Healthy snacks to satisfy your pregnancy cravings

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Pregnancy can ramp up your appetite significantly and make mom-to-be hungry every hour. You may have a filling breakfast but your stomach is already growling an hour later. Thanks to pregnancy hunger pangs. In such cases, munching on a healthy snack instead of mega size meal is an ideal way to keep weight gain in check.

The challenge is that you get only a limited number of “extra” calories per day to meet the fetus and mom’s nutritional requirements. The extra calories requirement may increase as the fetus grows. Eating too early for two may end up in unnecessary weight gain.

The healthy pregnancy snacks will help meet your need for essential pregnancy nutrients. some snack ideas are super easy to assemble, are generously filling with sufficient calories intake. And the plus is – they all taste great suitable for almost any palate.

Pregnancy may get hard for some expected moms to digest everything. Typically, food aversions and heartburn are quite common during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester when nausea hits hard. While for some moms heartburn may come in the third trimester when the baby gets bigger causing less room for food and due to that many moms to feel filled faster.

In order to deal with pregnancy cravings and certain food aversions, eating smaller size meals and snacks is the best option to avoid nausea and morning sickness. Taking easy snacks on the go that are adequately fiber-rich to avoid constipation, keeps pregnant moms filled and healthy.

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what are healthy and best filling pregnancy snacks?

Remember, your baby eats everything you eat. But this does not give you a license to eat for two the moment you find out about your pregnancy.

So now you know you should be eating in moderation, regardless. However, the second and third trimester requires more extra calories for the baby, so you can enjoy the perks of late night munching and guilt-free eating.

So what you should be munching on while pregnant to keep your energy up in between meals and give your little one an extra dose of nutrition? Good pregnancy snacks are delicious, healthy, and filling — and there’s no scarcity of snack ideas. No matter what flavors you’re craving, here are some of the best snack ideas for pregnancy that are easy and quick. All you need is to stock up your pantry.

Apple with Cheese: While you choose your favorite cheese, make sure it is pasteurized. Now top apple slices with your favorite cheese and peanut butter.

Bananas or apple with nut butter: Enjoy your favorite fruit with your choice of almond or peanut butter. You can also air-fry apple slices to enjoy a warm snack.

Egg on toast for breakfast – Ideally, whole grain bread is the healthier option for anyone. As whole grain bread doesn’t clog your digestive tract and helps keep things moving in and out. Your choice of egg, a scrambled egg, or a sunny side up – just fully cooked with a tad bit of salt and pepper.

Hard-boiled eggs are another protein-rich snack that you can enjoy with warm toasted bread.

Chips and Guac – Tortilla chips or wholegrain crackers with guacamole. Mash pr slice avocadoes with some finely chopped veggies like cherry tomatoes, onions, cilantro, or jalapenos – if you prefer a spicy kick. Squeeze a lemon and enjoy with your whole family.

Veggies with Ranch Dip: Enjoy celery, carrots, cucumbers, reddish, sweet potatoes with ranch.

Granola topped on yogurt (low fat if you prefer) with berries or any choice of fruit. You can get your favorite flavor granola packs. You can eat granola as is, or just top them on yogurt, with some fiber-rich fruits like berries, etc.

Tortilla with hummus: Chickpeas are healthy, get a store-bought hummus or make your own. Enjoy with tortilla, naan, or crackers.

Waffles with almond butter or peanut butter: Mostly waffles are enjoyed during breakfast, you can still toast some waffles any time of the day and enjoy with your favorite nut butter. At least, these are the perks of being pregnant.

Sugar-free chocolate chip cookies – You can bake some semi-sweet or sugar-free chocolate chip cookies at home. Or you can get Sugar free cookies from Amazon.

Dry fruit nuts: freeze-dry nuts or fruits are the best nutrition you can get to eat during pregnancy or even after that when you are breastfeeding. Stash your nightstand, car, or office desk with some good quality dry fruits and nuts, such as raisins, cranberries, apples, mangos, pineapple, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, dates, figs, blueberries, raspberries, etc.

trail mix – get a trail mix from any store you prefer. Make sure you check the calories for each serving size. You can also make even healthier trail mix at home using pretzels, popcorn, dry berries, and nuts.

Frozen banana ice cream with walnuts: Blend banana in a blender and freeze. Bananas tend to have a creamy texture once frozen: now you can top it with some chopped nuts and enjoy your banana ice cream. Well, you can top it with some whipped cream or add a fudge brownie on a cheat day.

Smoothies with your favorite fruits: Blend yogurt with frozen fruits and vegetables makes amazing drinks for pregnancy. Add honey or white chocolate for sweetness.

Some other choices of pregnancy snacks are

Popcorn topped with your favorite seasoning or parmesan cheese. Make them sweet or savory as you like.

  • Edamame
  • Granola bars

Keep your pantry stocked with right type of food

Have a variety of healthy options at the ready, like fresh fruit, nuts, plain yogurt, cheese, whole-grain crackers, nut butter, and hummus. 

How to select on food or snack when pregnant

During pregnancy, eat smaller meals. Nibbling on 6 mini-sized meals is better than eating 3 supersize meals. That way digestive tract stays healthy and happy.

candy for nausea relief during pregnancy

Always keep a supply of tums and Rolaids in easy access. Avoid nausea medicine unless they have been cleared by your Obgyn.

What are safe medications during pregnancy?

Chewing sugarless gum for a half-hour after meals may reduce excess acid (increased saliva can neutralize the acid in your esophagus). For some people, mint may trigger heartburn, in that case, choose a non-minty gum.

  • Ginger chews
  • Preggie pops
  • Tums
  • Sugarless gum

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Pregnancy Snacks to avoid headaches

To avoid hunger headaches due to low blood sugar, be sure not to run on an empty stomach. Make sure you eat tiny snacks even if you’re running late. Keep these on the go, in your car, bag, or at your office desk.

Carry high-energy snacks such as soy chips, granola bars, dried fruit, and nuts.

Food to prevent Urinary tract infection

In general, cranberries are known to prevent UTI from occurring. Try to include dry cranberries in your diet or everyday snacks to prevent UTI during pregnancy.

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Fiber-rich food to avoid constipation during pregnancy

Typically, fiber-rich selections are ideal during pregnancy and even after pregnancy to keep things moving in your digestive tract.

Just focus on things such as fresh fruits and vegetables with the skin on if possible- raw or lightly cooked, preferably air-fried.

Whole grain cereals and bread.

legumes beans and Pea

Dried or freeze-dried fruit

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Magnesium rich food to avoid muscle cramps

Leg muscles cramps, eyes twitching, etc are quite common during pregnancy. Eating magnesium-rich food helps prevent late-night leg cramps and other issues as you move on during pregnancy.

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Omega-rich food for mood moderations

In general, eating well helps you feel so much better emotionally. Get plenty of omega 3 fatty acids in your pregnancy diet.

Walnuts, eggs, and fish are omega powerhouses that are considered mood moderation foods that help you feel best emotionally. more importantly, they help in the baby’s brain development.

Choosing healthier form out of two

Choose chocolate frozen yogurt instead of the chocolate bar.

A pack of trail mix instead of a pack of jelly beans.

Baked cheese puffs instead of the sharp orange ones with artificial colors.

Homemade Banana ice cream over storebought ice cream bucket.

What should be a Late night snack during pregnancy?

A light late-night snack should be high in proteins and complex carbs during pregnancy. Ideally a glass of milk, string cheese, and a handful of freeze-dried berries.

Don’t starve yourself when pregnant. Even after a long night’s sleep, don’t leave the bed until you have something on your nightstand to nibble on.

Rice cakes, crackers, dry whole-grain cereal, or a handful of trail mix can be helpful. However, eating sweet snacks may keep you up till late.

food you must avoid during pregnancy and safety matters

Pregnant moms should avoid spicy food or high sodium snacks to prevent heartburn. Most expectant moms feel hungry at midnight. Always keep some healthy snacks on your nightstand for late-night munchies. Ideally, crackers, dates, and dry nuts trail mix are one of the healthier snacks. Unless you have a serious urge for chips or chocolates, try to choose a healthy form like dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolates, or baked chips instead of high-calorie packs.

  • Avoid refined food to avoid constipation such as white bread and white rice as they may clog things up.
  • To avoid gas and bloating during pregnancy, eat smaller meals. nibbling on 6 mini-sized meals is better than eating 3 super hefty meals.
  • Don’t eat runny eggs, at least while you’re pregnant.
  • Don’t lick the spoon of batter with raw eggs.
  • Wash vegetables thoroughly to avoid any potential risk of bacteria.
  • Avoid sprouts and alfalfa that may be contaminated with bacteria.
  • Soft cheeses like feta, Brie, blue cheeses, soft Mexican-style cheese made with unpasteurized milk can be contaminated with listeria. these should be avoided in raw form unless heated well.
  • Hot dogs, deli meats, and cold-smoked seafood can also be contaminated.
  • Juices should be fully pasteurized too

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In general, if you are eating from outside don’t eat from an unclean and unhealthy environment. Try to munch on smaller sizes of meals throughout the day so you would not gain unnecessary weight. Preferably 6 small-sized meals to gain baby weight only during pregnancy.

No matter how well you eat, if you are not well hydrated during pregnancy eating only wouldn’t make a healthy difference. The pregnant body needs extra fluids so don’t slack on your water intake to keep the fetus and mom-to-be happy and healthy.


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