A perfect newborn gift basket for new parents

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Finding the best baby gifts for a friend’s baby shower or a welcome baby celebration can be one of the toughest tasks when you know parents have already got the essential baby gear. Well, you could still go out and buy the world’s cutest slogan outfits, but the very best newborn gift ideas are engaging toys for babies and items that are helpful for parents in some way.

Finding baby gifts that are not tossed aside rather the recipient finds them useful is challenging. Ideally, you should include small items that are useful for new parents and not a waste of money for you either.

Whether you are getting gifts for someone’s first baby or the third one, these gifts items are never going to be the waste of money.

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Best newborn gifts to celebrate Baby Shower or Baby Arrival

Choose the best learning toy and purposeful gift for newborns for any occasion with this list. Gifts that enhance early learning, and fine motor skills – and significantly improve hand-eye coordination for babies is always a win-win situation for both the parents and the babies.

soft and absorbant Burp cloths

Burp cloths as baby shower gift idea

Multi-purpose Muslin Blankets

cute muslin blankets for baby shower gift basket

Baby Memory book

baby memory book as baby shower gift basket

Baby bath set gift box

baby bath set gift box for baby shower

1. Soother plush Otter

Ain’t this little guy cute? This otter plus helps sensory development to engage the baby’s senses of sight, hearing, and touch. The most exciting thing about this toy is: that Otter mimics the rhythmic motion of breathing to soothe the baby naturally.

Newborn soother plush toy gift idea for baby shower or new baby gifts

Add this otter plush to any occasion gift basket.

2. Visual development book for the babies

This non-toxic and hand washable book is perfect for newborns’ visual development. As infants see black and white for the first couple of months, this book is great for every stage of color recognition development. High contrast baby books help stimulate development in the retina and the optic nerve, to train step by step and activate the brain.

Visual quiet book for baby shower gift basket

Buy this non-toxic quiet book for your baby friend

Portable Baby shusher

A perfect gift for new parents to calm a fussy baby on-the-go, whether it is a shopping visit or a grocery run, this little portable shusher is a great gift for newborns.

portable Baby shusher or noise machine for new baby gift baskets

3. Tummy time toy

Newborns need to start having tummy time once the umbilical cord is gone. Safe tummy time activity is essential for babies’ muscle development. So in order to make it more exciting for them, this soft mirror toy is interestingly engaging for babies.

Get this tummy-time mirror toy with cute images.

4. Teether toy for infants

The perfect sized teether – easy to grasp – for newborns to toddlers. Grasping or holding activity improves the baby’s hand and eyes coordination. This not only could relieve sore gums, but also can be a great on-the-go toy for babies.

Baby silicon teether for newborn gifts

Get this cute silicone teether.

5. Plush football

If you are looking for some baby toy for boys, you can never go wrong with this super adorable plush football. Perfect gift for a baby born in a football fans family.

football plush for newborn toy ideas

Get your football fan friends this cute guy.

6. Hand and foot rattles

These colorful smiling cute animals and bugs will entice little babies to touch, grab and look at them. It will help to develop their hand, foot, and eye coordination. Also, such toys help strengthen babies’ color recognition, and cognitive skills, and especially, enhance visual and vocal development.

Hand and foot rattles for small babies gift ideas

Get these rattles socks and wrist bands gift for babies.

7. Keepsake hand and footprint frame for newborns

Well, that’s an incredibly unique gift for any new parent. A handprint and footprint photo frame kit from the finest, safest, most durable materials and smoothest setting clay.

newborns hand and footprint keepsake frame as newborn gifts

Buy hand and footprint frame.

8. Hold-me Quotes emotional blanket for baby

Gender-neutral beautiful design with sentimental quotes makes for a thoughtful and practical gift for new parents. Swaddle blankets are designed in a black and white color scheme, to enhance vision and stimulate early brain development for both newborn girls and boys.

baby sentimental quotes blanket as gift for new baby or baby shower

Get this unique sentimental quotes blanket.

9. Baby comb sets

Most Babies have hairy heads and combing their hair is essential. As it avoids cradle cap or if cradle cap happens combs will be helpful in removing those dry flakes from the scalp. Getting a baby comb set for a baby shower is a win-win.

baby comb and brush set for new baby gifts

Baby comb and brush set.

10. Milestone age blocks

Taking newborn pictures is a fun activity for parents and for relatives. Thus, having these milestone age blocks handy for adorable shots is a great idea. You can shop some Milestone age blocks here.

milestone age block for new baby gift basket

11. Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe is a celebrity’s favorite toy for their babies. Not to mention, it is very popular and valuable toy, made with non-toxic material. Such toys definitely helps babies strengthen their hand muscles by encouraging grab and hold activities.

Sophie the girafe as gift idea for new baby gift basket

Buy Sophie the Giraffe

13. Pacifier plush toys

Pacifier plush snuggle is a lovey toy gift for babies. A toy like this would help them develop their sensory skill and make it more fun when babies tend to develop their vision in the early months after birth.

Buy snuggle toys for pacifiers here.

15. Sound machine for babies

Although some parents don’t prefer using sound machines for babies, they are a must-have for any new parent. Eventually, most parents end up using it as it can improve sleep quality for both, the parents and the baby. Moreover, the best part is, that you can use a phone app to turn it on/off.

sound machine for baby nursery

Buy Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

16. Earth Mama Organics Baby kit

A kit having all the best organic essentials in one is a must-have for every parent. Earth Mama organics have the best soaps and lotions for babies. Their products are so gentle and nourishing for the baby’s soft skin. Your friends would love it.

Earth mama baby products for newborns or baby shower gift ideas

Buy the Earth Mama Organics kit as a gift for the baby.

17. Organic Swaddle blanket

Organic cotton and ultra-soft natural bamboo combination provide the softest swaddle blanket for newborns. These cotton Muslin blankets are breathable, comforting, and durable.

Swaddle blankets for new baby gift basket

Get these gender-neutral blankets here.

19. Newborn black and white flashcards

Do you know that newborns have their black and white books? As newborns can see only black white and red when their eyesight is still developing, these flashcards are great for newborns’ early learning.

Black and white high contrast flash cards for newborns - perfect gifts for newborns

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20. Little remedies essentials kit

These essentials by little remedies are a must-have. Saline drops and gas drops have been my favorite for my kids. This is an essential kit that includes pretty much everything the new mom is going to need.

Little remedies gift set for newborns gifts baskets

21. Baby’s Milestone blanket

This monthly milestone blanket is an awesome baby gift for new parents as they can document a baby’s every milestone and take lovely photographs.

Baby milestone blankets for new baby gifts

Choose your favorite milestone blanket here

22. Baby Sleep Sacks

Wearable sleep sacks are safer to use for newborns since babies love to sleep so why not a breathable, organic, 100% sleep sack?

Halo baby sleep sack for newborn gifts

Buy an organic sleep sack for a newborn friend

24. The Super adorable Plush toy elephant

This is an amazing gift for weeks-old babies. This cute plush elephant talks and babies love playing with it.

plush toy elephant for babies

25. Tummy time mat for baby

Tummy time is very essential for babies once the umbilical cord is off. This colorful water mat is an awesome and super useful gift for a new baby.

Tummy time toy mat for newborns gifts

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26. Customize baby tiny essentials basket

Nonetheless, you can still make a customized essentials basket for baby shower gifts or a welcome baby gift basket. Check out some modern neutral color toys for minimalist parents.

If you want to select clothing and accessories for newborns, here is what newborns need on clothing accessories.

What are your suggestions for a perfect gift basket? Comment and share.

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