Coming home with a newborn – what to do now

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When you came to the hospital you were two, now it’s time to go home and you are three. The excitement is real to go home with that little bundle of joy you have been waiting, for almost a year.

Planning your homecoming with a baby gets a little overwhelming for new parents. Coming home with a lot of care instructions from nurses at the hospital, where everyone was caring for the mom and the baby… and now handling the baby all by yourself at home… from feeding to bathing, listening to inconsolable crying and whatnot, needs a lot of patience and time.

Here is what you should expect your days to be like, and what to do with a baby at home. Once you get the hang of it, it’s all worth it in the end.

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Coming home with a baby – what’s next

When you get discharged from the hospital, you need to bring a car seat with you, and one of the nurses at the hospital has your newborn sit in the infant car seat and makes sure it is properly installed in the car. The infant’s car seat has to be rear-facing.

Hospital staff guides you about baby care instructions especially regarding circumcision care if you choose to have one for your baby boy. In addition to that, they make sure you already have pediatrics for your baby to set up weekly appointments to monitor the baby’s growth.

Getting baby homecoming outfit ready

Keeping all the excitement into consideration, a homecoming outfit is the most essential outfit your baby could probably have. Even though your baby does not need too many newborn-size outfits, but the homecoming outfit for you and the baby holds a special significance.

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Plan a professional photoshoot with a baby at home depending on how comfortable you are with a baby and your health.

Baby’s nursery is set up and childproof

Make sure your baby’s nursery is a child-proof and safe space for the baby to have no harmful, bulky, or tipping over furniture. However, it should have a baby crib, a changing table, and a rocking chair.

Here is a minimalist way to decor a baby girl nursery.

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While getting your full baby gear for nursery, or travel, or toys, you must have complete knowledge about SIDS and choking hazards.

If you choose to co-sleep your newborn, make sure you have a co-sleeper bassinet so the baby can have a separate space to sleep, instead of sharing a bed.

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What to do with a newborn all day at home (Baby’s Routine)

One thing you have to remember that babies love routine. Some households are very particular and follow a rock-solid routine for babies from day one, regardless of the circumstances. Whereas, some parents seem to be a little flexible about the baby’s routine. No matter what way you choose, it should be in the baby’s best interest.

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Set up a Feeding schedule for the baby

Newborn babies need to be fed every 2 hours. If you want to breastfeed, then you might want to nurse every 2 hours for the first several weeks to have your milk supply settle in. As your baby grows, you can start stretching the time in between feedings.

You can also do feed on demand. Watch out for any hunger cues from your baby. Hunger cues include hand sucking, crying, etc.

If you are formula feeding your baby then your baby would get hungry in 3 to 4 hours because the formula is heavier than breastmilk that takes longer to digest.

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Set up a Baby’s massage Time

Babies love massage, well, who doesn’t?

You can schedule their massage at day or at night. Babies sleep better as they feel more relaxed after having a gentle massage.

Massaging with organic coconut oil, olive oil, or special baby oil is recommended. Massage would keep skin soft, hydrated, and well-nourished.

Check out this Earth mama’s Organic baby oil

What do you need for baby Massage

Massaging babies before bedtime or bath time significantly improves their sleep. You must follow gentle massage instructions and have massage essentials ready before you begin.

  • After gentle massaging your baby, keep her diaper-free so that she can enjoy more free play for 15 to 30 minutes. To prevent pee sprays, get a muslin cloth to cover the diaper area instead of using a disposable diaper.
  • Do not forget to place waterproof changing sheets underneath to prevent any poop stains. Y

Bathing your baby at home

Setting up a bath schedule is a little tricky. Some parents prefer bedtime baths while some like morning baths. No matter what you decide, be sure you start baths once the umbilical cord comes off.

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What is the best time to bathe your baby?

This is totally personal preference, how and what time of the day you want to bathe your baby. Some parents follow a bedtime bath routine, so that baby is clean and tends to sleep faster and more comfortably. Whereas some follow the morning bath time routine to have a fresh start to the day.

No matter what suits you according to your circumstances, as long as you are following it consistently, your baby is going to adjust with that… and love it.

For my kids, bedtime baths did not work as they tend to wake up immediately after a short nap. For that reason, I always bathed my kids in the morning after breakfast. so they can enjoy a fresh start to the day.

Always make sure your baby is elevated in a bathtub and well supported on a sling. Be with your baby at all times. Check out some more important bathing tips.

Do not leave your baby unattended, not even for a second. A phone call or a doorbell can wait. If you really have to answer either of them just wrap your baby in a towel and take her with you.

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Baby diapering

New parents tend to change 8 to 10 diapers a day for newborns. Eventually, this number keeps on decreasing as your baby grows. Diapering is an essential part of parenthood, and here is what you need to know about baby diapering.

Going out with a baby

Going for a walk with a baby is essential. However, you need to prepare a lot before you step out of the house with a baby. Make sure you have all baby essentials in a diaper bag – without overpacking.

When you should go out with a newborn after coming home.

Simple Play activities you should with your newborn at home

Babies open their eyes, look around, do some leg cycling. Once they are tired, they want to sleep again. within a couple of weeks, the baby seems to be more active and playful. Tummy time, peek-a-boo, making silly sounds, sticking your tongue out, and talking are some very fun stimulation activities for your baby at this point.

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Babies’ naps stretch from a few minutes to a couple of hours because naps are the most essential part of their lives. That’s all they love to do. Eat, Sleep, poop, again, eat sleep, poop. So on and so forth.

Developing a proper and consistent sleep schedule is essential at this point, or at least try to set up a sleep training right from the beginning. One thing as a new parent you have to keep in mind, setting up a sleeping schedule takes whole lot of time and patience, and a little bit of growth. Growth of your baby and you as a parent.

As a new parent, here is what you need to know about baby sleep issues.

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