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Kids get bored pretty quickly with one toy before they even started to enjoy. This is something we cannot do much about. We still got to bring them toys to keep them busy and engaged in, for their developmental skills. 

No doubt, spending habit boosts toys business, at the same time this also develops a lot of clutter in your home. Every area in your house becomes a play area. 

Kids just love exploring and they just want to explore every single corner of the house, regardless. 

If you are a mom of a toddler then you know what is tipping over small cars, legos or some character dummies. And then you realize that you need to declutter so much.

Lately, I have experienced the fun of decluttering my living area with my son’s toys. I have realized I need to do it every two months as they keep piling up no matter I buy him toys or not. 

My daughter plays with his cars most of the times as she is growing up seeing his cars and she hardly gets to play with her toys because he just grabs her toys out of curiosity or you may call sibling jealousy. 

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Tips to declutter kids’ toys 

Here are the tips and tricks you need to know to declutter kids’ toys. 

1. Purge, what needs to go

The number one thing to declutter is, whatever you have broken stuff in kids’ toys, you need to purge them anyway. However, if something has minor damage, that can be fixed, it is your choice to keep it.

However, if your broken toys are unsafe, you need to throw them away.

For toys you are confident, you are not upsetting your kids by purging them, just do it while they are not around.

If you open a toy, and there are some random XYZ stuff that your kid seems not interested in, you should consider trashing them in the next couple of weeks. 

If you don’t need it now, you are not gonna need it in the future as new things replace the old ones. 

Keep them in a box if you can utilize them in some DIY projects. 

Purge what you find useless, broken, or not save for your kids. If it is not considered safe for your kids, do not pass it on to other’s kids. 

2. Donate, what you do not need

Donate what you think is in good condition and your child has grown out of those toys. If you have toys for kids at around 6 or 7 months of age and are in pretty good condition, you can donate them ONLY if you don’t want to keep them for your future kids. 

There are some donation centers like Good Will, Thrift Store where you can donate toys used or new for kids who cannot afford to pay a high price. 

3. Toys rotation

Although kids get bored with toys quickly that does not mean you cannot hide them for a couple of months and take them out later for more excitement. 

You can put away toys in large bins or boxes (Label them what it has).

However, If you want to create more excitement for them as they have for new toys. Tape them well or wrap them for even more fun

Your kid might seem familiar with rotating toys, but as long as he is having fun and you are having your sane moments, it doesn’t hurt to try. 

4. Toys swapping with other kids 

If you are lucky enough to have mom friends or other kids in the family who are at more or less the same age, you can try toys swapping with other moms (if they are comfortable). 

This practice will help you buy less stuff and it is going to be a good use of toys. 

5. Minimalistic lifestyle 

Although retail therapy is the best therapy for moms to feel better or a visit to target leads to emotional happiness. 

Going to Target makes me so happy and somehow I never regret shopping at Target.

This issue arises when you see more stuff, you tend to buy more. That’s why online shopping is a great way to save money. You search what you need and that’s about it.

However, too many toys make kids overwhelmed and they do not find them interesting.  Whenever my living room fills up with a ton of toys, my son would never want to plan for a long time. The moment it cleans up, things get better.

If you embrace the minimalistic lifestyle, it will be a source of immense peace of mind. 

Less stuff, less clutter. If less clutter, you won’t have to worry about cleanups every hour. 

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6. Invest in organizing bins to Make space for kids stuff 

Have a nice looking bin storage installed for kids toys to have them look organized and less cluttered. 

Kids do not play when they have so much stuff, they get overwhelmed and they do not understand where to begin. 

Organize and put them in bins or trays so they are easily accessible. 

Put away toys your child does not seem interested. 

If you have too many extra toys, you might want to keep them safe somewhere are take them out later. You do not have to give them every toy right away.

They would be worthless to them and you certainly do not want that. 

Keep them in a big storage box which could stay out of sight for them otherwise they might want you to open that again and expect the same thing every time. 

7. Get rid of something you just don’t seem to like at all

I don’t know about you, but I do not like stuff toys. It is so much clutter and seems useless to me. My kids never seemed interested in stuff toys either.

Probably there is something else that does not make sense to you and your kids. 

Donate them or purge them. 

Decluttering is going to feel and look so much better. 

If your child is not interested in stuff toys, just get rid of them or you get too many similar toys on your kids birthdays etc, think about giving it on someone’s upcoming birthday or you can give it to someone out of love.

If you think these toys are not age-appropriate for the kids around you, consider donating them to daycares, or sell them online.

8. Teach Children not to be hoarders

You need to teach your child to donate toys to someone who are deserving, not only the stuff they do not need, also the toys they like and they have too many of them. 

Toy swapping would develop a sense of sharing in them. And this will help them not to become hoarders later in life.

9. Control your desire to purchase toys for kids’

Well, that’s the biggest mistake parents make at initial stages of parenthood when they can avoid overspending on toys. You should not get whatever toy you want your child to have.

How to organize kids’ toys as per your space

These are the suggestions for storage bins you can buy.

This is a perfect bin for toys suitable for infants and toddlers. For a tidy looking space with fewer toys, these bins look lovely.

Kids can store plenty of toys, especially small cars. You can put these in your kids’ room, living room, or a special playroom. They can take up a lot of toys. You can never go wrong with this.

If your kids love stuff toys, or they have bigger toys, this storage organizer can have stuff toys without looking cluttered. You can have cubby bins to cater to extra small toys as well. This also can have books as well.

You can also have your bathroom look less cluttered with this bathroom toy organizer.

This storage organizer is great when you have bigger kids and they have a separate playroom.

This ottoman is a great option to hide all that clutter within minutes if you have small space and your kids are sharing your living room space for toys.

For kids who have a separate playroom or a craft room, then these organizers are great for arts and crafts.

Kids who love reading books, you can have this bookshelf to organize books.

These storage organizers can be used with pretty cubby bins so you can have your space look less cluttered and more beauty.

You can also have this storage bench to contain kids toys in a playroom or close to the entryway.

More helpful tips to make your space look less messy.

Have your kids help clean up with you if they are small.

Teach them clean up before going to bed when they are a little older to understand chores better way.

For small space, use storage that is more vertical than horizontal.

For the playroom, keep organizers minimum so you can declutter on a monthly basis and it would not be so much work.

Once they start understanding the concept of keeping toys contained in a playroom, teach them not to take their toys everywhere in the house. It would save you so much time while cleaning up.

For kids’ birthdays, you might want to do “NO GIFTS” on the invitation cards.

However, if you like the idea of “FIVER PARTY,” you can plan those for kids’ birthdays.

Spoil them with your love, not just with any toy they want. Shower them with love, hugs and less toys for more fun.

Share your strategies on how you make it less cluttered.

How to declutter kids toys

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