Cradle Cap – Most Effective remedy to treat Cradle cap Fast

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Cradle cap is a flaky crusty scalp condition that develops on the baby’s head. It may look like dandruff during the first few months after birth. The main cause of developing cradle cap is not known yet. However, it might forms on the baby’s scalp due to the overproduction of oily glands in hair follicles. In most cases, the cradle cap is not itchy.

Babies tend to develop cradle caps on their heads, which seem like a thick dandruff layer that is scaly with yellow or while thick skin flakes. Although cradle cap is known to be harmless, still the itching can take its toll leaving parents worried.

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How does a cradle cap look like on a baby’s scalp?

A cradle cap is a crusty layer of yellow skin on a baby’s scalp. The dry flakes develop on the baby’s head gradually and it could be from moderate to extreme causing itchiness and discomfort for the baby.

How to treat cradle cap fast

The good news is in most cases the cradle cap is gone within a few months even if you leave it on its own.

Even though the cradle cap is harmless, but it may seem uncomfortable for the baby. It might get itchy if not treated promptly.

The best solution to dealing with the cradle cap is massaging the baby’s scalp with oil and then scrape it off gently, using soft bristles comb.

I have tried other types of scrubbers to get rid of the cradle cap, but nothing seemed to work.

This only remedy that works best to help get rid of the cradle cap is advised by my child’s pediatrician, and it is effortless to follow.

The best remedy to get rid of cradle cap

Take a baby comb with soft bristles yet firm, and gently scrape off the cradle cap while it is still wet after a baby bath. You can also soften it with the help of oil by gently massaging it and try to scrape it off with the help of a comb.

Use coconut oil to massage the baby’s scalp for best results.

Moreover, use organic calendula oil by Earth Mama organics for massaging the body and scalp. It has no artificial or harmful chemicals for baby skin. Moms even use calendula oil on their bodies to give the perfect moisture without any sticky feeling.

Baby combs are gentle, and the bristles are plastic; that way comb gently glides on the scalp. Remember not to use nails or scratch skin as it may not be soft enough to scrape off easily.

The scrubber available in the market is not as effective as the bristles are super soft. These scrubbers will also not remove the cradle cap even if it is wet, only if the baby has thinner patches on her scalp.

This is the comb I have used and it works best for both of my kids.

New moms may notice dry flakes developing during the first few weeks after the baby is born. If the baby seems to develop a cradle cap, use a soft baby comb after every bath, and gently comb it through the baby’s hair to prevent dry flakes from developing on the baby’s scalp.

Just keep in mind, the baby’s head has a soft spot, and it should not be touched aggressively for the first few months as the skull bones develop over the course of a few months. Try to be gentle as much as you can.

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