Create the best Time capsule with these 38 unique ideas

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A time capsule is a keepsake for babies that they can cherish as they grow. You can add tons of items that belong to your baby when he was little and may interest your child as they grow older.

What to put in a time capsule for the baby?

Well, the options are endless, from birth pictures to birth clothes. Here are some worthy ideas for creating a time capsule for your babies that they get to open on their birthday years after. A time capsule can take them back to the moments when they were born. Cherishing the memories from family photos to small baby belongings is the best gift your child can get.

Not only baby stuff, but you can create time capsules for kids with their art projects, drawing, memory books, school fun photos, memories of their first trip, etc.

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Time capsule ideas for baby

This box is best for creating a time capsule. It is big enough to hold a lot of stuff and keep things safe over the years.

What is the age-appropriate stuff you can add to a time capsule memory box to be opened on the baby’s 5th, 10th, or 18th birthday? You decide!

  • Baby first outfit
  • Hospital card with a baby and mom name
  • Your baby’s first vaccination card
  • Baby’s birth photos with mom and family
  • Baby’s first scan (sonogram) picture
  • Baby hand and footprint keepsake
  • Copy of a birth certificate
  • Photos from the baby shower
  • First baby shopping day or things for first baby shopping
  • Baby’s first toy you ever bought after finding out about your pregnancy
  • The weather forecast for the day baby is born
  • Popular tv show at the time baby is born
  • A message for baby from grandpa and grandma at the time of birth
  • Drawing and letters from siblings
  • A picture with a sibling when the baby is born
  • Baby’s first haircut picture or locks from baby’s hair
  • A recording of baby’s cries
  • A video recording of a baby in the womb
  • Baby’s id bracelets from the hospital
  • Save Baby’s first boarding pass of an air trip
  • Baby’s fact sheet from the first birthday or the day baby is born
  • Picture or floor plan from baby’s first home
  • Baby’s first home pictures
  • A letter about who chose your child’s name
  • Nursery photos
  • Nursery color and theme decision board
  • Baby journal
  • Baby’s first pair of shoes
  • Baby’s first hat, washcloth, or bib
  • Customized clothes
  • Picture frames from baby’s nursery
  • Top trending songs at the time of birth
  • Baby’s first birthday accessories
  • Picture of baby’s first book
  • Memory photos
  • Savings in a money box
  • First drawing
  • Favorite snack packaging
  • Baby’s favorite stuffed toy or teether
Time capsule ideas for the baby


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