Why is your child going to the toilet to pee more than usual [Frequent Urination]

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Sometimes, a potty-trained child, all of a sudden, wants to go to the bathroom to pee more often than he normally does – may be more than 20 times a day. When this happens your child passes a minimal amount of urine without any pain or discomfort, and you may notice urine spots on the pants sometimes.

Typically, this happens when your child is around the preschool age, 4 to 5 years old (definitely more than 3-year-old). Such behavior is quite common in preschoolers. Most importantly, you should know, none of this is deliberate. Your child does not know how to deal with such situations.

Even though your child has good bladder control, he is going to the bathroom every 20 minutes or even less. Sometimes it gets hard to understand what’s going on.

Not every time it is a medical condition. Other normal reasons could be drinking too much water, holding on to pee for a long time.

However, if your child is having painful urination and also complaints burning sensation or have an overactive bladder, you must seek professional advice.

Commonly, other than overactive bladder, frequent daytime urination syndrome or Pollakiuria is also one of the medical conditions.

Coming back to your child’s urinalysis…

If you are reading this article, quite a chance you are a worried parent looking for a solution. Once I have been there, all worried and looked for the answers. I can help you with how I dealt with such a situation.

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Why is your child all of a sudden starts going to the bathroom to pee too many times

In my experience, there are a few factors responsible for the behavior, like frequent urination or going to pee too many times in a day, or having accidents, despite being fully potty trained.

Stress and Anxiety

As a parent, you know your child more than anyone; if there is any change in your child’s everyday behavior or activities, you are the first person to notice. Something that is ‘not normal.”

Like I said, if your child is potty trained, and he has reasonable bladder control and hardly had any accidents – why would a four or 5-year-old child is painlessly going to the bathroom every 10 minutes to pee when there is not enough to urinate.

Experts say this kind of behavior is significantly related to anxiety.

Several factors could trigger anxiety for a little kid.

Change of place or Routine

A new house, new neighbors, staying at someone’s house, new school, new daycare.

A long break from the scheduled routine and then going back to normal could cause anxiety subconsciously for kids – anxiety or excitement of going to school, seeing friends, some new family members, etc.

Also, a new sibling, guests, or new people could be the reason for frequent bathroom trips.

Lack of attention

Are you too busy around the house or busy at work than usual? Kids want undivided attention. Sometimes Issues like this arise when, as a parent, you are failing to give even a bare minimum.

Running from a situation

If I look back to my childhood, I could relate to running from a situation when you want a distraction. Homework not done, or left books at home. We all have had our moments. What is the best way other than nature’s call to get away with a situation?

How you can solve the problem of frequently peeing

When my son started preschool, he took about 3 to 4 weeks to adjust. It was tough for him in the beginning. Eventually, he enjoyed going to school and loved everything about it.

In about two months, we had a family vacation planned, and we had to take a break in November from school. I had guests at home for almost a month. When we came back, he started school, and I noticed he is always going to the bathroom every 10 or 15 minutes, and he is doing the same in the school.

It was worrisome for me. I could tell it is not UTI, since he is not complaining about pain or a burning sensation.

Eventually, I figured, due to our vacation break he had to skip school – and once we are back he is not getting attention, in general, as he used to in school and at home. As it takes a while for things to get back to normal.

Once I understood the problem of frequent urination I followed these steps to help solve this issue.

Give your child undivided attention

If your preschooler is showing signs of “anxious peeing”, you need to slow down with your routine and give your child your undivided attention.

Talk to your child’s teacher or caretaker

Most likely, your child is going to the bathroom more than usual in school or daycare. Have a word with your child’s teacher or caretaker and talk about paying more attention than she does. This really helps.

Understand your child’s surroundings

This behavior is common for preschool-aged kids. While they are at school or daycares, it could be something your child feels anxious about. As a parent, you need to figure it out.

Teach control once again – Have your child wait for 30 minutes at least for the next bathroom trip.

Limit your child’s sugar intake

Most importantly, cut down Sugar – absolutely no candies unless he gets to his normal bathroom routine. Trust me; if you tell your child that he is not going to have candy until this problem is fixed, he will cooperate for sure.

Remember, your child is not doing that deliberately; it is just about what he feels at the moment.

Natural remedy for bladder control – Feed your child Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are known to improve bladder health. Try to incorporate sesame seeds in your child’s diet.

Add sesame seeds in the





Smooties etc.

Mix it in honey and make honey drops

Eating Sesame seeds is an effective natural remedy to improve bladder health. If your child has overactive bladder problems or bedwetting issues then you must add sesame seeds in your child’s diet.

Also, you may be interested in getting sesame seeds coated peanuts or crunchy candy. I usually get sesame seeds coated snacks (made of brown sugar) called “Rewari Sweets” from Asian grocery stores. It is so addictive, and your child would never say no to something tasty like this. It is readily available at local stores at a very reasonable price.

Is your child complaining about stomach pain or gas – here is the best remedy to fight such issues.

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