Weight loss Herbal Tea Recipe

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Are you struggling to reduce your post-baby weight?

Do you get hunger pangs often, but you can’t eat guilt-free when you are still breastfeeding?

Are you trying to lose some extra weight you have put on because you didn’t lose post-baby weight while breastfeeding instead you gained a lot more?

Well, I have a solution to your weight problem.

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lemongrass Herbal Tea Recipe for Weight-loss

I have a very simple recipe for herbal tea for weight loss that I have been using for years. It really works to help reduce weight if you eat moderately – also it helps to maintain your weight in a healthy way.

I bounced back to my pre-pregnancy weight within 6 months after having C sections without any rigorous exercise from 170lbs to 140 lbs within a few months during postpartum.

I have been drinking this tea for many years. The only time I didn’t take it was during my pregnancies due to taste aversions.

Pregnancy taste aversions are a real thing but you should always consult your OBGYN if you are okay to consume lemongrass during pregnancy.

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This herbal Lemongrass tea does not necessarily to be taken only during postpartum or pregnancy to lose weight. The best part is: you can drink this tea every day without any apprehensions as it is super healthy and beneficial for your overall health.

Some of the benefits of lemongrass are: it is an incredible detox for your body, it will keep inside clean and remove toxins, It helps you pass more urine as it is considered a natural diuretic. It is believed that lemongrass can help reduce the risk of cancer by boosting your immune system naturally.

In addition to that, it helps regulate cholesterol, digestion and helps significantly with oral infections and cavities due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Did I tell you how lemongrass tea taste like?

This herbal recipe tastes amazing and could hook you on that refreshing and calm taste. Lemongrass is widely used in various cuisines all over the world because of its lemonish aroma. I am guilty of enjoying my lemongrass tea with some nutty snacks or a tad bit of chocolate.

Does lemongrass tea reduce breastmilk production?

In my experience, I didn’t see any effect on nursing due to lemongrass tea, not to mention the fennel seeds and cardamom are extremely beneficial for gas issues for the newborn, also more liquid means extra hydration. so it’s a win-win.

Some women may reduce breastmilk supply due to the consumption of green tea. If you are concerned, talk to your lactation consultant.

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How to keep weight in control

Eating in moderation is an extremely healthy approach. Lemongrass can trigger hunger as it detoxes your body regularly – and helps you lose weight while you can enjoy your favorite food as well. This absolutely does not mean that you don’t watch what you eat. Try to follow these crazy simple rules when you have to maintain your weight.

1. Be watchful of the nutrients you need and what you take

2. Eating a healthy and frequently smaller meal size will help you reduce faster.

3. Do not eat heavy meals late at night. If you feel hungry because of breastfeeding, drink plenty of water, milk, or some dates and dry fruit, like, almonds, raisins, walnuts, etc.

Please watch for any signs of allergy due to nuts, dairy products, and chocolates too.

4. Do not overeat.

5. Walk and stay active, choose to stand over sitting, and keep moving a lot instead of just sitting in one place.

6.  Eat your dinner 3 hours before bedtime.

7. If you have to sit for long hours, take breaks and manage to walk in between

8. Stay hydrated, keep taking your prenatal and eat healthy food.

9. Try to eat food that is a good mood booster, rather than starve which makes you cranky, depressed, and unhappy.

Ingredients that you need for this herbal tea recipe are:

Lemongrass tea

Cardamom pods

Fennel seeds

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Weight loss herbal Tea Recipe

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