Gift Ideas for Expectant Moms Gift Baskets

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What gifts to include in expectant moms gift baskets?

Do you have someone around who is expecting a baby real soon?

You can include these things in mom to be a gift basket that mom-to-be will surely love. Every item in the basket is added thoughtfully, which has a specific purpose to make it super helpful.

Perfect gifts you can choose for every occasion like baby shower, holiday gifts, postpartum gifts, Christmas, birthdays, gender reveal, baby arrival gifts for moms, mother’s days, gift baskets for a delivery day, etc.

Useful things you can add in a gift basket for expectant moms

The maternity phase is about nine months long and during the last trimester, things are taking a new shape altogether for an expectant mom.

Clothes do not fit in anymore, its sleeplessness, a million bathroom trips, swollen hands, and feet, leg cramps, and whatnot.

While you are choosing a gift for a mom-to-be, it needs to be something super useful and purposeful. If you are a mom already, there is quite a significant chance you are going to agree with me on these gift options you may want to include in a gift basket for your pregnant friend.

However, if you are not a mom yet and still looking for a gift suggestion for your pregnant friend, sister, daughter, wife, this is something she is going to love and use every single thing.

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Gifts for Expectant moms to use during pregnancy

1. Hatch beauty belly oil set for a pregnant woman

This gift box has everything you need to prevent stretch marks, soothe sore feet and ankles, and treat sore and cracked nipples for moms-to-be. The products are plant-derived, vegan, and gluten-free making them safe to use for mom and baby.

Belly Oil gift basket for expectant moms

Buy the Hatch beauty belly oil

2. Cute Mama tote for mom-to-be

Cute and spacious tote for mama to be – perfect for a hospital visit whether you want to use it for hospital snacks or some basic essentials to take with you.

A practical and cute mama tote for new moms gift baskets

Buy Mama tote here.

3. Pregnancy Journal

Documenting all your pregnancy events, growth, and the excitement to welcome your bundle of joy is worth it. If you decide to gift your pregnant friend a pregnancy journal, you will never go wrong.

Pregnancy journal gift for new mama to be gift basket

Buy the pregnancy journal here on Amazon.

4. Comfy Robe set for mom-to-be

Maternity robe set for expectant mama, a perfect outfit from the third trimester to the end of maternity leave. Such gowns are great to wear at the hospital after birth. This a practical and thoughtful gift that you can add to your gift basket or gift alone. You won’t be judged for that!

Gown and robe for expectant moms

Buy this super comfy robe here.

5. Baby Sonogram keepsake

This wooden baby sonogram picture is the perfect keepsake gift for newly expectant parents.

A sonogram picture keepsake for mama to be gift basket.

Buy a Sonogram picture frame here

6. Pregnancy Slogan shirt for mama-to-be

Slogan shirts are always the best gift for parents who enjoy having funny gifts. Adding humorous pregnancy gifts to your expectant mom gift baskets is a win-win.

Eating tacos for two pregnancy announcement shirt for new moms to be

Check out pregnancy slogan shirts here.

7. No slip socks for mama-to-be

No slip socks for mom to be to use after delivery or before

8. Heating pad

Let’s get real; pregnancy can take a toll on your health numerous times. While you cannot take certain medications, a heating pad is one of the essentials during pregnancy that can relieve minor or post-vaccination body aches. Adding this practical item to the pregnancy self-care baskets for expectant moms is a great gift for mom-to-be.

Heating pad for moms to be

Get a heating pad here.

9. Large Waist bag with a water bottle holder

Does your pregnant friend like to work out? or She got a toddler? This waist bag with a water bottle holder is the most practical gift for someone who likes to keep the hydration game on and stay active with kids.

Well, how about getting one for yourself too?

Waist bag with a water bottle holder for expectant mom who already have kids.

Waist bag with water bottle holder.

10. Water bottle with a carrier and phone holder

Who likes to keep their hands occupied with a water bottle on the go when a pregnant woman has to drink plenty of water throughout the day? Add this water bottle to an expectant mom’s gift basket and she will love it.

an easy to carry water bottle  with phone carries is perfect gift for an expectant mom to stay hydrated

Buy Water bottle carrier with a phone holder

11. Maternity sleep bras

If you are looking for pregnancy gifts for someone who is in their third trimester, these maternity/nursing bras are great for the night. These bras are so comfy even for breastfeeding moms in their postpartum.

Get these Maternity sleep bras to add in gift basket.

12. Compression socks for swollen feet

Swollen feet are inevitable during the third and fourth trimesters for expectant moms. Adding these Kindred bravely maternity compression socks to your gift basket makes your gift super cozy and practical.

A pair of compression socks for restless feet - a perfect gift to add to expectant mom gift basket

13. Maternity and nursing pajamas

Nursing pajamas are great practical gifts for pre-delivery and post-delivery. Get your pregnant friend comfy maternity pajama sets because they are never enough after giving birth.

Maternity and nursing pajama set for mom-to -be

Comfy pajama set

14. Packing cubes for a hospital bag

This time around with my third baby, I got these packing cubes for my hospital bag so my husband won’t have a hard time finding stuff from the bag. It worked pretty well. Everything stayed organized and mess-free. Speaking of staying organized, your mama-to-be friend would love this and find it super practical.

Packing cubes for hospital bag -  a useful gift for expectant mom

Get these pretty packing cubes.

15. Nursing & maternity Shirts for third-trimester moms gifts

Although very few moms choose not to breastfeed after birth, it is still very likely she may end up nursing her baby, and that’s what she needs. Your pregnant friend is going to use it regardless before or after delivery.

nusring shirts for mom to be - gift idea for expectant moms

Check out these cute slogan maternity PJs.

16. Haakaa breast pump for postpartum gift basket

Although breastfeeding is a choice, you do not want to impose it on someone who doesn’t want to. However, breastfeeding is getting popular and doctors and nurses prefer moms to nurse for their own health, speedy recovery, and giving the best nutrition for the baby. Besides what moms use for pumping breastmilk, it is highly recommended for expectant moms to have a manual pump handy when they give birth. Haaka pump is ideal for postpartum gift baskets.

Haaka silicon pump - gift ideas for pregnancy gift basket

Buy Haaka pump for breastfeeding mom friend’s gift basket.

17. Peri Bottle or a portable bidet

Moms must use water after delivery regardless if they have C-sections or vaginal delivery. Nurses in the hospital make it mandatory to wash ladyparts with water every time you use a toilet after delivery.

Peri bottle for post baby use

Get this super functional peri bottle for pregnancy and a post-delivery gift basket.

18. Earth Mama Essentials Gift bag for mom-to-be

Travel size, belly butter, belly oil, and so much more in a gift-size bag is a super purposeful gift for your pregnant friend.

Earth mama gift box for new moms to be - prefect for expectant moms gifts

Buy this Earth mama gift box.

19. Extra-long Charging Cable

During the hospital visit, C-section moms cannot move or bend for a few days after delivery. It is essential to have a long charging cable that will help moms keep the phone right next to them even while on charge. So, why not add it to your new mom’s hospital gift basket?

Add long charging cable for post delivery use for expectant moms

You can never go wrong with choosing this to add to any gift basket for moms-to-be.

20. Organic Nipple Butter for postpartum gift basket

If you have been a mom already, you know breastfeeding hurts for the first couple of weeks. During this time, a good nipple cream is super essential for new breastfeeding moms. You cannot go wrong with this idea.

Nipple butter gift idea for expectant mom gift ideas

Buy this amazing must-have Earth Mama’s Nipple butter for expectant moms.

21. Sitz bath soak

Bath soaks are super helpful for vaginal delivery moms. This is a relieving treatment for postpartum discomfort and hemorrhoids. You can add this to a gift basket for new moms in the hospital or postpartum gifts.

Sitz soak bath for new and expectant moms

22. Belly butter for pregnant baby bump

Belly butter or cream is an amazing option for expectant moms. When bellies are getting huge, moms are very likely to get stretch marks or itchy bellies. So if you are up to preparing a gift basket for a pregnant friend, belly oil is incredibly hit product for pregnancy baskets.

Belly butter for moms to be

Buy Honest Company belly butter

23. Postpartum body tea for postpartum gift basket

During postpartum, drinking healthy drinks is good for recovery and breastfeeding. Moms are going to love this for their postpartum gifts.

Buy postpartum recovery tea for post-pregnancy gifts.

23. Raspberry tea for menstrual pain

Midwives advise taking raspberry tea during the last trimester for less pain during labor and even after delivery. Raspberry leaves ease menstrual pain and cramping and prepare moms for labor.

With that said, Raspberry tea is perfect for the third-trimester gift basket.

Buy raspberry tea now.

24. Milk flow drink for a lactating mom friend

Breastfeeding is a lifetime experience for moms, and many moms seem to struggle with milk supply. The breastfeeding supplement is an awesome drink for breastfeeding moms to improve their milk supply significantly.

Lactation supplement drink mix

25. Lactation cookies mix for lactation gift baskets

Breastfeeding moms seem to love these lactation cookies as they seem improvements in milk supply. Adding these in your gift basket is going to be an awesome idea.

Buy lactation cookie mix.

26. Sonogram Keepsake frame

Every mom gets a sonogram when she gets pregnant. Some parents may not get a chance to put it in the frame or are too busy to do that. Why not give this beautiful frame to an expectant mom to save her sonogram images?

Buy Sonogram keepsake for Pregnant women gift basket.

27. Funny socks for moms in labor

While moms are in the hospital, they might want to wear socks. Ain’t these cute?

Funny labor and delivery socks for moms to be

Add these funny socks for moms in labor.

28. Mom and baby matching hospital outfit

A matching maternity outfit for a mom and a baby is a picture-perfect gift. I can give you my word for it; your mom-to-be friend, expectant daughter, or sister is going to love it.

Baby and mom matching outfit

Get mom and baby matching maternity robe.

29. Pregnancy Pillow

This pregnancy wedge is a perfect item to add to a gift basket for a pregnant wife, friend, daughter, or sister.

Frida mom adjustable pillow for expectant moms

Pregnancy adjustable pillow for the second and third-trimester gift baskets.

30. Box of crackers for late-night munching

Expectant moms love crackers when it comes to late-night hunger pangs. You cannot go wrong by adding a bunch of different crackers for mama to be. You can add several healthy snacks in a basket such as almond, cashews, dates, walnuts, roasted corns, figs etc.

Add a bunch of snacks to the maternity gift basket.

31. Sound machine for light sleeper pregnant friend

Sleeping gets rough when moms-to-be enter in their third trimester. Huge belly size and zillion bathroom trips make it impossible to have a sound sleep.

Having a sound machine not only helps pregnant women sleep better also it will significantly improve sleep quality. I highly recommend using the sound machine for expectant moms and even after having a baby.

sound machine and clock for moms to be

Check out this sound machine now for a pregnant wife or a light sleeper friend.

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