70+ Unique Baby Girl Names and what they mean

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Choosing a name for your baby is exciting and challenging at the same time. Parents may feel overwhelmed due to too many name choices out there.

However, the best way to make it easy to decide on one name out of plenty is to funnel down your research about baby names.

The most important factors to shortlist a few names are:

First Letter – The first letter you want your baby’s name to start with.

Cultural factors – Keeping your culture into consideration.

Pronunciation – How is the name pronounced in native accents. Especially, if you are bilingual, then you have to ruminate on all the aspects.

A name that clicks – You can feel a connection the moment you hear it. In my experience, I wanted to name my daughter with the letter A or M, and the name for her that clicked starts with the letter Z.

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Modern and Unique Baby Girl names with meanings

Ideally, every parent wants a unique name for the baby. A name that stands out, and not too many people already have it. Keeping your wishlist about unique, fashionable, short, and sweet girl names in the context, here is a list curated for parents who want to choose a beautiful name for the baby.

Aara means “Adoring”

Aini mean “spring Flower”

Aazeen means “Beauty”

Aleyna means “above us”

Ayra means “respectable”

Amal Means “hope and inspiration”

Amany means “a wish”

Claire means “bright”

Allison means “noble”

Amber Means “Jewel”

Amalia means “aspirations”

Amel means “hope”

Amena means “honest and utterly pure”

Ana means “prestige and self-respect”

Anah means “Patience”

Anja means “beauty”

Anya means “Gracious”

Ariana means “Full of life”

Arya means “noble”

Aysha means “respectable woman”

Aida means “happy”

Luna means “moon”

Avery means “wise”

Layla means “night”

Nora means “honor”

Maya Means “water”

Riley means “valiant”

Lilian means “purity”

Mila means “Gracious”

Cara means “beloved”

Clara means “famous”

Erina means “beautiful lady”

Fara means “sunset”

Farha means “happiness”

Fatim means “a woman worthy of”

Ifza mean “protective angel”

Irsa means “Rainbow”

Arya means”noble”

Ella means “beautiful”

Jade means “precious stone”

Hannah means “grace of God”

Sadie means “Princess”

Zoya means “life and happiness”

Zoe means “Life”

Ariel means “Lion of God”

Abigail means “Father’s Joy”

Ray means “beam of light”

Blakely means “dark wood”

Kimberly means “royal fortress”

Freya means “noble lady”

Maha mean “moon like”

Mara mean “happiness and joy”

Daneen means “Princess”

Dina means “Love”

Dua means “Prayer”

Raina or Rayna means “Peaceful Queen”

Ranya means conqueror

Reem means beautiful Gazelle

Reyah means comfort

Roma means truthful honest

Zaara means beautiful flower

Zaina means beautful

Zaira means princess

Zareen means full of smile

Everly means “grazing meadow”

Savannah means “flat tropical grassland”

Zeba means beauty

Zeena means beauty

Zenia means flower

Zoha means light

Amy means “beloved”

Elice means ” God has answered:

River means “stream of water”

Olive mean “fruit of heaven”

Lauren means “sweet of honor”

Gemma means “Name of the jewel”

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This list is a unique and modern blend of names you can choose for your baby’s first name. However, for some of the names you may want to opt for the baby’s middle name. Some of the names are unisex that you can pick for both boys and girls.

Once you name the baby, you may like to have a customized baby name blanket as a keepsake.

Check out this customizable name printable for your precious baby girl.

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