Best Coming home outfits for baby girls

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Choosing a coming-home outfit is one of the simplest tasks left when you have already accomplished the tough decision of purchasing baby gear and other baby stuff that you have to pick out as you prepare for the baby’s arrival while you are still pregnant. Deciding on a perfect baby’s outfit for coming home from the hospital somehow gets a little challenging, as you have to keep some important things into consideration.

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Choosing a perfect Baby Girl’s Coming-Home Outfit

Once you are done packing your hospital bag or making a list of your postpartum essentials, picking your most favorite outfit for the baby’s homecoming can get a little confusing. While you have too many outfits received on your baby shower, here are the things you need to consider before picking a perfect outfit for the baby:

Comfort and functionality

Most importantly, the perfect coming-home outfit should be highly functional for you and the baby both. Make sure your baby is wearing an outfit that is comfortable by all means, changing diapers, or nursing on the go should not be a problem. Homecoming outfit should be easy for the baby to sit in the car seat which is certainly not possible while wearing a sleep sack or a swaddle.

Weather appropriate outfit

You have to choose a seasonally appropriate outfit. As a general rule of thumb, babies require one additional layer to what you are wearing according to weather conditions. Not to mention, keeping the climate in mind is equally important where you live.

Baby hats are essential, as babies take time to regulate their body temperature on their own. Keeping a no-skid hat on is necessary so the baby does not lose their body heat faster.

Matching hats and socks

Ideally, you should choose an outfit with matching socks and a hat but if your outfit doesn’t come with a matching hat and socks, then be sure to get extras, so the baby stays warm on the journey home especially in winter.

Keep A Blanket

Another must-have for a coming home outfit is a blanket that keeps your baby protected from all those germs, especially during these times of uncertainty. Keep a weather-appropriate blanket handy to cover the baby’s car seat while you stroll down the aisles from your hospital room to your car.

Since we are keeping a blanket as an extra layer for the baby, overpacking or having the car’s temperature too high is not advisable. Anything between 71 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit is totally fine for the baby.

An outfit perfect for coming home pictures

Make baby’s first day at home memorable by setting up a newborn photo shoot. Choose a stylish outfit that will stand out in all the photos you take that day. Make sure you pack extra to deal with spit-up and blowouts.

How we made our picks for the best baby coming-home outfits

While selecting the outfit, you have to keep a few important things in mind.

For the functionality of an outfit, consider if the onesie has buttons or a zipper, and the fabric is baby-friendly; some babies tend to have sensitive skin, so the fabric quality should be your top priority.

Figure if the baby will be able to sit in the car seat comfortably wearing your favorite outfit. Is it gender or weather appropriate? No matter what outfit you pick for your baby, this journey from hospital to home should be strictly weather appropriate.

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