How to declutter kids’ toys

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The cluttered play area is overwhelming for kids. Decluttering and sorting out kids’ toys can be tricky for moms. Keep your child’s interest in mind while you are organizing and simplifying the playroom. In the process of decluttering, you may have to get rid of kids’ toys regularly because new toys keep coming in as your kids grow older.

In my case, when I see that my kids are not interested in toys anymore and exploring everything else around the house – I need to sort out their toys and try to keep it minimal according to their interests and preference.

A clean and organized playroom seems more inviting for kids rather than a messy, stressful play area.

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Tips on how to declutter kids’ toys 

If you are a mom of a boy, you know what is tipping over small cars, legos, and character figurines. At that moment, you realize its time for organizing and reserving a spot for every toy your kids have.

Here are the tips and tricks you need to know to declutter kids’ toys. 

1. Purge, whatever needs to go

First of all, try to get rid of kids’ broken toys, because they are part of a real mess all around the play area or living area. I would not recommend you to keep something in the hope that you are gonna fix it later.

If your child holds an emotional attachment to particular toys, do not purge without his consent. However, if you are confident that you are not upsetting your kids by purging their toys, it is a good practice to involve them in purging activity.

For new toys, your child may not be interested in miscellaneous stuff, try to get rid of it sooner than later. Chances are; if you don’t need it now, you are not gonna need it in the future as new things replace the old ones. 

Keep them in a box if you can utilize them in some DIY projects. 

Purge what you find useless, broken, or not safe for your kids. Also, do not donate or pass on a toy to other kids, if you think it is not safe.

2. Donate, what you do not need

Donate toys that are in good condition and your child has grown out of them. If you have toys for kids at around 6 or 7 months of age and are in pretty good condition, you can donate them ONLY if you don’t want to keep them for your future kids. 

In the US, there are donation centers like Good Will, Thrift Store where you can donate gently used or brand new toys.

When you plan to donate a playset, do not disassemble unless you have a manual and original packing available. Some donation centers, if not all, may refuse to take disassembled toys.

3. Toys rotation

Although kids get bored with toys quickly, that does not mean you cannot hide them for a couple of months and take them out later for more excitement. 

You can put away toys in large bins or boxes (Label them what it has).

However, if you want to create more excitement for them as they have for new toys, tape them well or wrap them for even more fun

Toys rotation is an excellent way to keep kids engaged and excited for toys, even though kids were bored of playing with the same toys.

4. Toys swapping with other kids 

If you are lucky enough to have mom friends or other kids in the family who are more or less at the same age, you can try toys swapping with them (if they are comfortable). 

Practicing toys swapping will help you buy less stuff and it will eventually be less stressful. As more stuff means more clutter and consequently more stress.

5. Minimalist lifestyle 

Typically, retail therapy is the best therapy for moms or a Target run seems like eternal happiness.

Despite retail therapy, the downside of going out too often is when you see more stuff, you tend to buy more. For that reason, online shopping is a great way to save money. You search what you need and that’s about it.

Also, too many toys make kids overwhelmed and they do not find them entertaining.  Whenever my living room fills up with a ton of toys, my kids do not seem interested in playing. As soon as the playroom is clean and sorted, it becomes more inviting for them to play.

If you embrace the minimalist lifestyle, it will be a source of immense peace of mind. Less stuff, less clutter. If less clutter, you won’t have to worry about cleanups every hour. 

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6. Invest in organizing bins to Make space for kids stuff 

Have a nice looking bin storage installed for kids toys to have them look organized and less cluttered. 

When kids have too many toys around, they get overwhelmed and do not understand where to begin. 

Organize and put their toys in bins or trays so they are easily accessible. Put away toys for a while if your child does not seem interested. 

If you have too many extra toys, you do not want to give them all at once. Save it for days when you want to keep them busy for a couple of hours or give them as a reward for doing something nice.

Keep them in a big storage box that could stay out of sight for them otherwise they might want you to open their new toys and expect the same thing every time. 

7. Simplify kids’ toys

I don’t know about you, but I do not like stuffed toys. It is so much clutter and seems useless to me. Probably there is something else that does not make sense to you or your kids. 

Donate what you or your kids don’t like. Simplify your kids’ playroom with toys they enjoy playing.

If you think these toys are not age-appropriate for the kids around you, consider donating them to daycares, or sell them online.

8. Teach Children not to be hoarders

You need to teach your child to donate toys to someone who is deserving, not only the stuff they do not need, also the toys they like and have too many of them. 

Toy swapping would develop a sense of sharing in them. And this will help them not to become hoarders later in life.

9. Control your desire to purchase toys for kids’ too often

Well, that’s the biggest mistake parents make at initial stages of parenthood when they can avoid overspending on toys. You should not get whatever toy you want your child to have.

Toys are amazing for brain development, but you need to make sensible choice while making a purchase.

Storage you can use to organize kids’ toys as per your space

A perfect bin for toys suitable for infants and toddlers for a tidy looking space with fewer toys, these bins look lovely.

Kids can store plenty of toys, especially small cars. You can put these in your kids’ room, living room, or a special playroom. They can take up a lot of toys. You can never go wrong with these.

If your kids love stuffed toys, or they have bigger toys, this storage organizer can have stuffed toys without looking cluttered. You can have cubby bins to cater to extra small toys as well. This can have books as well.

You can also have your bathroom look less cluttered with this bathroom toy organizer.

Storage organizer is a great way to store toys when you have bigger kids and they have a separate playroom.

This ottoman is a great option to hide all that clutter within minutes if you have a small space and your kids are sharing your living room space for toys.

For kids, who have a separate playroom or a craft room, then these organizers are great for arts and crafts.

Kids, who love reading books, you can have this bookshelf to organize books.

These storage organizers can be used with pretty cubby bins so you can have your space look less cluttered and cleaner.

You can also have this storage bench to contain kids toys in a playroom or close to the entryway.

More helpful tips to make kids’ playroom look less messy

  1. Teach your kids to help you clean up the playroom every night before they go to bed. Gradually when they get older they will be able to clean up all by themselves.

2. For a small space, utilize storage in a vertical configuration rather than horizontal.

3. Once your kids start understanding the idea of keeping toys contained in a playroom, teach them not to take their toys everywhere in the house. It would save you so much time while cleaning up. Kids are smart, they learn everything fast.

4. For kids’ birthdays, you might want to do “NO GIFTS” on the invitation cards.

5. However, if you like the idea of “FIVER PARTY,” you can plan those for kids’ birthdays.

Spoil kids with your love, not just with any toy they want. Shower them with love, hugs, and fewer toys for more fun and interaction.

Share your strategies on how you make your space less cluttered and more organized.

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