What to wear in the hospital after giving birth and going home

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While you have everything packed in your hospital bag for the baby before your due date, don’t forget to pack your comfy postpartum outfits for your hospital stay and stylish yet new mom-friendly going-home outfit after giving birth. New moms should pick items for postpartum clothing that are easy to put together, versatile and comforting.

When you are full-term pregnant, staying comfy in your outfits is essential. The major misconception women might have about the after-birth outfits is that once the baby is delivered we can fit in our regular (pre-pregnancy) clothes immediately. Well, that may or may not be true in most cases. Postpartum recovery and body shaping take time.

As a general rule, once the baby is out, maternity clothes for 7th months pregnant might fit for most women, unless you have a baby-only pregnancy.

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Best postpartum clothes for hospital stay and going home after birth

Choosing your comfy postpartum wardrobe for a hospital stay and after coming back home, should be cute, elegant, and above all aesthetically pleasing for memorable hospital photos. Initially, you are having an immediate family as hospital visitors and home visitors when you go home after delivery. Therefore, it is definitely a confidence booster to look presentable and put together after baby.

After giving birth Matching outfits for a new mom and baby

Clearly, moms should invest in stylish postpartum outfits to wear after having a baby. It is somewhat essential to have new clothing pieces in their postpartum wardrobe for moms to regain confidence in their post-baby bodies.

Sometimes you are at the hospital waiting for the birthing process to start, your cervix might take some more time to get fully dilated. While you have to roam around the labor and delivery hallways waiting for natural pains to get close apart, either you can wear hospital gowns or you can take comfy robes with you.

Here is what you need to know about what happens at the hospital after birth.

In case of vaginal birth, most likely moms are ready to go home in a couple of days. But for the nights, when you have to breastfeed the baby and stay comfy, again the nightgowns are the best that makes nursing easier as well as the bonding ritual of skin-to-skin with your newborn.

After the baby is born, get this cute, aesthetically pleasing mom and baby matching outfit.

Maternity underwear or postpartum underwear

In the US, almost hospitals provide moms with breathable mesh maternity underwear. They are perfect for those huge maternity pads. However, if you still want to wear incontinence underwear for postpartum that is totally up to you. Otherwise, panties that are stretchy, cotton, and breathable are best for undergarments.

What C-section moms can wear at the hospital after delivery?

Things might look different for C-section moms, whether you have a planned Csection or an unexpected one. Either way, moms should come prepared to the hospital in terms of clothing as well.

Wearing clothes after C-section should be nursing friendly, there should be nothing tight outfit around the incision. After having C-section, moms can definitely shower in the next day or two, so don’t spend your hospital stay in those uncomfortable hospital gowns.

You can certainly choose to wear gowns while you are at the hospital after delivery. Other post-delivery outfits could be a super soft nursing shirt.

Button-down nursing shirt

Postpartum outfits for summer

Although hospitals are pretty warm in winter and cool during summers. If you feel chilly regardless of the weather you can wear an additional layer in the form of a cardigan or a cover-up. However, after delivery the comfy(iest) outfits for the moms to walk the hallways after C-section or vaginal delivery as recommended by doctors, a button-down knee-length shirt is ideal.

Moreover, the weather-appropriate maternity nursing pajama set is a great hospital outfit you must try.

Ideally, postpartum dressing after giving birth is more of a personal preference. A modest full sleeve nursing pajama set is a perfect outfit for hospital or home visitors. with full sleeves.

Postpartum Nursing bras

Wearing good support Nursing bras is essential after giving birth. These nursing bras are one of the best sellers for new moms – having one-hand Access, adjustable shoulder Straps as required, and easy drop cups for convenient feeding because you have to feed every hour after birth.

Must-have postpartum essentials for moms’ recovery after birth.

postpartum outfit for going home

More modest clothes after delivery is a personal preference for moms. Some moms may not be comfortable wearing revealing outfits after delivery as women’s bodies change significantly during pregnancy.

What to wear going home from the hospital

Post-baby outfits that look stylish yet comfy is a win-win. Depending on how much weight you have gained during pregnancy, after delivery, it’s not going to be an overnight magic wand for weight loss. You can choose to wear a size-appropriate tracksuit when going home from the hospital. Just make sure you can nurse your baby conveniently.

After C-section loose pants or trousers

Ideally, wearing loose pants and trouser is optimal. C-section moms should not be wearing anything too tight around the incision. In such cases, stretchy lounge pants are your go-to along with a neutral color nursing tank with built-in bras. Style it up with a weather-appropriate cover-up cardigan.

Cardigan or cover-ups for postpartum outfits

Get this oversized sherpa for a Stylish cover-up outfit to wear on any nursing tanks or shirts.

Stylish kimono for new moms to wear when going home from the hospital.

Nursing shirts and tanks that you can wear during the day and night after giving birth

If you are a legging person, these maternity nursing shirts are perfect to wear during summer while going home after the baby.

Moreover, these nursing sleep tanks that you can wear at night at the hospital after baby.

Socks, slippers and shoes that you must take in your hospital bag for delivery

No-slip socks that you should wear before and after delivery to wear in the hospital. These pairs of no-skid socks are essential so you won’t slip while walking on those slippery hospital floors. 

As much as you need no-slip socks, you must have a pair of comfy slippers or slip-on shoes for easy wear when going home.

Why slip-on shoes are better than laces shoes after having a baby?

Clearly, slip-on shoes are relatively easy to wear without any hassle of tying laces. With a baby and having stitches on the mom’s abdominal area, it is wise to wear comfy, slip-on shoes instead of shoes with laces or heels.

You might already be having a pair of slip-on shoes, just take those. But if you never tried slip-on shoes before, these lightweight, super comfy shoes won’t disappoint.

Going home Maternity dress after giving birth

Moreover, new moms can wear stylish maternity dresses while going home after having a baby. Depending on your comfort level, wearing short or long maternity dresses not only look more aesthetically pleasing but also is great for newborn family photoshoots.

Also, wearing a maternity long skirt with a nursing tank, or a comfy full sleeves nursing top is a great way to modestly dress when going home with a baby from the hospital.

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