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Baby showers are the most exciting events. Everyone is looking forward to welcoming a new baby in the family. Choosing a gift that is budget-friendly, not too expensive and does not waste either, is not that hard anymore. Gifts you can include for baby boy and baby girls on a baby shower that is inexpensive and not going to break the bank for you.

You can include small items that are useful for new parents and not a waste of money for you in a gift basket for their newborn.

Baby Shower or Baby’s Arrival Gift ideas

Here are the suggestions for a baby shower or baby arrival gifts.

1. Baby comb sets

Most Babies have hairy heads and combing their hair is essential. As it avoids cradle cap or if cradle cap happens combs will be helpful in removing those dry flakes from the scalp. Getting a baby comb set for a baby shower is a win-win. You can check Baby comb set here.

2. Milestone age blocks

Taking newborn’s pictures is a fun activity for parents and for relatives. Thus, having these milestone age blocks handy for adorable shots is a great idea. You can shop some Milestone age blocks here.

3. Socks gift set

Babies wear socks to stay warm and cozy. Getting baby unique socks as a gift is an awesome thought.

Baby socks Gift set Or these cute Baby socks are great for baby shower gifts.

These soft animal baby socks are so cute and your winter baby is going to love them.

These are must-haves for every gift basket.

4. Sophie the Giraffe

This Sophie the Giraffe is the celebrity favorite toys for their babies. Any mom is going to love it as a gift for her baby. It is somewhat an expensive toy, so adding that in your couple more items are going to raise your gift value.

5. Baby toothbrush

This cute banana toothbrush is an awesome baby shower gift or you can add it for Newborn’s arrival gift basket.

6. Pacifier toys

This 2 in 1 Pacifier giraffe stuff toy is a fun gift for babies with they can play for a long time. A toy like this would help them develop their sensory skill and make it more fun when babies tend to develop their vision in the early months after birth. Here are more pacifier toys you can choose a baby gift from.

7. Hand and footprint frames

This hand and footprint mold frame is an ideal gift for new parents and this frame can be displayed in the baby’s nursery or their own room. There are so many footprint frames you can choose from.

8. Baby Customized Blankets

If you are looking for something super unique and thoughtful for baby’s arrival gift basket, this customized blanket by Little Days for babies is an actually cute and adorable gift.

Customized blankets by little days.

Even you can get pretty blankets for a mom too for snuggle time or as a keepsake. Check some lovely blankets for moms as well.

9. Sound machine for babies

This Baby shusher should be included in every baby shower gift basket. These sound machines are so much useful gift for baby and parents. Every new mom MUST HAVE THIS. You can also choose this smart soother for babies.

10. Grooming essential kit

A grooming kit for babies is a must-have for every parent, they need it no matter what. So why not give them something which is useful and worth your money.

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Baby’s bath time essentials.

11. Portable baby seat

When the baby starts sitting up, It is an exciting milestone is a baby’s life. This baby seat by Fischer Price is a great gift to celebrate a baby’s arrival that new parents are going to love.

12. Bath sets

This skip hop Moby bath set includes rinser and spout kneeler and so much more. You can also get bath wash essentials set as a baby shower gift.

If you know someone who has fairly small space then this little organizer can save so much space and be super useful for new parents.

13. Lovevery Playmat

If you are looking for something exclusive and unique, the Playmat by Lovevery is something not to miss. Lovevery’s playmat includes everything you need in an activity gym—from batting to teething to learning to focus—for a whole year of play.

Buy now the Playmat

14. Swaddle blanket

This Muslin swaddle blanket is an excellent gift for baby girls and boys.

15. Battery Operated nasal aspirator

As a mom of two I can say that confidently enough, these aspirators are lifesavers for babies when they fall sick or even when they feel dry in their nose. You can get this battery operator nasal aspirator for new parents as a baby shower gift because that is going to be super convenient for them.

However, you can still get this manual one and it works just fine and trust me it is useful and worth every penny.

This Oogiebear nose cleaner is also a cute addition to your gift basket your new mom friend is going to thank you for.

16. Windi a gas reliever

Well, truth be told, babies are just like gas balloons for the first year when they are getting adjusted to different foods. This windi a gas reliever is another useful gift you can add in your gift basket.

Buy now

17. Newborn books

Do you know that newborns have their black and white books? As newborns can see only black white and red when their eyesight is still developing, So you can give a newborn book suitable for 0 to 3 months.

18. Little remedies essentials kit

These essentials by little remedies are must-have. Saline drops and gas drops have been my favorite for my kids. This is an essential kit that includes pretty much everything new mom is going to need.

19. Baby’s Milestone blanket

This monthly milestone blanket is an awesome baby gift for new parents as they can document a baby’s every milestone and take lovely photographs. You can choose your favorite from here. Newborn’s milestone blanket.

20. Sleepsacks

Moreover, babies love to sleep so why not a sleep sack. Giving sleep sack as a gift is going to be your money well spent on a baby shower gift. You can check out some cute cosy comfy sleep sacks here.

21. Ready-made gift baskets

You can choose some ready-made gift baskets from here as a baby shower or newborn’s arrival gift basket.

This awesome baby gift box can save you so much time. It has clothes, shower essentials, and a cute box.

22. Bouncer

So if you want to choose just one single item for a baby shower gift, then getting a bouncer worth every penny. Your mom friend is going to LOVE IT.

I had got a baby bouncer on my first one’s baby shower and I can say that BOUNCER was the only gift that I loved and found useful.

Make sure it is sturdy, not too high and it can be used till baby is a toddler.

Getting a bouncer has many benefits like a baby can nap, baby can stay elevated after a feed and she can be even bottle-fed in it. It is not a waste of money and one single item is worth it. You can check out some baby bouncers here. My favorite one is by Fischer price.

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23. The Super adorable Plush toy elephant

This is an amazing gift for a few weeks old babies. This cute plush elephant talks and babies love playing with it.

24. Infant mat for tummy time

Tummy time is very essential for babies once the umbilical cord is off. This colorful water mat is an awesome and super useful gift for a new baby.

25. Cutest Crib Sheets

Crib sheets are an essential item for baby nursery. So, why not get these unique and neat looking crib sheets. I am sure your mom-to-be friend is going to love these crib sheets by Rookie Humans.

I can’t wait to have these for my son’s room.

26. Customize baby tiny essentials basket

Nonetheless, you can still make a customized essentials basket for a baby shower gift keeping your budget in mind.

These are some of the more gift items you can select.

Tush swiper

Silicon diaper cream applicator

A+D diaper cream

This cute diaper caddy

baby’s first aid kit for on the go. Mom can keep it in the bag.

A diaper bag dispenser is an awesome gift for on the go.

If you want to select clothing and accessories for newborn gifts, check out this post on clothing accessories for a baby that new parents actually need.

What are your suggestions for a perfect gift basket? Comment and share.

Baby shower gifts ideas

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