Gift Ideas for toddlers

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Are you looking for gifts ideas for toddlers?

Choosing a gift that is fun and educational for toddlers gets a little tricky. You need to keep the kid’s interest in mind while getting a gift for your loved ones.

Although kids love playing with toys still they get bored with their toys pretty fast. They anxiously wait for the whole year for birthday gifts or Christmas presents. The excitement of new toy gifts is something that cannot be denied.

While some parents or family want to buy expensive gifts for kids for Christmas or birthdays but, some parents may not want to overspend on something that is not useful for a long time.

That being said, this gift guide would help you choose the best toy for your loved ones that are budget-friendly, useful for educational and mental development, and are super fun.

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Gift Ideas for toddlers

Bike for one-year-old

This manual bike is so much fun for one-year-old babies. Babies love to move cars, trucks, bikes and that is what they enjoy the most.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a 1-year-old and up, this bike is perfect for indoor fun when kids are not being able to go outside for activities. Also, it is super helpful for an early walker.

Buy this cute little bike here.

Strider pedal-less bike for toddlers

At this age kids do not know how to maneuver a bike with pedals. However, this cute little bike is amazing for little ones and above all, it is celebrity favorite bike.

This strider pedal-less bike is good for 18 months old to 3 years old kids. If you decide to buy this, do not forget to get a helmet and knee pads for your little one.

Piarrow 3 in 1 convertible tricycle

This tricycle is ideal for kids aged 2 and up. It can transform into various options as your child grows. You have the option to choose cute neon colors so you can spot your child’s bike immediately while outside.

Battery Operated bike for 1-3 years old

My 3-year-old son is obsessed with bikes and cars. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for your 3-year-old or a birthday present, this is what he is going to love.

Tricycle – lightweight tricycle for 1 to 3 years old

Tricycle is a great option for toddlers as they are learning how to ride a cycle, and pedaling. Moreover, it will help your child to learn how to maneuver a vehicle in a better way.

Toy Drill for toddlers

Toddler boys love drill machines especially if they are power tools and do some real drilling. You can check out some more power drills for toddlers.

If you are looking for gift ideas for 3 years old boy, then this is what you need.

Buy kids power drill sets

Basketball hoop toy

You can never do wrong with an age-appropriate basketball hoop set as a gift at any time of the year and for anyone older than 2 years. This is a perfect indoor activity playset for 3 to 4 years old and a perfect Christmas present for more than one kid so they can play together and have more fun.

Buy Basket ball hoop set for a player kid.

Dust, mop playset by Melissa and Doug

I am a true fun of Melissa and Doug toys. This is one of the most popular toys and it is super helpful in learning the idea of cleanup and practically doing it. Every kid loves it.

This pretend play playset can be an ideal gift for one or more kids.

Buy this Mop Playset now.

Chef kitchen playset

A perfect gift for girls and boys to have a fun activity in the kitchen and be creative. If you are looking for gifts for a favorite kid in the family, this is what you should get as a perfect Christmas present.

Buy this kitchen set now

Fischer Price Serving truck

This Fischer price serving truck is a fun activity, especially in winter, when kids have to stay indoors, and it is very engaging for hours of play. You can always choose this as winter birthdays for kids and holiday presents. Kids are going to love it.

Buy this toy foodTruck now

Grocery Cart for kids

My kids love playing with the grocery cart. You would not regret getting this for kids as it is going to teach them how to maneuver it in real life. And, of course, who doesn’t like to shop?

Buy Pretend and play Grocery cart for kids.

Workshop Playset

Boys who love using tools and working on cars would absolutely love these workshop playsets.

Buy some amazing workshop playset.

Kitchen sink Playset

Kids love playing with water, and this is a fun activity toy for 2 to 3 years old boys and girls. My daughter got this dishwasher as a present, and both my kids would spend hours playing with it. This toy is super engaging, and kids enjoy it thoroughly.

Check out some real fun dish washing toys for kids.

Kidkraft Laundry Playset

Having kids familiar with household chores with this fun laundry playset.

Buy this pretend and play washer and dryer for kids.

V-Tech drill and learn toolbox

This is a perfect gift for 2 years old boys who love playing with toolsets.

Baby Shark Dancing Doll

Baby shark has been the most popular character and song for this year and now shark toys have won the toys game altogether. You can never go wrong with choosing this as a gift for your toddlers.

Check out some more baby shark toys here.

Woodyotime Talking Unicorn Toy

Unicorn is another favorite for kids. Toddlers are going to love this interactive talking plush unicorn toy.

You can check out some more Unicorn toy options here.

Rainbow Stacking Game toy

Fun and the educational toy is a perfect gift for toddlers this holiday season. This will help to keep kids busy indoors when you cannot do outside activities due to cold weather.

Gift ideas under $25

More gifts ideas for less, that are equally amazing, engaging and you can gift multiple items in a gift basket.

I hope you found these gift options helpful for Christmas this year.

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