Back to School Shopping Checklist

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Back-to-school shopping may sound exciting for parents and for kids who are just about to start preschool or kindergarten. This is the time to get new clothes, and new shoes, because kids grow fast and most of the clothes do not fit anymore. Although School supplies lists vary from grade to grade, getting a new backpack or a lunch box is something you should be on a look out for. Because this back-to-school ritual is draining for parents in so many ways, be it financial or emotional. So why not.

I bet all parents cry happy tears for their child’s first shopping for back to school.

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Shopping list for back-to-school – Apparel, supplies, and more down the lane

Before you start making a shopping list, review each and every item from what you have at home or previous school year, depending on how pleasant they look you can use them for another year or so.

A backpack

A backpack is an essential item for back to school. The backpack should be sturdy enough to carry a lunch box, water bottle, binders, and books as kids move to higher grades. Kids backpack with a matching lunchbag kit.


When you buy shoes make sure you do not buy too many pieces for the same size. Because kids grow like weeds, you may end up buying couple more pairs in a few months down the lane. Move half a size up or one to avail the tax-free days in your state.

You child is going to need sneakers or closed toe shoes so their feet wont get hurt during PE class. Check out some hot selling addidas unisex sneaker for back to school.


Just a piece of advice before you start buying clothes, you need almost every color shirt for color days, Red, blue, green, white, yellow, orange, brown, etc. Since fall is just around the corner, full sleeves shirts should be on the list too.

Character shirts like Disney, superheroes, PJs for pajama says, hair accessories for crazy hair days.

School supplies

You will get a school supplies list for every grade your child is going to. That mainly includes a binder, folders, and pencils. crayons, markets, etc.

Back to school supplies box for kindergarten to K-5

Winter Jacket or rain jackets for outdoors

Outerwear is essential ranging from light outer layers to cold weather jackets. Light thin rain jackets are a good investment for rainy days depending on the climate where you live.

Check out some cute color jackets for kids.

Lunch box

A lunchbox should be functional, have multiple compartments, so your child can have a multi variety of foods for lunch. Fruits, veggies with a main entree Also, a lunch box have a ability to keep food fresh as kids do not have the luxury to warm it up before eating. Bentgo lunch box with five compartment is awesome and parents favorite.

A lunch bag is a must to keep warm things relatively warm and fruits and salads should be added to the box.

Here some of the best back to school kids lunch ideas.

Water bottle

A leak-proof water bottle or a thermos is a must. Get a water bottle that’s age-appropriate and functional for your child to use it.

Try this cute leak proof bottle because your child can customize it with stickers.


For Lexia and other hearing programs, your child should have a pair of age-appropriate headphones because sometimes it’s hard for them to listen through earbuds at school. These are the headphone I have got for my son for Lexia classes. They are adjustable, works just fine. However, you can also try some fancy headphones for kids.


Back-to-school tips for moms to stay organized for the whole school year.

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