Clothing and Accessories essentials you need before baby arrives

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Clothing accessories you need for your baby realistically in the coming weeks and months are a few items not in a dozen of quantity as your baby is going to grow out of it before you even know it.

What your baby needs after birth and several weeks after, should be enough for you to get ready with before you bring baby home. Typically, it is not as easy to go out and shop around with a few days old babies. For that reason, have every clothing essential ready for at least 6 to 8 weeks for you and the baby.

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Baby’s Clothing and accessories you should have for the baby

Hospitals in the US provide basic onesies while you stay at the hospital for delivery. You don’t have to worry about your hospital bag if you need to rush – just in case.

Here is what to expect – what happens during your hospital stay for child birth.

By week 34 your hospital bag should be ready as it could be anytime now. So here is what clothing essentials you need for the first several months for your baby.

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Undershirts or onesies

You need a few basic onesies in a newborn size that can be worn as an undershirt.

Keeping the weather in mind is always a fair approach to reasonably dress up your baby. Avoiding too many layers in heating and air conditioning is a good idea. Also, try to limit layers depending on the location if you are inside or outside the house.

Pajamas and sleepers – for newborns, you do not need special Pjs, just a footed onesie or a nightgown, whatever makes the diaper change easy at night.

Baby Blankets or sleep sacks

Wearable blankets or sleep sacks would also ensure sound night time clothing. Burt Bees 100% organic cotton wearable blanket is very popular among new parents. Especially for babies who have over-sensitive skin or eczema concerns.

As a safety consideration, do not use baby blankets in the crib as it may increase the risk of SIDS. Although you may want to have a baby blanket for the car seat or just as a cover-up. You can get a cute customized blanket for your baby.

Baby swaddles are essential for a perfect sleep schedule that you may want to start right from the beginning.

Check out the Halo sleepsack that parents love for their babies. It has a lot of room for the baby to relax, wiggle, and stretch.

Baby Socks

Getting too many socks is not a sound idea for this newborn period. You also do not have to find non-skid onesies as long as your baby starts walking. Once the baby is ready to crawl and tries to stand holding on to something, then you need no-skid socks and onesies.

Check these out:

no-skid socks

footed no-skid onesies.

However, if you still want to get something to cover the baby’s feet, get a footed onesie or put on socks underneath to keep them warm and cozy.

Baby socks are essentials when the baby is crawling and learning to walk. You may get zillion pair of socks. But here are some fun socks that your baby is actually going to love and enjoy.

Check out these cute fun socks ideal for a baby’s sensory development.

Baby shoes

Newborn’s shoes look so cute but they are not for walking. I would not suggest you buy too many shoes for newborns. There is quite a possibility you get a few pairs in your baby shower gifts. However, you just have to make sure you have enough pairs for newborn Photoshoot or month-by-month photography.

Check out these “Too CuteBaby Girls Shoes.

Baby Hats

Do you know why babies need to wear hats, despite how hot it is outside? The baby’s head is the largest organ as compared to the lower body, tends to lose heat faster and for that reason, the baby has to wear a hat at all times at least for the first several weeks after birth.

Get hold of a cute looking no-slip hats for your baby. Sometimes hats tend to slip away and covers the baby’s face while they are in the car seat. New parents need to be vigilant at all times once you have a newborn along.

Baby Bibs

For nursing moms and formula-feeding moms, baby bibs are a must-have. Baby bibs have a purpose, and that is, you need to make sure the baby’s neck folds do not have milk residue that may be dripping while you feed.

Bandana bibs are stylish are work best for everyday drooling. However, on the practical side, silicon oversized bibs are best around 4 months of age, when the baby is starting solids.

Right size clothes

For an average-sized baby around newborn clothing size fit for about 2 to 4 weeks. When your baby is about a month old, it is very likely, 3 months size would fit your baby.

Every baby has its own growth pattern. Generally, formula fed babies gain weight rapidly as compared to breastfed babies.

You do not have to pile up so many outfits for newborn size as baby grow out too soon before you even know it. However, you can stock up size 3 to 6 months and 6 to 9 months as they may fit for most of the months until your baby turns a year old. Keeping a significant amount of diaper blowouts in mind, you sure need enough size 3 to 6 and 6 to 9 during the first several months.

Read all size and weight specifications on clothing tags when you are purchasing outfits. Carter’s clothings are very practical for every day wear. For some reasons they do run small or accurate as per baby’s weight and height. Thus, the best thing is to buy a bigger size rather than getting a small one.

Remember sizing varies with every brand. Some may fit accurately as described, whereas some may run small or big. When choosing the colors, if you want to go for neutral colors that may be of some benefit for more babies to come.

Rest assured, babies size do not change that quickly, once she turns one (or as faster as the first several months).

Here is the list of minimums you need in each size. You can add or subtract as per your choice.

  • Newborn Size 0 – 5 to 6 outfits, if you really want to have plenty, not more than 8 in my opinion. .
  • Infant Size 3 to 6 months at least 10 outfits.
  • Baby Size 6 to 9 months at least 15 outfits.
  • Size 9 to 12 months at least 15 outfits

Other than that – I would highly recommend you getting significant amount of baby bottoms in each size. Thanks to baby diaper blowouts.

Learn how you can prevent diaper blowouts from happening.

As per my experience, do not get anything that is tight on the abdominal or tummy area for night-time. Loose-fitting clothes will help baby release gas quickly. Read more effective tips to ease baby having gas issues.

Easy access for diaper Changing

When choosing your baby’s outfit for day and night, you have to make sure it has easy access for changing diapers at night too. Some parents find two-piece clothing as perfect for night time, however, some prefer the pack and play onesies with zipper. It’s all about preference. You will figure out in a few nights what seems easy for you and your baby.

Learn how you can prevent diaper leaks during the night.

If you choose clothing with zippers, make sure you keep zip and fabric away from baby’s skin in order to avoid inadvertently zipping your baby’s skin.

Dressing Technique

When you are dressing up your baby, make sure you position her well on the changing pad.

Make sure you have your hand at the back of baby’s head for support

Put on onesies Over the head and then gently put baby on her back and then limbs one by one through arm holes.

Be gentle and keep baby in safe position at all times.

For zippers and one-piece outfits, lay down the outfit first on the changing pad. Lay down your baby gently on the outfit and then put arms inside and then legs and then zip it up.

In case of a huge blowout, keep a disposable pad or a towel on changing pad to avoid further mess. Read this for everything you need to know about diapers.

For soiled clothing, for those which have shoulder snaps, pull it down from the waist to legs to keep mess contained and not getting it in the hair.

For onesies which have no wide shoulder to pull it down, roll up carefully to contain the soiled onesie getting into baby’s hair.

Use mitten to Keep the baby’s hands covered in order to avoid face scratching. Mitten may tend to stay loose on the baby’s tiny hands. Look for newborn outfits that come with a flap inside the baby’s sleeve to keep hands covered.

Check out some babies onesies that come with sleeves flap.

Safety consideration for baby’s clothing and accessories

  • Your baby should feel safe and comfortable to sleep.
  • There should be no strings, pins or anything that could be dangerous for baby’s health.
  • Making sure your baby does not have any removable object on her clothing that could be a potential risk in any way.

How to Clean and wash baby clothes

Some babies, not all, may have sensitive skin and it could trigger some allergies with particular fabrics. So, just to be safe, you can wash all baby clothes prior to use only those which are going to have direct contact with skin, not outerwear.

I know many moms and grandmothers like to pack washed and clean baby clothes in your hospital bag. I did not do it for my kids because I never thought bout doing it, so it’s your choice anyway.

However, if your baby happens to have a skin allergy or sensitive skin, you should get Burt-bees organic clothing for your baby. I am a huge fan of soft fabric, and Burt Bees have the organic material that is safe for baby’s delicate skin.

Washing Baby’s clothes

Detergents, using baby-safe soaps or fragrance-free detergents for at least the first three months, is not a MommyTrap kind of a thing. Some fragrant products may trigger eczema in babies. Before you switch to regular laundry detergent, it is indeed a great way to wait for the first couple of months to rule out any signs of skin allergies or irritations which the baby might develop after birth.

Stain removal

Washing breastmilk or formula milk spit up, or a soiled outfit instantly can minimize stains but sometimes you do not have that option. Some diaper blowouts are so massive that you cannot even think about washing them in such circumstances. I even had to trash some brand new onesies at public restrooms while we were traveling as they were impossible to be washed or packed dirt.

You can use this stain remover to save your baby’s new outfits.

In order to prevent diaper blowouts, you can get a diaper extender to protect your baby’s clothes from poop stains. I think it’s time to go to a whole new level of baby essentials.

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