Tips for Going out with a newborn

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Going out with a newborn baby is an overwhelming experience for new parents. There are so many questions that hit your mind as a new parent about taking your baby out in public and keeping them safe while you are outside.

As a matter of fact, it might be concerning to step out of your house with just a few days old baby. Many parents worry if they should go out in public with a newborn too soon. It is always a good idea to wait for several weeks after the baby’s birth to visit crowded places.

Although looking at the same four walls could get new moms a cabin fever, still it is advisable for moms to take precautionary measures when they leave home with a newborn baby.

Not to mention, you have to be super prepared with baby stuff and a lot more for the first several visits. Especially if you are going out by yourself only without any significant help, either just to venture out or out of necessity.

If you are visiting someone’s house, make sure it is smoke-free and does not have any other harmful conditions like mold, chemical fumes, etc.

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Helpful tips for going out with your newborn baby

When is it safe to take newborn baby to public places?

New parents are concerned about the time is it safe to take newborns out in public. well, it is advised to wait a couple of weeks until you decide to take your baby out in public.

Typically, moms have household chores to deal with, some have to run errands and so much to manage with multiple kids and they cannot stay home with a baby delaying everything they have to do.

No matter what your tasks are, you have to be super careful, vigilant, and extra prepared when you’re heading out with a newborn.

When is it safe to take newborn baby for a walk?

While going to crowded places with a newborn is not advisable depending on the baby’s health condition and weather, but going outside in a park with a newborn or just for a walk around the block is advisable. Talking about favorable weather conditions, indirect sunlight is good for babies who may develop mild symptoms of jaundice.

However, waiting for a couple of weeks before going out with a newborn is highly recommended.

Dress up your baby weather- appropriate before going outside

First things first, you should not take out your baby inappropriately dressed. Your baby has to be neither overdressed nor underdressed.

As a general rule, your newborn baby needs one extra layer than what you are wearing as per the weather. If you are wearing a light jacket, protect your baby with a light jacket and cozy warm swaddle as an extra layer. if the weather is warm, keeping the baby covered with a muslin blanket as an extra layer is just fine.

Do not expose your baby to direct sunlight

While indirect sunlight is good for babies, you should not expose your baby to direct sunlight. Newborns have delicate skin. You do not want to leave without fully covered clothes and sunscreen.

Do not leave without a hat

Newborns have significantly bigger heads than the rest of their bodies. That is the reason they tend to lose heat from their head much faster if they are without hats.

Newborn needs to wear a hat for the first several months after birth, no matter what weather it is.

Find more baby hats here.

  • Do not leave without getting to know the weather forecast: you should always check the weather forecast before you leave home with your newborn. Prepare accordingly, in case of rain, snow or flash flood warnings.
  • Tip: If there is nothing urgent, in case of the bad weather forecast, postpone your visit.

How to take baby out during cold weather

The Winter season could be tricky for newborns. Mom and dad need to be super careful while taking the baby out during the winter and fall season.

  • The baby needs a hat, and blanket for protection from the cold windy weather. Also, baby ears need to be covered.
  • Despite how cold the weather is, you need to make sure the baby is not overheated sitting in a car seat. Common signs of overheating are blushing cheeks and ears, and the baby seems less active and more sleepy.

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how to avoid direct sunlight while you are outside with a baby

It is best to keep babies younger than 6 months out of the sun because babies have thinner and more delicate skin than adults, thus they are more prone to sunburns.

  • Try to avoid peak hours from 10 am to 2 pm when the sun rays are strongest.
  • Keep your baby in the shade, and his head covered with a brimmed hat. Wear him thin long pants, and a thin long sleeve shirt to avoid direct sun rays.
  • Apply sunscreen safe for baby skin with an SPF of 15 or higher to all exposed areas like face, neck, hands, feet, and a tip of the ears. Be sure to apply 15 to 30 minutes before going out and reapply in 2 hours if you are still outside.
  • Just be sure the sunscreen does not contain Oxybenzone. There is a concern that this ingredient may affect hormones in the body.

Where to go with a newborn baby for the first time

Now, you are almost ready to head out – the next thing is where to go with a newborn baby?

visit Less crowded places for the first few weeks

Ideally, it is not sound to visit crowded places with a few days old newborns because babies are more vulnerable to catching germs really quickly in the first several months after birth. Go to places where there are fewer people or to a cleaner environment for the baby.

How to protect your newborn during pandemic.

Make sure the weather is favorable for the baby

During pollen season, when children are getting seasonal allergies back and forth, you should avoid going out in the parks or staying outdoors.

This does not mean you cannot go out when you have a baby. Newborns, just a few weeks old- are adjusting to a new environment so they are more vulnerable to catch a viral cold, flu, or fever much faster.

Keep a thin blanket as per weather conditions or use a car seat cover to keep the baby covered. When you come back home, change baby’s clothes, preferably, giving a bath is great.

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During hot weather, the blanket should be breathable and the baby should not be overdressed as the temperature rises quickly if the baby’s car seat or stroller is covered with a canopy.

Start with shorter trips with your newborn

When it is your first time going out with a baby, start small. Take a short trip, just around a block in the neighborhood. Heading out of the house could be quite an adventure with a newborn. Your visit success depends on your baby’s temperament, tolerance, and stimulation.

Babies get crankier at the end of the day, or sometimes a visit to a grocery store may take a whole day of an adventure with a newborn.

Rest assured, this is not to imply that you should not go out with newborn babies, the whole point is to get used to with this new change.

Remember, babies are not adults, they get tired pretty quickly before you even arrive at the destination. Be prepared for hunger, overstimulation, sleep, overwhelm, and crying – each and every case is real. Start small, test the waters, and gradually stretch your visit hours when you head out of the house.

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When is the right time to go out in public with your newborn baby

Some cultures dictate that moms should not leave the house for about 4 to 6 weeks after childbirth until then moms have also recovered from postpartum struggles. whereas some believe that going out with a baby may keep you from developing cabin fever. In a nutshell, it is up to a mom how healthy she feels herself to go out with a baby on her own.

However, you need to check these options when you plan a visit with your newborn.

  • When you are well-rested. If you are sleep-deprived, there is no point in going outside and increase your stress levels.
  • When your baby is well fed or just after a feeding.
  • when places are less crowded or off-hours
  • Preferably when you have help to go out with you and also someone can lend you a hand with logistics.

What to Pack when you go out with your newborn

Babies have a lot of stuff and there is pretty much everything you may want to take with you while going out with a newborn baby.

  • First, you have to decide, for how long you are heading out?
  • How old is your baby?
  • What is the baby’s schedule of eating, pooping, and sleeping? That’s what they do at this point. Keep plenty of diapers if the baby is just a few weeks old.

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Diaper bag and diapering supplies

You need a decent-sized backpack for your baby while going out. Do not overpack. Staying minimalist is the key to easy motherhood.

No matter how long or short your trip is, never leave home without ENOUGH diapering supplies. Newborn babies need frequent diaper changes so you need to take, diapers, wipes, disposable changing sheets, disposable diaper sacks, and just in case, a diaper cream.

you must pack Extra Clothing essentials before you go out with a newborn

An extra Onesies should be in your backpack at all times. Expect to have at least one change of clothing for your baby, and for yourself too. Be prepared for diaper blowouts, leaks, spit-ups, spills, and whatnot.

Just a general rule – you need to pack more extra stuff for the smaller baby especially a newborn 0 to 3 months old. As babies grow they become less messy and more predictable.

Breastmilk, formula milk or on-the-go baby food

Take breastmilk, ready-to-use milk bottles, or baby formula in your baby bag.

If your baby is about 6 months old, you may want to take ready on-the-go baby food. Or you can use homemade food for the baby.

How to go out with a newborn when you are breastfeeding?

If you are a breastfeeding mom, you may want to have a nursing cover to breastfeed in public. You can take bottles with you, the formula in milk dispensers, and also water to prepare formula feed for your baby.

Most of the shopping malls, airports, and other recreational areas have nursing stations for moms. You can take your baby whenever for changing needs or breastfeeding breaks.

Baby carrier or a bassinet

Some baby carriers are not designed for newborn babies, If you plan to use one, always check the minimum weight limit first. Find a baby carrier that you think is workable for you as per your comfort, baby’s neck, and back support. Moreover, you have to make sure it is adjustable to newborn size.


Well, you cannot head out without a stroller. It is a staple to have one and it depends on the choice of stroller you want for your convenience.

  • For newborn babies, you cannot have an umbrella stroller that does not have a rate of recline. However, there are some umbrella strollers that can be reclined also ensure sun protection.
  • Newborn babies need a certain degree of recline to have proper neck support because their development does not allow them to sit upright and hold heads high.
  • Although Jogging strollers are not recommended for babies until 5 or 6 months old when they get good head control while sitting upright. You can still have a jogger travel system for infants with a car seat so you can easily head out and jog around.
  • However, you still want to have a stroller that comes with a travel system. A car seat compatible with a stroller. This is the best option for newborns when you go out. It has the ease of taking your sleeping baby out of the car without interrupting her sleep and put a car seat in the stroller.

Experts do not advise parents to have newborn babies sit in the car seat for more than 2 hours at a stretch for a variety of reasons. Newborn babies should be on their backs most of the time and not in the reclining position of a car seat.

For that reason, it is good to have a travel system with a bassinet when babies can stay on their back and you can stroll around the neighborhood while they enjoy a good slumber.

The 3-in-1 travel system with bassinet is getting popular among new parents for its versatility and safe option for babies.

Canopy or Seat cover

You need to have an umbrella stroller, a canopy, and a car seat cover to protect your baby from rain, wind, sun or snow.

You can buy a separate cover for your baby’s car seat to keep your baby protected from germs and uncertain climatic conditions.

Also when your baby starts sitting without back support, then you may want to have cart cover for your grocery store visits with your baby. You may want to have a clean and soft surface for your baby for your Target runs.

Last but not least, it is up to you, how healthy you feel to go out with a newborn as it takes a lot of energy and at the end of the day, both you and the baby are exhausted.

How to take a newborn to a restaurant?

Going to a restaurant with a newborn may seem overwhelming as you have to take all the right essentials for the baby. Be prepared for nursing breaks by keeping a nursing cover handy to breastfeed in public.

  • Normally, newborns sleep 14 to 16 hours a day. So if you get lucky, your baby might be sleeping for the whole time you are there. Since babies are unpredictable, so be prepared with diaper blowout changes, spit-ups, hunger, etc.
  • A baby carrier or baby wrap may work for you while you can enjoy your meal with friends or family.
  • Choose a dinner time that is before the baby’s bedtime. while you are done with dinner, change and nurse your baby at the end and your baby might be fast asleep on your way back home.
  • Keep baby in comfy clothes, and have your newborn stay in a car seat with a stroller so you can rock your baby as needed.
  • Once you get a hang of it, you will know how to prepare for the baby before going to a restaurant.
  • Expect your baby to get hungry the moment you leave the house and a painful crying ride while you drive to the destination.

What to do with a baby when you have to stay at home?

When you come back home from the hospital, here is the baby care routine that you may want to follow while you are at home with a baby all day long.

Also, here are the newborn play ideas that you can try at home.

Besides what you choose for your baby, you have to keep your convenience in consideration too. Moms now have access to all kind of baby gear, choose wisely and invest in your sanity.

Happy Motherhood.

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