Congratulation on pregnancy gifts for New parents-to-be

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Choosing gifts for first-time parents-to-be can be tricky; Gifts that both new parents can enjoy and flaunt about being mom or dad.

You can choose some funny gifts for both parents, or you can go another route as picking stuff that is useful for the whole pregnancy period or stuff that mom and dad can use after having the baby to make their life easier since the mom-to-be carries the baby. Hence, most of the stuff is helpful for her instead of the dad.

Some of the best gifts for new parents-to-be will be a meal subscription, a ticket to a movie night, or a shopping spree.

But if you are looking for pregnancy announcement gifts for first-time parents-to-be who just found out about their pregnancy or celebrating a gender reveal party, this post is for you. The gift ideas are a mix of funny gifts and useful gifts for pregnancy more baby related. Because why not?

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Pregnancy congratulatory gifts for expecting parents

Mommy and daddy tumblers

Mom and dad water tumblers - gift for new parents.

Mug set for mom and dad

Mom and dad mug set with a white baby announcement onesie and a bib

Mom and dad small tumbler

Mom and dad tumblers with a funny caption

Baseball hat mom and dad

Pink and black Mom and dad baseball hat set

Gift box for mom, dad, and baby

Gift box for mom, dad and baby with a sonogram frame - perfect pregnancy announcement gift.

Decision coin for mom and dad

Post baby Funny gift for mom and dad - Decision coin set for mom and dad

Fancy Mug set for mom and dad

Mom and dad mug fancy gift set for new parents

T-shirt for mom dad and baby

shirts for mom, dad and the baby onesie

Glass set for mom and dad

Mom and dad-to-be glass gift set for new parents.

Hand and foot picture frame

baby hand and foot print picture frame

Couple and baby hand painted sculpture

hand painted sculpture of couple with a baby

Sonogram frame for each trimester

three trimesters sonogram picture frame for first time parents to be

Keepsake Sonogram frame

Love at first heartbeat sonogram picture frame for expecting parents

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Pregnancy congratulatory gifts for newly expecting parents

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