20+ best Postpartum gifts for new moms

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Getting congratulatory gifts for moms after birth gets a little tricky when you want to buy something for moms exclusively and not for the baby. Well, don’t get me wrong, We love this new bundle of joy. Babies get their fair share of gifts on baby showers and baby celebrations and keep getting more presents for a long time.

However, moms need some appreciation after struggling for 9 months and now the sleepless nights, continually nursing – simultaneously they are trying to heal from vaginal stitches or C-section surgery.

Here are the perfect gift ideas for new moms in their postpartum from a husband, partner, grandparents, sisters, friend. Whether you are visiting a new mom in a hospital or at home, this list has everything a new mom could possibly wish for.

Either you can tastefully create a hospital gift basket putting every essential by yourself or give individual gift boxes, your new mom friend secretly wants it. That means it’s a win-win for both.

The list has all a new mom needs for recovery at home or at the hospital after giving birth whether it’s vaginal delivery or C-section delivery.

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Postpartum Gift ideas that are great for recovery for new moms

Creating a postpartum gift basket with all the right after-birth essentials for moms is the most practical approach to appreciating new moms.

Postpartum recovery tea

Postpartum recovery tea is made with key vitamins and nutrients to support postpartum healing. It helps balance natural energy levels and provides the new mom’s body with essential nutrients needed after childbirth.

Get Pink Stork Recovery Tea – it’s a great gift for new moms.

Recovery Bath soak

The Sitz soothing bath soak aids in postpartum recovery and hemorrhoid treatment after childbirth. Especially for moms who delivered vaginally. It has mood-boosting botanicals and energizing aromatics that also help fight baby blues and promote a balanced mind.

Nevertheless, this combination of soothing herbs, essential oils, and ingredients to relieve the discomfort of sore muscles is a perfect postpartum gift for moms.

Postpartum Portable peri Bottle

Moms need to wash their private area after birth by using a spray water bottle. Getting a wash spray bottle with an angled spout provides gentle, hygienic cleansing for hard-to-reach areas and that is a must for postpartum recovery.

Get this postpartum recovery essential with a bidet bottle, perineal spray, and hot and cold pads.

Breastfeeding therapy pads

Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy packs provide therapeutic relief for the most common breastfeeding problems like mastitis, swelling, engorgement, etc.

Cold therapy relieves engorgement, swelling, and pain that are quite common challenges during the early days of nursing. Whereas Hot Therapy helps to relieve plugged ducts and mastitis that eventually encourages milk let-down during breastfeeding.

If your new mom friend is planning on breastfeeding, this is something she will be thankful for forever.

Mood support supplements

The hormonal and mood support supplements provide essential vitamins and nutrients to support postpartum emotions, stress relief, hormonal balance, mind and body recovery.

Since baby blues and postpartum depression are quite common problems after childbirth. Taking postpartum recovery supplements help support balanced postpartum emotions, cortisol levels, and mood stability for new moms – especially when they are breastfeeding.

Get postpartum mood support supplements.

New mom’s daily affirmations

Like I said, postpartum depression and low moods are very common issues after having a baby. Moms need some positive affirmations every day so they don’t feel any less of themselves.

Get a new mom affirmations gift.

Postpartum Gemstone bracelet

As unique as it may sound, wearing this postpartum bracelet is known to help low moods, anxiety, and stress. The energy from the gemstones may help moms to cope up with baby blue and depression.

Well, why not give this stress relief bracelet a shot?

New mom and dad mugs gift box

Well, we are focussing on mom gifts right now but this one is too cute to get noticed. A perfect gift for new parents with a beautifully designed mom and dad mugs set that also includes a unisex bib & unisex socks with adorable quotes.

Get the gift set now.

New Mom tumbler and soap gift box

Giving a new Mom the Spa Treatment is your best bet – The early days with a newborn may seem long enough. This new mom spa gift box contains two bars of all-natural premium soap, one bath bomb, one 8 ounce jar of silk skin soothing lotion, and a card to write a note.

Post maternity nursing gown

Get a matching mom and baby robe for postpartum gifts. Nursing gowns or maternity robes are great for hospital stays or while moms are getting used to of this new baby life at home.

Get this stylish robe for your new mom friend.

Nursing tops

Get a simple lift-up nursing access top that is great for new moms. easy for moms. Basic style nursing shirts that are easy to dress up with maternity jeans or legging and sandals for summer.

Get your favorite nursing top.

Extra long charging cable

Hear me out, an extra-long charging cable is the most essential item in a hospital bag, whether it is for a labor and delivery visit, or a scheduled surgery stay at the hospital. Don’t take chances, and get one for a friend at the hospital. Well, even if she already has one, who minds having one extra.

Ice padsicles for new mom after giving birth

The ice padsicles provide a super-soft layer of comfort in the perineal area after giving birth and are also a considerable option for soft cold therapy on a c-section incision.

Get postpartum perineal Ice pads

Funny gifts for new mom and dad

Funny new baby gift decision coin for new parents to make decisions easier for taking turns. Just bring a little humor in this new exhausting journey of parenthood.

New moms who love wearing accessories

To stay unique on your gifts, this MAMA necklace is your best bet. Jewelry accessories that are curated for new moms are cute gifts for new moms’ celebration baskets.

Get the necklace now.

Essential oil diffuser

Using essential oils is a great way to help relieve stress and anxiety for new moms. Gift this smart wifi aromatherapy diffuser to your new mom friend – she is absolutely going to love it.

The smart essential oil diffuser allows creating regular schedules in the app so they can get diffusers to work at their scheduled times each day or on certain days they prefer. It’s a win-win.

Self care Basket

The spa kit is made with organic ingredients to delight the senses without the use of artificial fragrances and work wonders to rejuvenate the mind and body. This works perfectly for new moms when they don’t get time to go to the spa for self-care.

Gift a Spa kit to a new mom

The other self-care items you can add to a postpartum recovery basket are:

Makeup removing wipes because some days new moms don’t get time to wash their face at night. a lip balm, and Earth mama’s organic deodorant, hair ties, dry shampoo, etc.

Skincare beauty products for new moms gifts baskets

Healthy snacks basket for new moms

A basket full of healthy snacks for a new nursing mom is hand down the best and well appreciated. Spending on good quality snacks is the key.

Create your own version of trail mix and snack jars. Add almonds, raisins, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, and roasted chickpeas, etc. Adding Granola bars, energy fig bars, and popcorns make the best snack baskets.

Or you can order pre-made gluten-free snacks baskets online.

Order snacks baskets for a new mom

Night light

Moms who are breastfeeding at night, need to have a tiny night light in their room while they nurse and scroll on their cell phones. Night lights are absolutely useful for a quick diaper change at night without having a baby wake up.

Check out this cute night light.

Organic ghee

In a basket full of healthy snacks, don’t forget to add an organic ghee bottle to it. Healthy eating is equally essential during postpartum and Organic (desi) ghee is the best version new moms could have for internal and external healing.

Here you can learn more about a healthy postpartum diet.


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