Newborn gas natural relief remedies to try at home

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When a baby seems fussy, it is hard to tell whether it’s gas or they are just over-simulated. Since babies can’t exactly tell if gas is making them uncomfortable, here are some other signs you should be looking for; such as fussiness, hard tummy, face turning red with painful expressions, clenched fists, trouble releasing gas, stretching, arching, and lifting their legs.

Help your baby pass gas, and if they seem calm after a gas release or farting, you can be sure that the problem was gas. Here are the basic ways to try to relieve gas issues. But if you are looking for a herbal and natural remedy for mom and baby to prevent gas issues, read on for safe and natural ways to deal with newborn gas.

A constipated baby may seem more uncomfortable because even passing gas is not helping. Here are the best constipation remedies that are safe to try on babies.

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What is a natural Home Remedy for baby gas?

Instead of using gas drops too often, you may want to give your baby natural relief for gas issues. This home remedy is easy to do and is very effective for babies’ gas.

Use fennel water for baby formula feeds

To prepare fennel water, you need about 2 cups of water. Add 1 tsp of fennel seeds. Boil fennel seeds in water until water gets half in quantity.

Fennel seeds to prevent gas in babies and moms

Fennel seeds are the best remedy for gas. Feed one ounce of water every day or at night as needed. Prepare baby formula bottle in fennel seeds water.

Tip: Also, you can add formula in fennel seed water for severe gas issues. Keep a bottle filled with fennel water and consume it daily for formula feedings.

Moms should consume fennel seeds after birth

Gas is a common issue for moms during pregnancy and after childbirth. For C-section moms, gas is super painful. To avoid gas issues, moms must consume fennel seeds in their diet every day. Breastfeeding moms would significantly help improve babies’ gas problems by adding fennel seeds to their diet for the first several weeks.

Have a small container of fennel seeds at your nursing station or in your pantry. Take a teaspoon of fennel seeds after every meal for the first several weeks after birth or whenever you feel bloated or have gas issues during pregnancy or post-pregnancy. I am telling you from my experience, tried and tested, that fennel seeds are the best remedy to relieve gas for adults, toddlers, and babies.

Newborn gas tummy Massage

Newborn tummy massage is another effective natural remedy to prevent gas from accumulating in the baby’s system.

Take a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil and massage gently on the baby’s tummy and navel area in a circular motion, helping the muscles to relax and pump-out gas more effectively.

Having a massage routine every day before bathtime is ideal for babies. As per your daily schedule, you can make it a night massage routine to help the baby feel more relaxed and ensure restful sleep.

Newborn tummy massage for gas release

What is the best oil for baby massage?

For massage, any of these options are safe to use.

Coconut oil

Olive oil

Baby oil

Organic Ghee can also be used for massage. Many Indian women nourish babies after birth with good organic ghee massage to have stronger muscles and gain weight. However, the only con of using organic ghee is the smell. Otherwise, it is the best option for newborn massage.

How to effectively relieve baby gas issues?

What to do with a newborn all day long?

baby gas relief natural remedy for newborns

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