pieces.

Croissant with Creamcheese – Carefully slit a croissant from the middle – toast it up for a tiny bit so it doesn’t burn. now spread cream cheese and serve.

Nutella bread – Spread Nutella on a slice of bread. Top it with sliced banana rounds. cover with another slice and its ready!

Grilled cheese sandwiches – Some kids enjoy warm sandwiches instead of cold. You can either make a grilled cheese sandwich on a skillet or try this sandwich maker – panini maker. Try this for any type of sandwich for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Dry fruit nuts trail mix – you can either get a store-bought trail mix or create your own. Mix up dry fruit, caramel, or salt popcorn with a dash of M&Ms making it attractive to munch on.

Egg Salad – Mash up boiled eggs with mayo, cream cheese(optional), or shredded cheese, salt, and pepper. Spread on your favorite loaf of bread. Toasted or untoasted.

Apple slices with peanut butter – Speaking of healthy snacks, apple slices with peanut butter tastes amazing.

Pretzels – Clearly, the chocolate-covered pretzel is an irresistible and popular snack for a very long time. So why not serve that once in a while after school treats.

Cheese – Well cheese sticks, cheese tacos, cheese quesadilla are super popular among kids. depending on how much time you have to spend to make after-school snacks, any of these cheesy snacks that are calcium-rich are great for your child growing needs.

Milkshakes or smoothies with fruit

Not just only after school snacks, but mothers also need to keep kids’ hydration in consideration too. Although water is the best source of hydration but now as the weather gets warmer, kids need to maintain their energy when they do not feel very hungry to eat much.

In such cases, fruit and yogurt smoothies or traditional milkshakes with fruits are your best bet. Avoid adding extra sugar. Mild fruity sweetness is what your child actually needs.

Banana Shake with Nutella

Strawberry and banana shake

Dates and almonds shake with milk

Picky eaters tips for new parents.

If you need some recipe ideas for picky kids or you want to try some new recipes at home. Check out these recipe ideas for picky eaters.

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