Post-pregnancy skincare – 5-minute routine to get your glow back

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Skin is the body’s largest organ and goes through a lot during pregnancy, such as stretching, dark patches, acne, blemishes, etc. Be it pregnancy hormones or post-pregnancy fatigue. Postpartum skincare, at this point, is vital for new moms to reduce the signs of aging somewhat. It may take a while for your skin to recover from hormonal changes, so following a proper skin care regimen after pregnancy is crucial.

While new moms have a little one on hand to take care of, they tend to forget or say they are too tired to look after their skin post-pregnancy.

The biggest mistake moms tend to make post-pregnancy is ignoring their skincare routine or not having time for it. Most commonly, they feel lazy even to wash their face at night to wipe off all the dirt. They could only dream about a cozy bed to at least sleep for 4 hours at a stretch.

After seeing your skin in a healthy pregnancy glow, are you now missing your radiant skin after giving birth? Well, a part of this could be hormonal change but ignoring the skincare routine after a baby is not a good strategy as it could impact your skin significantly as you age.

Let’s see what the best affordable skincare products new moms should use after having a baby are.

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Post-pregnancy skincare products that are a must for new moms

Clearly, new moms do not have a lot of time to spend on their skincare routine after having a baby. Even though we all understand that skincare is important at every stage of life, we just put it on the back burner after having kids. And this should not be the case.

Try to follow a basic skincare routine, cleansing, toner, and exfoliation, and apply a good serum followed by a good moisturizer and an eye cream.

Speaking of, 5-minute or 10-minute skincare can give moms a facial glow and noticeably reduce the signs of aging by following simple steps and using good quality skincare products.

Washing your face with a good cleanser

I am guilty of making this mistake after having kids. I barely get to wash my face at night. Before having kids, I never slept without removing all my makeup. My skin definitely suffered over the years when I felt too lazy to actually go and wash my face – consequently, I noticed enlarged pores, dark spots, and whatnot.

Use a good facial cleanser to wash your face every morning and night. Most importantly, at night. This La Roche Posay facial cleanser is awesome if you have normal to oily skin.

Facial cleanser to wash face every day at night as part of your postpartum skincare routine

For normal to dry skin, you can use La Roche Posay hydrating cleanser to wash your face every night before going to bed.

Here is what you can use to wipe off makeup every night without damaging your skin.

tried and tested products for best results of postpartum skincare routine

Use a Toner

Use a toner to remove any grime or product residue on your face. Apply some on a cotton ball and wipe off the whole face with a toner.

Since you know your skin better, if you have postpartum acne or hormonal acne after a baby, it is highly recommended to use a toner with salicylic acid to reduce further breakout.

Try this La Roche Posay toner with salicylic acid.

Well, to be honest, sometimes you might have to skip it, but that’s okay. as long as your face is clean, you are good to go.

Using a good quality serum

Let’s just face it! No matter what age you have kids, using a good quality serum that can be used AM or PM that actually improves your skin is essential at this point.

I highly recommend Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. I can’t recommend this enough. This serum is SO GOOD. It has the power to visibly improve skin within a couple of weeks of use. The best thing is that you can use this serum during the day and night.

You will never regret buying this! Use it with your foundation or in your am or pm skincare routine; it is the best serum so far for skin repair.

Estee Lauder best Night skin repair serum for postpartum skincare

A good quality skin moisturizer

Good moisturizing is an inevitable part of your skincare routine. I absolutely love Kiehl’s ultra facial cream. It’s perfectly hydrating and also works great before applying any makeup.

Also, It Cosmetics anti-aging moisturizer is amazing and keeps skin soft and plump throughout the day.


Never leave your house without applying sunscreen on your face. Protecting your skin from the sun while it’s still healing from giving birth and breastfeeding is essential – it’s better not to damage it any further. If you don’t have time to apply anything on your face in the morning, just apply sunscreen whether you are inside the house or going out.

Sunscreen is a must during pregnancy and for postpartum skin care

This Supergoop sunscreen is by far the best. The formula is so light, invisible, and hydrating. It doesn’t feel like your skin is layered up too much.

Cotz sunscreen is also a good affordable option for everyday use.

Eye cream

Although new moms with newborns or toddlers don’t have enough time to spend on their skincare when they see a pile of chores around the house. Regardless of whatever basic routine you follow for skincare, using a good eye cream is the best investment, in the long run, to combat wrinkles around the eyes, dark circles, puffiness, and whatnot.

And Believe me, we all need it!

 Eye cream to use in postpartum skincare to prevent dark circles, crow feet, puffiness.

Kiehl’s eye treatment is great for eye care, especially when you are sleep deprived and prone to develop dark circles and eye puffiness.

Exfoliate once a week

Do not use any harsh exfoliators at this point as postpartum skin is fragile, going through many processes to rebound. Using a mild exfoliator every once a week (if you get time) is a reasonable way to keep that grime off your skin.

Postpartum skincare routine for new moms to maintain healthy glow.

These products are my recommendations for an easy postpartum skincare routine; you must follow this every night before going to bed. Keep the weather in mind where you live. Dry weather allows you to use more moisturizer, so your skin doesn’t get dry or crack. Whereas if you have hot or humid weather, wearing a light moisturizer is sufficient.

Note: When choosing a product, ensure it is safe to use while breastfeeding if you are still nursing.

Along with good skincare, eating healthy, especially during postpartum, and staying hydrated is equally important.

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Postpartum skincare routine to recover or prevent aging and dull skin.

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