Baby coming home outfits for boys

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Once your baby is born, there are so many precious moments you want to treasure forever. One of them is planning your baby’s coming home outfit. The baby coming home outfit is all about celebrating new beginnings and making them memorable for life. Dressing up a baby in a personalized outfit, especially for going home after getting discharged from the hospital, is another level of exciting and emotional homecoming for both parents and siblings.

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Baby coming home outfit essentials

What do you need for baby homecoming outfits? Check out the baby clothing and accessories guide for first-time parents.

When you are preparing for the baby, and your hospital bag, make sure to keep these baby coming home outfit essentials prepared ahead of time so you can actually enjoy those early moments to bond with the baby.


Wearing the baby a onesie is essential for most comfortable clothing. Add more thin layers of onesies for colder weather. However, if the baby feels warm, the onesie itself is an outfit.


Newborns need hats even in warm weather because their tiny bodies can easily lose heat faster. Try to buy a baby coming home outfit that comes with a hat, but make sure it’s not too small for the baby – and it should be a no-slip hat.

Socks or footies

Mostly, newborn socks run too big for those tiny little feet. And the chances of losing them are quite high. That said, you can go for soft booties or onesies that come with footies.

Blanket or baby wrap

Keeping yourself prepared for any weather is essential, so you must carry a baby blanket that is weather-appropriate; a warm blanket for colder days, whereas a thin muslin blanket works just fine for warmer days.

Baby’s gender

Although most of the parents know in advance what they are having and buy accordingly, gender shouldn’t matter in a newborn outfit if you choose to go with gender-neutral colors and designs.


Keeping extra layers for extreme weather is wise. An extra cover-up shirt, a pair of socks, and a blanket work best for colder weather. Always remember, babies may need just an extra layer than what you need for any weather. Sitting in a car seat or inside the stroller may raise the temperature under the blanket.

Comfort & easy on functionality

Well, for me, comfort comes first. So if you want to have your baby ready for a picture-perfect homecoming outfit, make sure your baby is comfortable in those cute-looking tuxedos.

Have your baby ready in functional clothes that ensure easy and quick diaper change. Newborns in jeans may look super adorable, but changing diaper like the 100th time of the day is a lot of work itself. For that reason, zippers or button onesies are a great choice.

Baby coming home outfit sizing

Buying the right size for the baby coming home outfit is equally important. My advice to you is to not buy too many newborn-sized outfits except for the first 10 days. Your baby will grow faster than you know in those first several weeks. Outfits in 0-3 sizes are ideal for the homecoming outfits, but not too many.

However, if your baby runs big, maybe more than 8 to 10 pounds, a newborn-size outfit may not be the right choice.

Baby essentials clothing and accessories guide

coming home outfits for baby boy

Rain or sunshine, this newborn going-home outfit onesie for boys is sure to be a hit for summers. However, you can add matching footies to keep the baby snuggled and warm.

Home coming outfits for winter babies

How adorable this cute little romper for homecoming from the hospital. You can choose any color you want for your little boy making him irresistible for your loved ones.

This unisex sweater romper is made of knitting wool that is soft and comfortable for your newborn homecoming outfit. It comes with a hat and a collar that’s going to make your baby super cute.

Either you choose this outfit for newborn photoshoot day, or a half-year celebration this is absolutely a show-stealer.

The infant short romper is made of excellent cotton making it skin-friendly and comfortable. The fabric is breathable, light-weight, and fits snug on your infant. The waffle texture is absolutely perfect on baby skin without causing any irritation.

The perfect crown jewel sparkly ‘Take Me Home’ outfit is made of 100% soft cotton making it essential for every newborn celebration outfit. This is a great gift for baby showers that new parents will absolutely love. Not only this, it is also perfect for formal occasions if your newborn has to attend one.

This plaid print outfit is made of cotton and the material is super soft material making it suitable for infants. This outfit is perfect for memorable newborn photography shoots or homecoming photography.

Not only this it has multiple colors and print options you can choose for your little boy.

This one-piece romper with matching beret and removable bow tie is going to make your baby look so stylish. The snaps from top to bottom are easier to take on and off making the diaper change easy and convenient. This outfit is perfect for homecoming, birthday party, baptism, blessing, dedication ceremony, photoshoots, Christmas, or Easter, etc.

Buy this Cute going home onesie

Check out this cute onesie coming home outfit in a mint green color.

The black and white New-to-the-Crew newborn coming home outfit is a great pick for boys. You would not need footies for warm weather, so this one seems ideal for boys.

Check out this cute little boy and suspenders-style outfit for that little young man.

A long sleeve light nightgown kind of onesie is great if you are going home around evening and want to choose comfort over style.

A full-sleeve white and blue going-home outfit with a personalized name hat looks super adorable for boys.

Get your personalized name outfit. Haven’t decided the name yet? I can help. Check out 100+ unique names for boys.

A short-sleeve onesie with black and red pants without footies makes for a great look to rock home from the hospital. This outfit is even better for a newborn photoshoot or coming home newborn photography.

Buy this black and red outfit with a matching blanket.

Check out this cute deer plaid outfit in orange.

Are you still searching for a special newborn take-home outfit? Dress up your adorable baby boy in this masculine color outfit.

Buy this green letter print romper with a hat.

A long sleeve onesie is just way too perfect for cooler days with footies and a beanie hat. This outfit is always a win-win for both comfort and style.

newborn baby boy onsie

Buy this unisex Little Me one-piece romper suit.

Something similar in better color options and for sensitive skin babies.

baby onesie

Buy this 100% cotton Burt Bee’s set of romper jumpsuits.

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