200+ Muslim baby girl names with meanings

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Choosing the perfect Muslim name for a future baby girl is indeed one of the most exciting parts of expecting a baby. Parents want to decide on a short and unique name for a girl child that is also easy to pronounce depending on where you live. An Islamic name that stays evergreen and never goes out of fashion is what parents wish to have for their children.

Here is a list of unique names for baby girls that have beautiful meanings and are perfect not only for Muslims – but other biracial families around the world who prefer trendy names.

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Girls’ Names That Start With the Letter A

Aleena means soft and delicate.

Aiza means respected and noble

Ayra means respectful

Anum means benefit blessing

Aamina means trustworthy

Aatirah means fragrant

Abia means great

Adeena means pious

Adn means paradise

Afra means whitish red

Aidah means reward

Aqsa means farthest

Ayla means noble

Afrin means praise

Afya means shadows

Amal means female companion

Amany means wish

Amaya means night rain

Amber means jewel

Ameenah means trustworthy

Ameera means princess

Amelia means trustworthy and faithful

Amra means princess

Anah means patience and perseverance

Aneesa means close and intimate

Ansam means breath of life

Aresha means under an umbrella

Arij means fragrance

Asur means mark or trace

Asra means to travel by night

Amna means peace

Ayn means spring

Girls Names That Start With the Letter B

Badia means admirable and unique

Baha means beauty and glory

Baiza means bright, white and brilliant

Bareea means innocent and blameless

Barlin means princess

Basira means endowed with insight

Basma means smile

Baraa means excelling

Bareea means innocent

Binish means intelligent

Birrah means good deed

Girls Names That Start With the Letter D

Dafiya means narrator of hadith

Daania means beautiful

Dahab means gold

Dahila means flower

Dalia means flower

Daneen means princess

Daniyah means closer

Daria means learned

Deebaa means cloth of silk

Dhuha means forenoon

Deema means rainy cloud

Deenah means obedience

Duha means forenoon

Durriyan means shining bright

Girls Names That Start With the Letter E

Elia means the earth

Eilliyah means the beautiful one to grow in peace

Eillin means champion

Eimaan means faith

Eira means snow

Eiram means heaven

Elham means inspiration

Elijah means beautiful and smart

Eliza means unique and precious

Emily means flower

Emma means entire

Erina means beautiful, lady

Ermina means beautiful lady

Eshal means flower of paradise

Ezzah means a person who gives respect

Girls Names That Start With the Letter F

Faatin means beautiful

Fadia means redeemer

Farah means joy

Farani means sunshine

Faraai means name of lion

Farha means happiness

Farhina means happiness

Fariha means joyous

Faria means a prosperous woman

Fatim means woman worthy of praise

Fatima means woman worthy of praise

Fazeen means increasing

Friya means beloved

Girls Names That Start With the Letter G

Gabriella means an angel

Ghaania means beautiful girl

Guleen means one with a beautiful smile

Girls Names That Start With the Letter H

Hadeel means to coo

Hadia means leader and guide

Haemah means crazy in love

Hakima means ruler

Halia means knowing

Hamna means blessed sparrow of heaven

Hanaan means affection

Havina means safety

Haya means shyness

Hawiya means dominant

Hayah means life

Haniya means pleasant

Hannah means affection

Hareem means walls of a house

Haseen means beautiful

Hayfa means slender

Heba means gift

Heemal means related to ice

Heeya means heart

Hibah means gift of God

Hikma means wisdom

Hira means “mount Hirah”

Hiyam means “love and passion”

Hooria means angel

Humra means beautiful rose

Husna means good outcome

Hareem means respectable

Hafsa means young lesson

Haniya means to be pleased

Hiba means gift

Girls names That start with the letter I

Inaya means help, care and protection

Iba means sense of honor

Ibrah means wisdom, advice

Ibrisam means silk

Ibthaj means joy

Ibtisam means smiling

Idaya means heart

Ifra means identity

Ilhem means inspiration

Ilma means novel

Imaan means faith

Inam means gift, present

Indela means like a nightingale

Imani means trustworthy

Insha means creation

Innila means sweet moon

Insiya means someone who remembers

Iqamat means peace

Iram means garden in heaven

Isir means inspiration

Irit means daffodil

Israt means pure and gentle

Izabelle means beautiful

Izza means fame, honor

Izzah means might, power

Insha means creation

Iqlas means trustful

Izma means higher position

Girls names That start with the letter J

Jabeen means forehead

Jabirah means comforter

Jamaima means lucky

Janan means heart, soul

Jannah means garden, paradise

Jasia means God is gracious

Jaseena means nice heart

Jasmine means flower

Jasmina means flower

Jassia means one who sits

Javaria means little small girl

Jeahan means creative mind

Jenna means heaven, paradise

Jessenia means flower

Jian means life

Jinan means garden

Girls names That start with the letter K

Kamila means perfect, complete

Kanwal means flower

Kanz means treasure

Kanzah means treasure

Khaila means to complete with pride

Khairiyah means charity and good

Khazeena means treasure house

Kyda means preserved, strong

Girls names That start with the letter L

Laila means night

Laiqa means worthy, elegant

Lamah means brilliancy

Lamia means brilliant

Lamiya means with beautiful curls

Larisa means cheerful

Layaan means gentleness

Layan means gentle and soft

Layina means tender

Lema means eye

Lhaam means institution

Luna means moon

Lyana means eye of the light

Girls names That start with the letter M

Madhat means praise

Mahasin means beauty, charm

Mahiba means majestic

Mahira means skilled

Mahnoor means light of the moon

Mahreen means bright and beautiful

Mahrosh piece of moon

Mahveen means light of the moon

Maira means moon

Maisah means walking with pride

Majd means glory

Maliha means beautiful

Mamuna means trustworthy

Manaar means guiding light

Manab means share

Manahil means spring, pool

Manha means gift of Allah

Maraam means aspiration

Malaika means angels

Marah means happiness

Marib means wise

Mariyah means fair complexion

Marnia means wealthy in every aspect

Mashel means light

Maryam means Mother of Prophet Isa

Masun means safeguarded

Mawiyah means the mirror

Maeyda means fruits of heaven

Mayil means full of grace

Mehar means courtesy of God

Meharunnisa means beloved one

Mehak means fragrance

Minaal means to reach your destination

Mirah means provisions

Misaam means beauty

Momina means faithful

Monera means shining light

Midhah means praise

Muzna means rain clouds

Mysha means happy for the entire life

Maha means resembling moon

Maheen means beautiful and radiant

Girls names That start with the letter N

Naaima means delicate

Naajia means saved

Naba means great news

Nabeeha means intelligent

Nadaa means generosity

Nadia means tender

Nadima means intimate friend

Nafia means beneficial

Nahar means day

Naija means daughter of wisdom

Naila means gifts

Naira means shining

Najaah means success

Najiya means intimate friend

Najya means victorious

Narmin means a flower

Naseen means cool breeze

Naqiya means pure and clean

Nawfa means excess

Nazli means delicate

Nida means call

Nudra means rarity

Nuha means intelligence

Nur means light

Girls names That start with the letter O

Ola means glory

Omera means enjoys having a positive attitude

Omysha means smile

Orwiya means female mountain goat

Orzala means the brightness of fire

Ozra means virgin

Girls names That start with the letter P

Pakeezah means pure

Palwasha means light ray of moon

Parsa means pious

Parkha means dew

Phiroza means turquoise

Girls names That start with the letter Q

Qadr means fate, destiny

Qahira means overpowering

Qaifa means estimator

Qailah means one who speaks

Qaima means bestower

Qanaat means patience

Qaraah means cloudlet

Qaylah means two woman companion

Qindeel means light

Qirat means beautiful recitation

Qisaf means brittle

Qudsiah means holiness

Girls names That start with the letter R

Raabia means hill

Raaida means explorer

Raaiqa means pure

Raameen means obedient

Raazia means satisfied

Rabab means white cloud

Rabeea means garden

Rabiha means winner

Radwa means a mountain in Medina

Raeesah means princess

Rafa means happiness

Rafia means hight ranking

Raheda means right minded

Rahima means merciful

Rahmaa means to have mercy upon

Rahila means one who travels

Raidah means leader

Rajia means hope

Rakina means firm and steady

Rameesha means a bunch of roses

Ramia means sender

Ramlah means sand, an old arabic name

Raneem means recite in a sing-song voice

Rania means queen

Reeha means air

Reema means white antelope

Rijja means heaven beauty

Rimsha means a bunch of flowers

Romana means pomegranate

Ruba means hill

Rubaina means bright

Ruhee means a soul, a flower

Ruhina means sweet fragrance

Ruya, or Ruyah means dream or vision

Ruby means gem

Girls names That start with the letter S

Sabeen means cool breeze in the morning

Saalima means safe and secure

Saafia means pure

Sabiha means beautiful

Sabuhi means morning star

Sadiah means good luck

Saeeda means happy, lucky

Saffiya means best friend

Salama means peace, safety

Salena means the moon

Saliha means pious

Salwa means quail and comfort

Samaah means generosity

Sameera means early morning

Sameya means pure

Samiah means generous

Samirah means entertaining female companions

Samrah means name of the fruit

Sana means brilliance

Sanah means skillful

Sanam means beloved

Sanubar means cone-bearing tree

Saniyah means brilliance

Girls names That start with the letter T

Taaiba mean repentent

Taalea means fortunate

Taaqul means wise thought

Taasees means foundation

Tabana means bright moonlight

Tabeedah means complex

Tabeer means a result of deeds

Tabina means enlightening

Tabinda means bright shining

Tahera means pure

Tahiya means greeting

Tahiyat means greetings

Tahkeem means power

Tahnita means congratulations

Tahseenah means acclaim

Taiba mean repentent

Takreem means respect

Talia means dew of heaven

Tameen means protection

Tanaz means delicate body

Tanjia means rescue

Tanzeela means revelation

Taqwa means piety

Taraab means joy

Taroob means merry

Tasheen means ever-ambitious

Tasiyah means Consolation comfort

Tayyiba means good-natured

Tazkia means special

Tehreem means respect

Tibah means goodness

Girls names That start with the letter U

Ubab means waves, heavy rain

Ubah means flower

Uda means wealth

Ufaq means bright sky

Ujala means light

Ulya means higher

Umaira means living a long life

Umaiza means bright

Ummid means hope

Umnia means gift

Unaysah means friendly

Uroosa means bride

Urooba means a woman who loves her husband

Urshia means one who belongs in the skies

Urwa means support

Uswa means sunnah

Ushra means first light

Girls names That start with the letter V

Vardah means rose

Varisha means lightning

Veera means from the root word of bravery

Veeya means wealth

Girls names That start with the letter W

Wabisa means something bright

Wadad means love, friendship

Waddia means amicable

Wadha means bright

Wadiah means calm, peaceful

Wafiya means loyal, faithful

Wahida means unique

Wajeeha means eminent

Wajia means melody

Wajha means high, honor

Walia means friendly

Waliyah means princess

Wasia means spacious

Waniya means gift of Allah

Waqia means lofty, wise

Warda means guardian

Washma means cultured

Girls names starting with the letter Y

Yaani mean ripe

Yaqoot means a precious stone

Yafiyah means high

Yamina means happy

Yamna means fortunate

Yashfeen means healthiness

Yasmine means flower

Yousra means reconciling

Yumna means good fortune

Yusra means easy

Girls names starting with the letter Z

Zaain means beauty

Zaara means beautiful flower

Zabeen means fair and beautiful

Zabia means like deer

Zabreen means dominant

Zaeemah means victorious

Zafeera means a successful lady

Zahaa means radiance

Zahab means gold

Zahara means flower

Zahbia means beautiful

Zaheen means intelligent

Zaima means leader

Zaina means beautiful

Zairah means intelligent

Zakiya means intelligent

Zareen means a full expression of smile

Zareesh means wealth

Zariya means something beautiful

Zarka means elegant bord

Zarmina means adorement

Zarnab means pure gold

Zarqa means bluish green eyes

Zayba means something beautiful

Zaynah means olive

Zeba means pretty

Zeena means something beautiful

Zehak means smile

Zehna means beautiful

Zehra means flower

Zhalai means hail

Zinia means “name of a flower”

Zobia means God gifted

Zoeya means life

Zoha means morning light

Zohal means moon of another planet

Zohra means sparkle

Zoufishan means moonlight

Zoya means life

Zuha means morning star

Zuhaira means small flower

Zuhera means brightness

Zuhra means brilliancy

Zuhur means flower

Zulfah means nearness

Zumurad means emerald

Zunairah means flower found in paradise

Zurafa means elegant and witty

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